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Aug 14, 2006

I'm doing a large project called The Chosen Ones. At the moment doing chapter 7 and I'm nearing the end. The campaign totally will have 10 chapters.

This is my third and final remake of the campaign. I've been in the past requesting this system with slight results. I've contacted many people but none of them either don't have the patience to completely finish this or simply doesn't have time to help me out.

Why I'm making such a system? This way I'll allow player to buy lower and higher ranked items. More importantly, if player have forgot to pick an item from early chapter, this place will allow player to buy these items. Some items from early chapters are needed to create powerful late game items. I'm trying to make this campaign in a way that player doesn't need to peek under every single stone.

To the request.

First of all, I want to show you a video that the Auction Hall should be like:

I've already started doing this system. You can either continue or do totally your own type of a system. Either way, I just want the system to be somewhat like I've requested.

Also, I've requested exact same system in the past.

Basic information about the system:

- The system should be made either by GUI or basic JASS(this is a campaign). I prefer GUI however so that I can understand about the system something. Either way, the system should be easy to understand and edit.
- When player enters to the auction hall the system starts to work.
- Computers have own AI, and they bid all the time(this is the hardest part of the system).
- Item prizes will be from 500 to 50,000.
- There are four item categories: "Weapon", "Armor", "Jewel" and "Others".
- There are four other bidders controlled by computer: Djoses, Otzmos, Sannique and Tiasarah. Each bidder have it's own special category where they are willing to pay more and one category items they don't want to buy at all.
- Djoses: Willing to buy more from "Weapon" category(20%), won't buy anything from "Jewel"
- Otzmos: Willing to buy more from "Armor" category(20%), won't buy anything from "Others"
- Sannique: Willing to buy more from "Jewel" category(20%), won't buy anything from "Weapon"
- Tiasarah: Willing to buy more from "Others" category(20%), won't buy anything from "Armor"
- Items will have specific prizes in the settings, but in the game it looks like they doesn't(some randomization here). For example it can go 25% lower or higher from this exact number.
- There will be two type of items: Items that can be bought infinite times and items that once bought, cannot be bought again.
- There should be a chance for example that Sannique could buy an item from armor category even if she's not specialist in that category(it looks a bit stupid if always X bidders buys all from specific category).
- Make the Auction Hall more "living" by making some floating texts from the bidders. Like "Hmm..." or something similar.
- I think the best result would be that player writes a number to chat when bidding.
- There should be a chance to pause the system. For example player presses ESC and a dialog will appear stopping the system. In the dialog player can look what the current item does or quit the auction hall.
- You can too improve the idea and add some extra things you would like this system to have.

Ask if you have questions. If you can do this I'll credit you with a special credit in the official website, in the beginning and in the end of the campaign as well. This is most likely the last big system I'm requesting.


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Level 36
Aug 14, 2006
I asked you about this 2 months ago and since then I've been asking the progress few times but you never actually said doing this. Finally I came into a conclusion that you gave up with the request.

So I decided that it's time to make a thread and find someone who could help me with the case.

Anyway, the most important thing is that this could be done. If you're once again willing to help me that would be superb.
Level 36
Aug 14, 2006

The Chosen Ones



The Chosen Ones is a massive single-player Campaign, featuring:

  • 10 chapters, 9 interludes, a prologue and an epilogue
  • Over 30 hours of gameplay
  • Dozens of unique systems
  • Beautiful cut-scenes with over 100 cinematics
  • 33 different kind of strategic boss battles and hundreds of mini-bosses
  • Scripted hero abilities and spell book spells
  • Dazzling effects everywhere you travel
  • Significant amount of main and optional quests
  • Over 500 custom items
  • Complicated optional puzzles that needs brains to solve
  • Own unique music themes
  • Over 1500 imported materials
  • Hundreds of secret treasures
  • Official website where you can share your experience to others
  • And most of all, an exceptional story set in massive world of Oelivert


Background Story
Twelve peaceful years after The Great War, where humanity stood victorious. The war that lasted countless centuries but no man recall the reason of it. The ages of despair, bloodshed, loss and grief is now put behind. The new age gave the oppurtunity for human kingdoms to rise as humanity has fought itself free from the grip of the dragons.
This story focuses on Kingdom of Balgaron and three famous Dragon Slayers: Phodom, Fradz and Galeoth. Each of them starts their journey in different places, but they will eventually meet eachother and join forces along the path. Together, the three are forced to go a conflict beyond their imaginations.
Lead them into an epic world, guided by a strong storyline that covers hate, love, war and peace.

