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Age of Eternal Strife v. 1c

Submitted by Beast(TrOg)
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
AoES is an AoS style map, similar to DotA, but also unique in its own way.

About it

AoES (Age of Eternal Strife) is a game where you select a hero and fight alongside a flow of units. You must attempt to push through enemy lines and reach their base to wreak havoc. The goal is to take down the main fortress while defending your fortress.


There are currently 19 unique heroes. Each hero contains 5 spells: 4 spells (4 lvls) and 1 ultimate (3 lvls). Heroes will start with 2 skill points. Max hero level is 18. Most, if not all, abilities are customized. Hero descriptions provide important information, including attribute stats, ability descriptions, and a suggested playstyle.


There is a variety of items available that can make your hero strong, tough, rough, fast, and troublesome. For easier access, the more powerful items are categorized in Defense, Offense, Magical, and Miscellaneous. Unlike several other AoS maps, however, the recipe feature is non-existent. Without a recipe system, items are much easier to fully understand since there is no "hidden branching"--what it says is what you get. Their descriptions are fully informative and, yet, include a bit of comedy.


TeamPick (TP - default)
: Select a hero from your faction
TeamRandom (TR)
: Random a hero from your faction
AllPick (AP)
: Select any hero
AllRandom (AR)
: All players random any hero
OppositionPick (OP)
: Select a hero from the opposing faction
OppositionRandom (OR)
: Random a hero from the opposing faction

ExperienceMode (EM)
: Heroes gain 25% more experience than normal
GoldMode (EM)
: Players have increased income and gain 15% more bounty
NoSwap (NS)
: Swapping heroes with players becomes disabled
NoPowerup (NP)
: Runes become disabled
NoTrade (NT)
: Allies will not be able to trade items with eachother
DisableTeleporter (DT)
: Teleporters become disabled
EnableRebuild (ER)
: Factions will build Outer towers when they destroy an enemy Outer tower

Extra Game Modifiers

-Income ##
: Sets everyone's income to some value (ie, 3.15) Only available after mode selection, but before waves start to spawn

Some Features

Unique Bounty System
: Simply by damaging a unit allows players to gain some gold.

The bounty system incorporates assistance to determine how much gold players receive when a unit dies. Dealing damage to a unit will increase the amount of "assist gold" a player receives. Therefore, a player does not need to deal the last hit to receive gold. However, dealing the killing blow will provide a much more substantial amount of gold.

Experience to Dead Heroes
: Hero kills grant exp to nearby allies, including dead ones.

Tired of assisting someone in a kill, but dying in the process without at least getting experience? In AoES, if a hero is killed, even nearby opposing dead heroes will gain a share of experience. Not enough? Well, the bounty system will make the kill profitable for you as well.

: Inactive players (have not done damage in a while) will automatically split their income to their active teammates.

Players that do not deal any damage to enemies at all for 5 minutes will be considered inactive. In those events, their income will be given to their allies. No more fountain-sitters!

Taverns Have a Use!
: Hero descriptions for currently selected heroes remain in the taverns.

When heroes are selected, their icons will remain in the taverns to allow all players to read what the enemy and allied heroes have as abilities. This is just one of many nice features to help new players.

Swap Heroes Anytime
: Trade heroes with an ally at any time (requires both to be near their fountain).


Triggers & Terrain: Beast(TrOg)
Preview Screen: Conlan
Special Thanks: Leak-

Accessible version: download


v 1c

  • Heroes now level up faster
  • Gremlin: now mana + mana regen + initial mana scales per level
  • improved Spell damage bonus per Intelligence from .5% to .75%

  • Sheep Devastator: cooldown fixed to match description
  • fixed mana display on Death Traps being inaccurate

