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Authenticator Hack

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Level 36
Jul 1, 2007
This thread has two purposes: to whine about Activision/Blizzard's terrible support, and to warn WoW players about this hack that seems to be happening to a lot of people.

My account recently got hacked, characters deleted and items sold (the usual, I watched it happen on armory). I got an email from Blizzard saying that my account has been temporarily locked because keyloggers were detected on my computer. I updated my antivirus and, sure enough, there were 3 of them which I got rid of. Now when I try to log in, it asks me for an authenticator code, although I didn't actually purchase an authenticator.

So this hack that seems to be going around (I googled it and it came up a bunch of times on various forums, and I've also seen people bitching about it on 4chan *inb4 lol hurrdurr 4chan*). I guess it must be transferred by keylogger; I'm not sure how we get the keylogger though, because I haven't really downloaded anything suspicious recently, or even gone on any WoW-related sites. The really odd thing is that the hacker actually attempted a paid character transfer (which was blocked by Blizzard) and must have also purchased the authenticator they used to steal my account.

Anyways, I sent an email to Blizzard support that said something like what I wrote above, but it's been 3 days and still no response. I also called their billing/account support number, but apparently their hold queue has been full for the past 3 days. Rage @ Blizzard for having shitty support, seriously. I know it's gonna be a long haul getting my account back, too, because of the stupid authenticator hack. How the fuck am I supposed to verify that it's my account if the person who bought an authenticator is the hacker?!

Next thing you know, they'll be like "We can fully restore your account, but only if you prepurchase Cataclysm, pay 15 dollars, and an additional $6.50 for a new authenticator."
Level 8
Nov 20, 2008
I had the same thing happen to me. Took em 2 days to respond to me and when they did that they actually just told me that everything has been taken care of and provided me with a new password and a removed authenticator. After that i just bought(not really as its free for iPhone) and authenticator so shit like that wont happen again.
Level 3
May 12, 2008
Getting hacked sucks especially when no anti virus spyware manages to pick it up and ending up reformatting.

Blizzard restored every thing with in a day with me tho.
I was against authenticators but i got a droid X and decided to try it out. Not as big of a hassle as i was thinking.

Zero day venerability's suck
Ugh. Emailing Blizzard never got me anywhere. I think I went through around 5 emails once for a single problem (you know, asking different groups within the company (I had a really strange account problem)) and every response was something like "Sorry, we can't help you with this issue, but you should check out the Store section of the Blizzard site at [enter URL here] and invest [enter large sum of money] in our pointless other products!!!!1!"
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