The honored Dragon Slayer, Phodom has given up his life as a warrior and begun a new life with his wife and children, far from the capital in the small town of Dalli. Everything he has planned is going smooth and easy until someone or something shows up and changes everything for the rest of his life...

Fradz is a young energetic Dragon Slayer known for his short temper and bad manners. This silly thief is a very powerful Dragon Slayer known for killing powerful dragons even alone. After the war, Fradz have made many journeys, but suddenly a strange voice calls him to travel to the famous Dragon Inn where he is about to meet someone close to him. Fradz accepts this new journey, as he know he cannot decline it...

Galeoth, the son of a legendary Dragon Slayer lived up to his father's name and became one of the leaders of Balgaron. After the war, Galeoth still believes that the war is not yet over. His obsession to find dragons led him towards the Icy Mountains where he will uncover a horrible secret that will change fate of mankind...


Shows you what kind of game-play this game has.

Gameplay: Stats

Each strength attribute increases character's maximum hit points by 25 and hit point regeneration by 0,05 per second. Also it increases Phodom's attack damage by 1,5.
AgilityEach agility attribute increases character's critical strike damage by 0,5%, evasion chance by 0,1% and steal percent by 0,4%. Also it increases Fradz's attack damage by 1,5.
IntelligenceEach intelligence attribute increases character's maximum mana by 15, mana regeneration by 0,05 per second and magic damage by 3. Also it increases Galeoth's attack damage by 1,5.
Hit PointsHit Points determines how much maximum hit points you have.
ManaMana Points determine how much mana you have to use abilities and spell book spells.
Attack DamagePhysical Attack determines how much physical damage you can do.
Attack SpeedAttack speed determines how fast your characters can hit.
Critical Damage Critical Damage represents how much your critical damage do compared to your basic damage. Each critical has 10% chance to hit.
Magic Damage Magical Damage determines how much damage you can do with specific abilities and spell book spells.
Armor Armor represents how much you are able to reduce the damage to your characters.
Evade Evasion increases your chance to evade incoming physical attacks.
Movement Movement determines how fast your characters can run.
Steal Chance Steal Chance determines your percent to steal from enemies. Some enemies might have resistance to steal making harder you to steal.
Gold Percent Gold Percent determines how much extra gold is given when killing enemies. Some enemies doesn't give gold at all.
Exp Percent Exp Percent determines how much extra experience is given when killing enemies.
Maximum Vitality Maximum Vitality determines how much vitality maximum you can have. Each vitality point after 5 vitality increases characters' hit point and mana regenerations by 10%. If vitality goes under 5 your characters start to lose hit points.
Luck Luck will give you better items while opening Lucky Boxes. Each chapter has one Lucky Box.

List of features

The campaign have dozens of bigger and smaller systems made by me and other very experienced map makers. Here is the full list of the systems the campaign offers.

  • Massive Multiboard: - The campaign includes a massive multiboard that will show all the basic information from ability damages to what you have done in each chapter and what still can be done.
  • Morality: - While playing the campaign, your choices through the campaign effects Phodom's story and the ending. Phodom have two different ending including a secret ending. First ending will occur when your morality is negative and a second ending will happen if your morale is zero or over. To see the secret ending, you must have enough Game Points.
  • Game Points: - Game Points is like your game score. It will open interludes between chapters and will effect to ending. If you have enough Game Points you are able to see the secret ending of Phodom.
  • Give Up: - You can carry over your gold, boss points, honor points, luck and restart a game from the beginning. Everything else will be removed and only Prologue is available next to play. However, this helps you greatly and with the saved resources you can spend to get more powerful items at the beginning already.
  • Vitality: - Vitality either increases or decreases characters' hit point regenerationss depending on current amount of vitality. Food gives more vitality and every 90 second vitality drops by 1. The maximum vitality can be increases by items.
  • Lives - If a character dies you will lose a life. If you don't have at the moment any lives left, the game ends. You can find or buy lives with Honor Points.
  • Espers: Later in game, you can become monsters temporarily. These are called Espers and are so powerful that they can simply turn a tide in battle. To gain Espers, you must defeat them first.
  • Luck: With luck, you can find better items from Lucky Boxes. Each chapter has one Lucky Box. Items increases character's luck when in inventory and runes can increase permanently, even after starting a new game with old stats.
  • Spell Books: There are five elements in this campaign. Each character has one own spell element and Light and Darkness spells. Each element has four spells. Travel around world of Oelivert to find spell book spells.
  • Professions: Each character have one primary and one secondary professions. Professions develop different ways but they have one goal: to make your character stronger.
    • Treasure Hunter: This profession is about digging ground and finding items. Strength and achievement are needed to gain the best items from underground.
    • Battle Thief: Steal from enemy units while in battle to gain powerful items. Agility and items are required to get better chance obtaining items.
    • Alchemist: Combine flowers and phials to create powerful potions that increases drinker's stats permanently.

