Ally & Unally System

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Nov 3, 2009
Don't remember right, but i think In Nickba's ORPG there is ally unlly system... (ex. -ally blue then blue need to write -ally red to become ally.. then they become shared vision.. and bla bla bla..) :D same with unally i think.. as for that system.
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Feb 3, 2009
Yea I guess I agree with you then, so here is the information:

Whenever a player types -ally player_color (color from red to brown)
the target player should get a messege that triggering player would like to become his ally, so if he types -accept or something like that then they become allied, not shared vision though, only allied.

Then there should be command -unally player_color this will without asking the target, tell both players that they are unallied now and offcourse. unally them :p

Last command will be -war player_color this will just tell the target player that triggering player has declared war on the him.

Hope it's understandable.
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Mar 6, 2006
Here you go.

-ally blue
Allies with you with player 2 for example.

-accept blue
Accepts ally request

-unally blue

-war blue
Declares war

Hit esc to fake an ally request towards you from blue. Then you can test -accept.

Let me know if bugs exist.


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May 4, 2008
isnt blue Player 1 >:O?

EDIT - nvm thats in jass.,.. T_T

and yeah, Dialog is for start-of-game cuz in WC3 dialogs stop the game (unlikein sc2 that u cans till mvoe around ur camera units and click things out of map
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Mar 30, 2010
Why not make an ability that allies you to the player like if you cast the ability on a unit of that player it will show a message like (Player# wants to ally with you type -ok to accept) and then use triggers for the effect and don't put any on the abilities at all.

here is map containing it the ally system but the unally is not there but it is thesame just make it enemies instead of allies and make an unally ability

hope this helps


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Nov 23, 2009
I disagree with maker.

-ally (playercolor) say to ally
-unally (player color) to unally

But if you were trying to make a Gods Land type map

-declare war(playercolor) (unallies
and then make a trigger that shuts this one off a little after it is activated.
maybe 1-10 minutes

Maybe you could go the extra mile and make a scoreboard that says whos allied to who at different times
Player_____Allies_________At War With
Player red___BlueTeal______Green Yellow