Any solution to the metamorphosis problem?

Level 5
Mar 16, 2014
All units in all maps with this ability now transform into Illidan's model, even with classic graphics set.

Chemical Rage is the same and always sets the hero's model to Goblin Alchemist.

This lasts for the duration of the transformation.
Level 1
Jan 30, 2020
I have you covered, guys.
There seems to be bug with skin data inheritance, not some ugly hardcode.

Working universal fix while blizz are taking their time is performed like this:
- know ID/rawcode of parent ability your morph is made from
- extract war3.w3mod:units\abilityskin.txt
- in abilityskin.txt remove all skins linked to ability from first point
- this may break skins for that ability in your map so don't use it directly, only custom copies of it
- import edited abilityskin.txt into your map with path units\abilityskin.txt
- you are good to go as all morphs based on ability you purges skins from are working correctly now

Tested only on metamorphosis but should work with all morphs as root of the problem seems to be the same.