  • Combat Kings: Combat Kings gives additional passive abilities for characters. There are 11 different Combat Kings and each can be increased up to level 10. Combat Kings are obtained by finding or bought.
  • Abilities: At the beginning of campaign you can select 6 abilities for your character and develop them in the way you want. There are many great choices to make your game different from other players'.
  • Items: Items in this campaign are unique and they can increase Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Max Hit points, Hit Points Regeneration, Max Mana, Mana Regeneration, Intelligence, Agility, Strength, Armor, Movement Speed, Maximum vitality, Magic Damage, Steal Chance, Extra gold from enemies, Extra experience from enemies and Luck.
  • Restore Panel: You can use potions and scrolls from your Restore Panel. Simply put your potions and scrolls to your boxes and when you click "Use Health Potion", a health potion is used from your box healing selected target.
  • Split & Combine: You can split or combine items. Some items like potions can be gathered to one slot and they are easy to split or combine with this new unique system.
  • Camera: To make a perfect RPG feeling, you can change your camera behind your character to have the extreme feeling when travelling around Oelivert.
  • Improved Environment: To make environment better, a fog system and fade filters are made to the campaign. They increases the feeling, for example it's a lot darker traveling at dungeons than in day light.

Pictures and Videos

Here you'll see pictures and videos about the campaign. Some of them are very old some of them are new.

  • Pictures: Pictures of the campaign.
  • Videos: Some videos from the campaign made by the players. I hope you can make some more.

Chapter 1 Epic Boss, version Beta 1.0

A really old trailer, maybe you can make a better one? Versions 3.3a

A cannon mini-game from chapter 7, versio Alpha 3.3a

Another chapter 1 Epic Boss Fight, version Alpha 2.8

Additional information

  • Open source: If you are going to play, open or share the campaign you must have read, understood and agreed to the rules I have made just for this campaign.
  • Credits: A complete list of people who have helped me.
  • History: See how it all started and how it came to this day.
  • Other stories: See other stories that belongs to the world of Oelivert.

During making this campaign almost three years, I have met incredible persons. Without them, this project would have died long time ago. With your feedback and help I'm able to finish this project. What we must remember, is that I'm not doing this for myself, I'm doing this for you.


It all started from a competition Kitabatake hosted. There were four competitioners: Kitabatake, PA3OPx2 and [email protected]@R(who actually came to me all the way from Serbian). This triggered the campaign The Chosen Ones.

I made an own thread about the campaign in order to gain some feedback. I needed feedback in order keep up my motivation.

However, when the deadline came, others gave up. Still, I continued creating this massive project. I didn't want to give up as I already done so much. It wasn't an easy job, and still is not. I tried to do an enormous campaign within just two months. Now I know it's simply impossible as I'm still working on it.

Months after months, school days after school days I everyday worked hard to finish this project. After some months after the competition was disqualifed I released my first Alpha Versions. It wasn't success at all, there were many major bugs and the english was horrible.

I tried to improve my english in school, but it didn't go that well. I'm a lazy student and I started to make "translation requests" in order to make better english for the campaign. Some might even remember those threads I made: "Translation Request 1", "Translation Request 2", and so on. If you just go to Hive's search and write "Aeroblyctos" as threads' started you will see about 50% of the threads links to the campaign. Perhaps now you start to understand how much I have done for a single project?

When the summer came, I released sixth release of the campaign in WC3C. It was not taken well and I understood that I must work even harder for the campaign. I gave up with that site and came back to Hive and to make some requests. I'm average in almost every genre of editing maps. I cannot do models and draw things which limited making the project.

Project went on and new versions came and came. Various people helped me along the way and I was able to make the project more and more unique from other projects. I even made with help of Xarwin own website for the campaign.

Then army came and I had to stop campaign almost totally for the next 9 months. However, at the end of army I made some great progress and I promised to release the first Beta versions after I came from army. However, my lack of motivation after the army stopped the project totally. For 4 months, I just did some things there and there and promised and promised but couldn't keep my promises after all. I'm sorry about that.