  • -ms command now shows reduced movement more clearly
  • standardized the length of hero descriptions to allow easier comparison

v .1b

  • Fixes a crash with Macs when selecting offensive shop (?)
  • made barracks and fortresses easier to kill

v .1

  • Penguin Squeaker (Defensive) added
  • Banishment Cloak (Magical) added
  • Sheep Devastator (Magical) added
  • Skull Shield (Armory) added
  • Orb of Corruption (Forge) added
  • increased hero stat base/growth by 20%
  • removed stat attribute ability; replaced with innate abilities; heroes start with 2 skill points
  • lowered hero intial mana/hp from 300 to 200
  • increased initial hero hp regen from 0.25 to 1
  • -Swap command can now only be successful when both heroes are near their fountain
  • Outpost towers: can now only attack heroes; increased damage from 70 to 100
  • towers' minimum damage adjusted: outer towers = 30 minimum, second tower = 40 min, final tower = 50 min
  • Each Str point now increases HP by 20
  • Each Int point now increases magic damage
  • Each Agi now grants permanent movement bonus
  • Thunderbloom Bulb & Horn of Vile: no longer can target magic immune units
  • modified some item placements and stats
  • Gremlin: reduced atk dmg, atk is now Magic
  • Circlet of Fraudulence: reduced price cost
  • nerfed damage-giving items (either by increasing cost or reducing damage given)
  • improved HP-giving items (typically by increasing HP given)
  • Horn of Vile: improved item and increased cost
  • Restore: improved mana steal a lot
  • Vow Lire: nerfed damage block
  • Jade is now an Intelligence hero as stated

v .98J

Sidenote: This list does not contain every change/addition/fix. There were many various things changed, but I felt listing a bunch of small things were not necessary.

  • Rebby: now has a full range of items (these are usually basic ones)
  • Dragon neutrals: now grant global gold
  • killing raxes will now grant extra 0.3 income (18 gold/min) while the rax is destroyed
  • can now type +[game mode] to add the game mode rather than retyping the whole set
  • towers now deal a minimum of 50 damage to heroes
  • Horn of Vile added to Magical shop
  • Demolisher added to Misc shop
  • Fervor Skull added to Offense shop
  • Azsune Heart added to Defense shop
  • Dust of Appearance to Fountain
  • Thunderbloom Bulb added to Accessorizers
  • Charge of Tyranny: now still causes a stun when movement is canceled

  • adjusted HP for lane units; ranged units now have more HP than the summons
  • -GM (goldmode): removed no-gold loss upon death; now gives +15% more bounty
  • hero vision range increased from 1400/800 to 1800/1200
  • experience gain/requirement values increased; hero kills now grant 10% of exp difference also (inspired by EotA)
  • significantly increased tower & fortress HP regen
  • neutrals now have mana regen: entire mana pool recovers in roughly 1 min
  • severely modified neutrals to make them easier to kill in early levels
  • neutrals no longer sleep; Satyr Tricker's Mirror Image cooldown increased
  • upgrades (per 10) now improves HP by 1%
  • items that cost < 600 gold now have stock refresh rate of 1s
  • Gem of Contact Lenses: increased truesight duration from 12s to 20s; reduced cooldown from 60s to 40s; now is destroyed upon death
  • changed Boots of Xil, Belt of Giant Ztrength, Robe of Magic; Boot & Belt became starter jungler item oriented, Robe now sold at Moonlight/Nightmare
  • Treil Avark: remade ability
  • Def Heil: reworked ability
  • Lethal Thrust: removed instant kill possibility
  • Forbidden Death remade to Forced Destiny
  • Touch of Death: reworked

  • lowered all heroes' base mana by 50
  • reduced rate that Healing Salve and Chew Potion recovered HP/MP
  • reduced total heal of Healing Salve from 400 to 360
  • Unholy Shield: nerfed damage conversion from 30% to 15%
  • Petrify: rescaled damage
  • Ongoing Rage: reduced damage block
  • Rewd: lowered dmg/heal at early levels

  • Rush rune: now drops upon death; now instantly loses bonus when rune drops
  • neutrals now gain bonus every 5 mins
  • Whent: fixed lasting 1s longer than intended
  • fixed Healing Aura from granting crit + evasion chance at lvls 2+
  • fixed several ability whose spell indicator would unecessarily block units

  • assist gold is now in a different color than kill gold
  • Hellfire: reduced lag (?)

