Attachment Problems

Uhm , Hi Guys, i have something complicated problem
Well thats not a problem to others, right?

So , i just want to make an item with attachment to hero. then ,[ingame] i purchased 2 different sword , the problem is , both of attachment are for left hand. i dont want the effect.

My plan is to have some triggers that can drop existing weapon , i know this is possible.

To make it clear , i just want to be similar to inventory system of diablo warcraft MADE BY BOODY (Familiar).

If can someone help , then , thank you in advance :)
uhm, he said he wanted to "drop" the old weapon when you get a new one... the items already have the attachments from what I understood, the only thing he wanted now is for the new weapon to replace the old weapon inside the inventory... meaning when you pick a new weapon, the old weapon is dropped to the ground...

There are tutorials for that I believe... try the unlimited item classes tutorial because that will be your base...
just do something like

  • Events
    • Unit - A unit picks up an item
  • Conditions
    • Item level of Picked Item is equal to A-Level-That-You-Set-That-Defines-A-Weapon
  • Actions
    • Set tmpUnit = Triggering Unit
    • For each (Integer X) from 1 to 6
      • Do - Actions
        • Set tmpItem = tmpUnit's item in slot X
        • If - Then - Else
          • If - Conditions
            • If Item level of tmpItem equal to A-Level-That-You-Set-That-Defines-A-Weapon
          • Then - Actions
            • Item - Drop tmpItem
The conditions aren't the exact conditions, but you get the idea...