Now I'm back again and this time I once again promise to release next version. We shall see where this go, but I have feeling I will keep my promise this time. At least I made this thread. :D

Coming soon.


Shows you the changes between the versions.

  • Removed some test items from chapter 1 beginning.

  • New Steal System.
  • Most of the item descriptions are updated.
  • Some of the items are remade.
  • Upgraded Lucky Boxes and put new unique items.
  • And a lot of bug fixes.

  • Fixed a starting bug from chapter 3. It should now work properly.
  • Added proper descriptions to the difficulties.

Beta 1.4c to Beta 1.5

  • Chapter 6 is now opened.
  • Now Item Sets have own unique icons.
  • Honor Shop Disabled. "Ability Bonus" system will be added later to the campaign that replaces Honor Shop Items.
  • Remade Esper System.
  • Remade Summon System.
  • Remade some of the spell book spells.
  • Chapter item descriptions to easier to read.
  • Now there are only two magical balls instead of three. Also now they give solid magic bonus instead of percent.
  • Removed Phodom's speciality that gives plus one Dig Power every 10th level.
  • Also changed Professions bonuses.
  • Some of the spell book spells are remade and balanced such as first Fire Spell.
  • Added Game Panel where you can for example eat food, move your boxes and cast espers.
  • And many, many other changes. Once again so many changes I simply cannot remember everything.

Beta 1.4b to Beta 1.4c

  • Save & load combat kings and spell book spells are fixed.
  • Restore Panel fixed.
  • Fixed vitality system.
  • Six new Galeoth abilities: Chill of the Frost Master, Frozen Storm, Icy Barrage, Inner Light, Mesmerizing Ice Crystal and Piercing Shard.
  • Combat Kings are remade. All high tier combat kings aren't remade yet.
  • After every cinematic units you had selected before will be selected for you automatically.
  • Now quests will give experience like before.
  • Fixed chapter 5 ending.
  • Chapter 1 Boss, Chapter 1 Elite Boss, Chapter 3 Boss and Chapter 3 Elite Boss battles are now improved.
  • Fixed Code Puzzle.
  • Fixed Kaza Leader Dialog.
  • Remade Chapter 5 Elite Boss Fight and fixed few problems of it.
  • Now Main Quest 3 can be completed right after watching The Bridge Cinematic at chapter 5.
  • Fixed many more minor bugs...

Beta 1.3a to Beta 1.4

  • Chapter 5 is now open.
  • Fradz model is now changed. Thanks to Kitabatake who made it from the beginning to the end.
  • Galeoth model is now changed. Thanks Fan for starting the model and making most of it and Kitabatake for finishing it.
  • Whole stats based systems combined to one big, simple and more powerful system. Credits to Kitabatake for helping me creating this new system.
  • A new system! Boss status system. All thanks for Maker who created this system.
  • Now Agility Stat will give critical dmg and evasion chance.
  • Chapter 1 Boss and Chapter 1 Elite Boss are now slightly stronger and they have some new special abilities.
  • Multiboard is now slighly different.
  • Fixed a large amount of smaller and bigger bugs.
  • And many, many more changes...

Beta 1.3 to Beta 1.3a

  • Added new starting packs.
  • Fixed(hopefully) loading problems with combat kings and spell book spells at chapter 4.
  • Fixed saving and loading professions.
  • Fixed a bug in chapter 4 that didn't load Heaven's Bless ability.
  • Fixed Synthesis item descriptions and fixed some problems players couldn't create some of them. Also removed the ones who I have not yet remade. Don't worry, all of them will come back at later versions.
  • Fixed bug that players couldn't create alchemist potions.
  • Fixed Silver and Thief Set combination.
  • Edited Restore Panel system. Added restoration potions.
  • Increased Mini-Bosses hit point regenerations.
  • Chapter 1 Mini-Bosses are now a little stronger than before.
  • Added 2 low magic orbs to chapter 1. Now you can create Zwill Blade or Aerial Shoes at chapter 1.
  • Fixed a lot of minor bugs.

Beta 1.2a to Beta 1.3

  • Chapter 4 is now opened.
  • Credits are now updated.
  • Illusory Double illusions now will take 500% damage compared to Fradz from 1000% damage.
  • Dozens of changes in items, for example Miraga's Set can now be found from chapter 1 and Silver Set can now be found from chapter 2.
  • Fixed Zwill Blade's synthesis, now it should be able to create.
  • Increased Phodom's base movement speed from 250 to 275.
  • Spell book spells are cooldown are now changed. Here are the cooldowns from first to fourth 90/180/300/once per chapter.
  • Dozens of smaller and bigger bug fixes.

