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Animation Problems

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Level 17
Mar 7, 2005
Hello all,

first off all, I think this Thread can be used as an genral Thread for every1 that has some problems doing animations for wc3 models. So there won't be created a lot of other topics with just 1 oder 2 posts. Oh and write problems in boxes so we have an overview (other color is optional).

However, here's my problem:
I'm currently animating a human model and got some problems with the Death animations.. I want to use this model as Hero later in Game.. But when I test it in Wc3 the model starts dissipating (gets transparent) while the Death animation is still active (about half of the animation is over when this effect starts). I tried to add a dissipate animation where the model just lays on the ground doing nothing, so the Death animation would be player correctly and after that it slowly dissipates (gets transparent) on the ground and is gone..

At least that where my thoughts, but the Death animation just rans half and then instantly skips to the dissipate animation and dissappears. means there's an instant action from standing or kneeing (because he dies :p) to the position on the ground. Looks kinda wierd..

Any solutions how to fix this? So the Death animation is played correctly and only after that animation the Dissipate Animation runs.
Thanks in advance!
Level 1
Oct 27, 2011
thank you maker, I finished an animation which has about 250 frames. But it won't let me save it as a gif. thorugh the ''Save for Web'' option because it says there's not enough memory available. I entered in the Photoshop's (CS3) prefferences and set it to use 100% of my RAM memory (1660 MB) and checked 3 devices for the scratch memory. Each of them have between 20GB and 90GB free memory. But it still doesn't work. Then I tried save it as a video (File>Export>Render Video) but the quality is very poor. Is there anything I can do to make the video's quality look better? Because I suppose turning it into a gif is helpless...
Also I thought about making a Flash Book (I think this is how it's called) with buttons for Back and Forward. I thought of deviding this animation into moare gifs. Is it possible for me to create a flash which pages are gifs? How?
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