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Arthas - Ner'zhul

I know this has probably done before, but i didn't see one on the site so i made one and posted it.

I heavily modified Dan van Ohllus' "Undead Arthas Without Horse" (with his permission) and added the Lich King's armor as seen in the frozen throne in an attempt that I personally think went pretty well. Also added an icy fire to his sword.

Credit me and Dan van Ohllus if you use this in your map please :)
Credit INF3RNO for the skins, he did the hard part XD

Thank You to NoMan4Hire for helping me out with a couple small things

UPDATES: I added a new skin for his armor and for his lich king armor
-also made his eye have a bluish glow

arthas, lich king, ner'zhul, undead, frozen throne

Arthas - Ner'zhul v2 (Model)

Arthas - Ner'zhul v2 (Model)

» Wolverabid « Date: 9th of February, 2008 Approval status: Approved Rating: (3) Useful Main points: [x] The model is stable and functions properly in Warcraft III. [x] The model displays properly in Warcraft3 Viewer.




» Wolverabid «

Date: 9th of February, 2008
Approval status: Approved
Rating: (3) Useful

Main points:
[x] The model is stable and functions properly in Warcraft III.
[x] The model displays properly in Warcraft3 Viewer.
Level 6
Aug 24, 2007
YAY!!! First Post!

For God's sake, please don't type that. It's just annoying spam.

The original armor is apparent as the others have commented on. Try editing the original armor instead of adding Nerzhul's armor on top of it, especially when it's smaller than the original. It'd probably decrease the file size if you did this. Try making the armor a dark silver and give it some black shading instead of making it green.
Level 3
Dec 28, 2007
Hmm, some suggestions:
1) Resize the armor so it fits properly (e.g. the helmet fits completely over Arthas' head, the chestplate covers the entire chest)

2) shadow out (I dunno how, reskin?) Arthas' eyes and put in two glowing blue eyes instead.

3) Reskin the Death Knight skin behind the Lich King Armour to a green, black and silver so that it matches the overlaying armour.

Great attempt though, you've deffinatly got the right idea and a good recreation of the Frozen Throne in the screeny ;)
Level 8
Jan 11, 2008
It is lacking, but then unless you make all the textures yourself, Nerzhul's armor cannot be made properly. That is why I have to start up my Photoshop to make a texture so that the model does not look odd. Extremely but extremely nice idea though. You should probably work with a few modelers and texturers to make a proper Nerzhul's armor set.
I honestly think you should just recolor the blue bits of Arthas' armor so its the sea-green color of Ner'Zhul's armor.

NatDis put in a good idea, maybe adding a bluish tint around the eyes and add small blue fire emitters around there,probably black out the face a bit.

Also, since Arthas has probably been spending so much time in Northrend, he should have a small bit of extra frost on parts of his body (gloves,leather strap attaching his shoulderpad,etc.)

So far a good model, closest to the Ner'Zhul-Arthas i've seen so far 3/5.
Level 2
Jun 19, 2007
I suggest you modifying the armor and make it look more like the one in the Undead Ending (TFT Ver.) where Arthas strike Frostmourne toward Lich King's icy throne, wearing helmet. The armor is more metallic, not bluish/greenish. Hope that helps you.
Level 1
Oct 14, 2007
A real nice looking model. Although, as it's been said, need to fix that armor thing. Also, I suggest making the armour a more dark-icy blue, looks less like a revenant that way.
Level 10
Sep 30, 2005
Well, Ive done some touching up on the model with the skinning but i have still have 2 problems i need help with

1. who made the skins that syltman posted the links to because i used and edited in some of them and need to give credit where credit is due.

2. My newest version only works in the model editor and wont show up in world editor, heres the thread i posted the models/skins on explaning my problem please take a look.

Level 12
Jan 16, 2008
Eh.... You need to make more of a helm... its like he put on a mask lol.... same with some of the other gear
Level 9
Jan 1, 2007
oh yeh thxs for asking if u could use the skin and the only thing i skinned was the helm really...
Level 1
Mar 19, 2008
when i first saw the picture i was certain that this would be a horrible model. But before i to decide to post everything i didn't like about it i decided to test it in war 3.

I came up with a few things that would make it a lot cooler.

1) make chest plate so big enough to actually cover it all the way. It looks super awesome at night but during the day the small chest plate gets a little annoying.

2) his hair. it ruins the helmet. make it so his hair doesn't show so much.

3) get rid of the glow effect. personally i don't think it works on this type of model. you can still see the shoulder armor team color anyway.

I know i am saying the same thing that a lot of people are saying and we are only saying it because thats what you need to improve on in this model.

Also make the screenshot of him different. it ruins how good it looks ingame when it is zoomed up that close.