Beta 1.2 to Beta 1.2a

  • Fixed a bug and now Black Market sells the correct item: Third Hand. Now you finally can actually get the Thief Set at chapter 2.
  • Fixed Anthenex Esper's attack type.
  • Fixed Bronze Shovel bug and the dig power at multiboard.
  • Now Lightning Orb's buff should not give any advance to enemies.
  • Fixed Omega Orb and now it should summon Elemental Golems every 15 to 90 seconds.
  • Items Zwill Blade and Aerial Shoes are now made stronger

Beta 1.1b to Beta 1.2

  • Chapter 3 is now open.
  • Fixed Combat Kings where they were always rested to level 1 after loading.
  • Fixed a difficulty settings in chapter 2 as they were too weak for the stronger difficulties. Now enemies are stronger as they should be(ATK: 0%/0%/10%/20%/30% & HP: 0%/0%/15%/45%/75%).
  • Changed Ground Zero's cooldown from 20 seconds to 15 seconds
  • Edited Aura Of Fire, now it also do damage per second.
  • Fixed chapter 2 epic boss' passive spells. Now there's something actually.
  • Fixed Alchemist bug that didn't allow Phodom to reach further levels.
  • Fixed Bless Of Lightning attribute bug.
  • Fixed hotkeys in Command Panel.
  • Fixed bug that boxes could also learn spells.
  • Fixed tons of other minor bugs I have forget to add here.

Beta 1.1a to Beta 1.1b

  • Fixed a major bug that freezes the game when entering to honor or combat shop
  • FIxed multiboard a little: Now honor points show honor points and boss points shows boss points, before they were mixed up
  • Correct Treasure Hunter abilities are now shown
  • Correct Battle Thief abilities are now shown
  • Fixed Alchemist Potion creating
  • Fixed problem where enemies didn't have items at all(chapter 2)
  • Fixed some ability descriptions
  • Changed chapter 1's puzzle reward
  • Increased Heaven's Bless' cooldown from 6 seconds to 12 seconds
  • Fradz's starting items are now sligtly stronger

Beta 1.0a to Beta 1.1

  • Fixed a problem where chapter 2 started instead of 1 after prologue

Beta 1.0a to Beta 1.1

  • Opened chapter 2
  • Added a puzzle to chapter 1
  • Increases Chapter 1's Epic Boss' Basic hit points from 15,000 to 20,000
  • Created two new spells for Chapter 1's Epic boss
  • Increases Chapter 1's Epic Boss' Special Spells' damage
  • Made stronger some of the Mini-Bosses in chapter 1
  • Changed chapter 1's Boss' wall to different looking
  • Azureus Set can now be obtained in chapters 1 to 7 instead of 5 to 11

  • Installed "Game Point" System
  • Added a new heal ability for Phodom: Heaven's Bless
  • Fixed Combat King Bug Shop where combat kings are teleported to middle of the map
  • Elite Boss' "Cave Collapse" event no longer deal damage to Elite Boss and its warriors
  • Phoenix Strike: Attack damage increased from "(strx1)x12" to "(strx3)x12"
  • Fixed texts from dig rewards.
  • Added a new mini-boss: "Habtat Spider Mother"
  • Added four recipes to chapter 1: Potion Of Strength, Potion Of Agility, Potion Of Intelligence" and "Potion Of Health".
  • Added and removed some spells for Epic Boss in chapter 1
  • Chapter 1's Epic Boss second stage is now a bit easier
  • Removed Inta-Sell
  • Remade Great Mana Gem

  • Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and interludes 1 and 2 are closed for now
  • Now only Prologue and chapter 1 available to play
  • The whole game-play is remade
  • A new system, Professions: Each character will have a primary and secondary profession
  • A new system, Gold: Now items and abilities can increase the gold amount from enemies
  • A new system, Experience: Now items and abilities can increase the experience amount from enemies
  • Total remade of spell books: Less spells, but more tactical, unique and practical. 4 spells for each element.
  • Doubled the maximum level of characters in each chapter to the maximum of 100 levels
  • Remade almost all the bosses of the campaign
  • Espers remade
  • All items are remade and added about 50 items more
  • Remade vitality system, now items can increase the maximum vitality

Contact me

If you want to discuss with me personally about the campaign you can directly contact me.