v .98I

  • added -OR mode (OppositeRandom: gives all players a random hero from other faction)
  • added -OP mode (OppositePick: players may only pick from the other faction)
  • -TP (teampick) may now be typed in as a mode
  • Rax now have a little backdoor defense: they gain 10 armor if no enemy lane units are within range
  • added -income command (accessible during the period after game modes are chosen and before waves spawn). -Income ## will set everyone's periodic income to whatever. ie, -income 2.97 or -income 2, etc.
  • -ms (movespeed command) now displays current movement bonus
  • Dragon neutrals: killing them will now grant allies bonus 15% attack and spell damage for 5 minutes
  • some abilities now grant assist bounty. Typically, this applies to debuffs (slows, stuns, etc.) so that the caster gets a small reward for debuffing the target. Some support abilities also give assist bounty.

  • Towers, rax, fortresses: generally lowered armor
  • Towers: lowered initial damage by 10, now gain upgrades every 5 minutes as well (+1 dmg, +5 hp)
  • Seige units: armor reduction changed from 4/8/12 to 4/6/8
  • Seige units: armor lowered from 5 to 1
  • Air lane units: armor increased from 1 to 6, hp regen from 0.25 to 2
  • Stronger lane units (when rax killed) get double damage than original units. "Super units" get 4x. Previously, these values were lower.
  • When a rax is killed, the stronger lane units will now only spawn for 12 waves. Then, the rax will have to be killed again for more strong waves. The number of waves is shared between pairs of raxes (bottom raxes will spawn the same number of waves once both are destroyed, if all raxes are destroyed, they all spawn the same number of super waves)
  • Revive and Transfer Items (Circle of Power abilities) hotkeys: changed
  • neutral respawn rate: time changed from 5 min to 3 min
  • Runes: nerfed the bonuses the provide (bonuses are roughly equivalent to a 800 gold item); durations increased to a standard 80s; wait time for new rune changed from 2 min to 90s
  • reduced gold given from killing units; lowered assist cap to 70% of the minimum bounty received from killing a unit
  • Dragon neutrals: buffed a little; now grants bonus damage to allies
  • Golem neutrals: nerfed damage a lot
  • increased the gold received from killing heroes (affects early levels more); increased the gold received from killing players who are on killing sprees
  • increased periodic income from 1 gold/sec to 1.5 g/s; note: -income command can change this amount, refer to Additions section of the changelog
  • made Rebby obsolete (items sold were moved to Marketplace at bases)
  • most units now gain both upgrades per 5 minutes and 10 minutes, rather than only one
  • various minor tweaks
  • charged items, such as potions, restock rate is now 0
  • charged items can now be bought while you have a full inventory (the potions will stack if you have the item already)
  • Morgrim's Report: can now be bought at fountains as well
  • Morgrim's Report: reworked item
  • Dagger of Escape: cooldown increased from 14s to 40s, cannot be used while silenced, teleport range increased from 600 to 650
  • Scroll of Disappearance: cost increased from 135 to 150
  • Potion of Reflection: now only affects 2 allied heroes (previously affected all player-owned units); duration and fade time slightly improved; can now stack unlimited charges
  • Arcanite Shield: now only reduces hero damage
  • Feasting: Strength bonus increases with level
  • Holy Light: revived units now only deal 40% dmg vs structures, initial HP increased from 20% to 25%
  • Shadow Rejuvenation: now heals when visible only (previously healed when nonvisible); now the heal goes off if Jade is invisible
  • Gremlin: increased mana regen from 2 to 3; initial mana lowered from 175 to 150
  • Dark Fissure: reworked
  • standardized neutral creeps' spell hotkey to W; standardized spell icon placement for neutrals

  • Crippler: improved cripple ability, fixed buff icon to match item
  • Mute Staff: reduced silence duration
  • Detriment: reduced mana costs
  • Darkened Tatics: improved Agi gain
  • Decay: reduced variable damage from 4% max HP to 3% max HP
  • various minor balances

