Avatar of Awesomeness - Master Haosis :D

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Master Haosis, a legend of legends and would be best described with ':D'

!Warning!: Model contains lulz and awesomeness !

Give credits if you use it in your campaign/map, DON'T distribute to other sites and DON'T edit without my permission.
Have fun with the model.

P.S.: We love you MasterHaosis

:D, lulz, orb, yellow, Yugoslawia, purple, red alert, yuri

Avatar of Awesomeness - Master Haosis :D (Model)

20:14, 24th Oct 2008 Dan van Ohllus: I APPROVE! =D Works ingame flawlessly and performs very well.
Level 2
Jan 1, 2009
I don't get it... While the model may be funny it doesn't deserve a Highly Recommended. I'm sitting here looking through some pretty good icons and I find this crappy one of a smiley face... Yea its funny, but it's not that great of a model.

U give me the Buhgeebers.:ugly: srsly. this model may be impractical but let me tell u it puts a smile on my face everytime i test my maps.
Level 3
Aug 21, 2009
lol u make great models like olefolmon or what ever hes named. nice keep going that way