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Attack speed is not increasing

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Level 4
Feb 26, 2010
Hello everyone.I am making a map and i have a key problem.Attack speed seems not to work properly.For example.1)I give to a high level caracter a glove of haste and the attack speed dont increase.2)The berzerker effect does not work after a certain level whe the hero has reached an att speed level.How is possible the attt speed to grow ?
Level 28
Jan 26, 2007
The value "Combat - Attack 1/2 - Animation Damage Point" reduces the maximum attack speed (basically the attack speed cannot go below that value, although it has about a 0.20 error range, which also - coincidentally - the maximum attack speed I've noticed so far).
If you set that to 0.00, then the hero can attack much faster.

Without any item upgrades, the maximum attack speed is 0.100.
WITH item upgrades, this is a lot faster.

So just change that value and you'll be able to attack a lot faster (common mistake in a lot of TD's, which say that it attacks very fast, while it doesn't because of that value).

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
Let me explain the mechanics of attack speed to you. These mechanics are hard coded and so can not be broken.

Attack speed is boosted by faster attack rate. This gives you additional shots per second based on the extra %.

Bonus attack speed has a limit between -80% and +400%. Quantities outside this range do not alter a heroes attack speed at all.

The amount of faster attack speed affecting a hero is the sum of all faster attack speed from items, abilities, buffs and agility (yes, agility adds faster attackspeed if set to do so in game play constants).

This means that 400 agility with even the smallest attack speed bonus defined in the gameplay constants will max a heroe's attack rate.

+400% faster attack will mean you shoot 5 shots instead of 1.
-80% faster attack will mean you shoot 1 shot instead of 5.

Formula for attack period is....
(Attack Period)/(1+(Faster Attack))
(Faster Attack) is the multiplyer form of the attack speed %.

Attack damage point puts a restriction on attack period.
The maximum attack rate is 10 shots per second or a period of 0.1 (a unit with this will not be affect by bonus faster attack speed).
A period and damage point of 0 will cause poor performance (droping almost all frames).
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