  • fixed a leak in tower AI
  • hopefully fixed an issue with exp given
  • Black Dragon neutral now spawns
  • optimized some bounty coding
  • various minor fixes
  • Inferno Cloak: now properly adds bounty (previously, it would only work sometimes)
  • Demonic Figurine: several fixes including typos and proper bounty for the summon's Stomp
  • Replenishment Potion: fixed hotkey
  • Black Arrows: damage is properly removed when using Tome of Degrading Wisdom
  • Restore: now the target properly loses mana; fixed buff indicator for levels above 1
  • Feasting: fixed the amount of Strength given
  • Treil Avark: fixed mana drain (was doing it too quickly)

  • names for raxes and destroyed form now are the same
  • various minor fixes
  • Darkened Tatics: added visual
  • Trueshot: damage text no longer shows if the target is almost dead (to not conflict with bounty text)

v .98H

This version encompasses many changes.
  • added anti-camp towers
  • added some buff indicators for some passive abilities and item effects (such as Exoskeleton)
  • Wand of Mana Stealing (Misc) added
  • Keg of Ale (Defense) added
  • Bowl of Life (Defense) added
  • Demonic Figurine (Magic) added
  • made Furbolg neutrals slightly weaker
  • made Golem neutrals slightly weaker
  • slightly tweaked the abilities of the Ogre neutrals and Bear neutrals
  • towers now prioritize low HP heroes over heroes that recently damaged another hero
  • tower aggression towards heroes changed. Previously: attack heroes below 15% hp or below 240 hp. Now: attack heroes below 20% hp regardless of hero lvl or below 250 hp given the hero is at least lvl 6
  • modified some terrain areas, mainly making areas less narrow (may need an overhaul to make it as wide as I hoped for)
  • increased the rate that the seige units spawn from every 4 minutes to every 3 minutes (every 6 waves)
  • removed mana for lane summons
  • added mana to more wards/summon types (as duration indicator)
  • bounty system: now takes into account some damage block / amplification effects (ie, anti camp damage blocked will also "block" bounty amount). Currently, mostly only items are considerered. In the future, all abilities will be considered.
  • bounty from all lane units no longer difffers from rank (ie, original melee lane units no longer give more bounty than the melee units that spawn after killing a barracks)
  • now, when killing a unit, the assist bounty is no longer given--only the kill bounty. Assist and Kill bounty has been increased
  • reordered hero icons in Taverns. Now, the first row is Str heroes, middle is Agi heroes, bottom is Int heroes
  • Mercenary Javalier: main attribute changed from Str to Agi
  • merged neutral units' bounty texts
  • trees now regrow 30s after they are killed (previously, they were regrown every gametime minute); growth animation removed
  • anti-camp damage reduction lowered from 80% to 70%
  • increased starting gold from 550 to 600
  • increased armor reduction from siege unit attacks from 3/6/9 to 4/8/12
  • Exoskeleton: now reflects all player-based damage (with the exception of summons) to the hero; damage reflection reduced to 40% magic, 30% exact (previously 70% magic, 30% exact)
  • Boots of Far Far Away: now, teleport is disabled for moving targets only when the target is player-owned; cooldown changed from 80s to 60s
  • Scroll of Disapperance: cooldown changed from 60s to 30s
  • Boots of Far Far Away & Scroll of Disappearance no longer share a cooldown
  • Sentryx and Watcher wards: the wards now require 3 attacks from range, 2 attacks from melee to be killed; fade times changed from 2s to 4s
  • Illusionist Rod: changed item stats & increased cost
  • Wirt's Leg: reduced price from 1872 to 1800
  • Healing Ward: changed total 40% heal over 20s to total 40% heal over 10s
  • very slight changes to many item prices: rounded some prices so that they end in either 5 or 0
  • Shadow Rejevunation: now gives a buff indicator to allies (it is always shown while Jane is alive so it doesn't show when heroes are being healed by it)
  • Misery: casting abilities now can also give the bonus attack damage and lifesteal (Bondage can count as two casts)
  • Attribute Bonus hotkey changed from "A" to "F"
  • Treil Avark: reworked ability
  • Mana Burn: reworked ability
  • Resistance: removed Str gain; now gives health regen
  • Blood Pact: remade most of the ability
  • Free Hunting: now the projectiles give sight
  • Divine Element: now destroys trees in the target area
  • Mana Shield: no longer gives mana from kills; leveling now reduces the cooldown for reactivation
  • Disperse replaced with Restore
  • Frost Pulse replaced with Frosted Wall
  • Slow: shortened duration, greatly increased slow & miss chance; mana cost lowered
  • Weakening Curse: now does periodic damage rather than delayed instant damage
  • Def Heil: reworked ability
  • Ongoing Rage: remade ability
  • Torment: remade ability
  • Trueshot: remade ability
  • Adjusted the base armor for most heroes
  • slightly tweaked mana cost for Sweep and Detriment
  • Warlock of Blight: improved attackspeed from 1.97s to 1.85s
  • Elven Blademaster: improved attackspeed from 1.85 to 1.80
  • Elven Elementalist: improved base damage from 17 to 20
  • Holy Knight: improved base damage from 17 to 22
  • Abominable Hulk: improved base damage from 18 to 23
  • Mute Staff: cooldown reduced from 40s to 22s
  • Illusionist Rod: cooldown reduced from 60s to 40s; mana cost increased from 100 to 120
  • Helm of Valor: cooldown reduced from 25s to 12s; mana cost reduced from 70 to 50
  • Wirt's Leg: cooldown reduced from 25s to 17s
  • Shield of Indestructibility: increased ability's HP regen from 2 to 10
  • Spellbreaker: mana burn increased from 2% to 4%
  • Spear Toss: range traveled is now a constant 1800
  • Rain of Hail: cooldown lowered from 17 to 13
  • Sweep: speed change %s increased from 10/15/20/25 to 40/50/60/70; now speed is properly given. Now creates a temporary summon. Lowered cast range from 700 to 500.
  • Relocated Matter: lowered cooldown from 50/45/40/35 to 40/35/30/25
  • Gremlin (summon): attackspeed improved from 1.75s to 1.4s; initial mana increased from 150 to 175
  • Holy Light: revived unit duration lowered from 90s to 60s
  • Decay: damage based on 5% hp changed to 4% hp
  • Bondage: cast range changed to a constant 600 every level
  • Elven Elementalist (hero): generally lowered cast range of abilities
  • Warlock of Blight (hero): generally lowered cast range of abilities
  • fixed an Mac crash issue caused by Ifrit Incarnation
  • optimized some code -- mainly to do with the bounty system
  • fixed mode prevention when multiple primary modes were selected (eg ArAp now is detected as invalid)
  • fixed a potential bug where units could use waygates in situations that should have prevented it
  • synchronized hero availability with when the mode selection phase ends; mode selection phase duration decreased from 15s to 12s
  • fixed several ward classifications (some were not considered wards earlier); linked treant is no longer considered a ward
  • fixed several unit sounds (eg, some wards had unit sounds)
  • modified movement-detection for some abilities: excessive movement in an instant will now either cancel some spell effects or damage. Currently, this range is 1200
  • several point-targeting abilities now use the caster's facing direction for spell direction when used at the caster's location (using the ability on the caster's portrait)
  • Hellfire: now properly goes over hills
  • Frozen Death: possibly reduced lag
  • Feasting: now the heal is given after Str bonus. What this does is difficult to explain, but it is very minor (probably even unnoticeable).
  • Bondage: Waygate may now be used be by the first bondage target while the second target has not been chosen yet. Improved the mechanics so that running units cannot move so far away from eachother. Fixed Tome of Degrading Wisdom to set Bondage level to 1.
  • Petrify: attempted to fix a recently discovered bug causing the spell not to work sometimes
  • Divine Element: fixed the visual ending earlier than the duration of the ability; visual now has a slight transition
  • several tooltip adjustments
  • some hero icons changed
  • changed model for Forge on Scourge side
  • colorized the minimap (still testing a good color scheme)
  • finished updating hero tooltips (finally)
  • slight modifications to some item descriptions
  • changed icon for Illusionist Rod
  • Boots of Far Far Away & Portal Scroll: caster effect is now stationary at the initial cast location
  • some item effects now say "unique." Note: There is a difference between Unique and Nonstacking. Unique is for effects that do not stack by having multiples of the same item (typically, this is only for non-aura passive effects. Active effects usually do not stack). Nonstacking indicates that if you AND any other ally have the item, the effect will not double/stack; this is typically for aura-effects.
  • Crown of Kings: added visual on carrier
  • Shield of Indestructibility: changed buff effect
  • Linked Swap: now treant is actually moved
  • Bondage: changed & added visuals
  • improved projectile flying display for several abilities including: Wild Axes, Spear Toss, Free Hunting, Relocated, Sweep, Divine Element, Grapple of Pain
  • Linked Treant: now selects the hero after using the swap
  • Frozen Death: added effect visual

v .98F2

  • changed Tyoril's model & portrait
  • fixed Tyoril's image on multiboard
  • Detriment: lowered AoE
  • several minor fixes
  • Retribution: now casting AoE indicator matches the actual AoE
  • modified the -rune command: can now use it prematurely to determine the next rune (will be created immediately after a rune is used up), along with other misc. modifications. Command now recognizes usage of actual rune name: eg, instead of only -rune regen, it will recognize -rune Restoration (not case sensitive). To create runes, type -rune [rune type], where the rune type can be entered as:
    • Rush: rush/as
    • Haste: haste/move
    • Invisibility: invis/invisibility
    • Protection: protection/armor
    • Restoration: restoration/regen
    • Critical Damage: critical damage / damage
    • Mirage: illusion/image/mirage
  • Anti-Camp: damage reduction increased to 80% from 50%

v .98F

  • added hero: Tyoril the Accursed Enchanter
  • added -rune [ + rune type ] command (only available in testing mode): automatically creates a rune only if there is no rune existant. Rune types are: rush, haste, invis, armor, regen, damage, illusion/image. To use the command: -rune haste creates the haste rune at a rune location
  • Disperse: now drains mana from a target enemy; visually, the effect now follows the target's would-be movement (for example, due to sliding)
  • typing game modes now checks if all entered modes are valid and stops if there are errors. Currently, error messages only display when at least one mode is valid. Additionally, players may continue to retype the modes (will replace the previous modes) until the mode selection phase is complete
  • players can no longer attack items in the fountain areas
  • added to the siege unit AI so that they do not target heroes so aggressively any more
  • Blazing Fist (Offensive) added
  • moved one Elven-side neutral spawn; slightly moved two Scourge neutral spawns
  • Caves may now be killed. After using a cave, the opposite cave will be disabled for 10 seconds
  • -NL (no lure) mode removed; now is permanently "active." Neutrals and faction units will never fight. This is to remove any balance issues concerning lure-ability of neutrals
  • Electrophilic: changed primary stat from Agility to Intelligence. Modified stat growth accordingly
  • -cd (testing command) no longer replenishes summoned units' mana, such as wards
  • updated bounty caps in order to match recent bounty changes
  • Removed "Denying" units. I never felt that allowing people to kill their allies & be unpunished was reasonable. Some heroes can still suicide.
  • the Dragon neutrals have been given Divine armor (Divine armor defense values adjusted). This is to set up a future feature (actually replacing a current feature). Additionally, only one dragon is spawned at each dragon location
  • temporarily only made one type of spawn at the turtle area (most bottom neutrals for Scourge)
  • lowered the armor of Defense and Security towers; added tower armor-reducing attacks to siege units; siege units spawn every 8 waves (every 4 minutes), changed from 10 waves. These changes were made to make the game faster
  • air lane units: improved attack speed to 1.60 from 2.00; increased hitpoints to 425 from 350
  • optimized some coding related to "active" items
  • all melee heroes now have the same attack range of 120
  • Sentryx and Watcher Wards: charges when buying halved, cost halved, max stock doubled, stock refresh interval halved
  • Watcher Ward: reduced sight range from 1100 day/950 night to 1000/800
  • Exoskeleton: while active, lifesteal will not work against the unit
  • Lion's Ring: now has an "active" form in order to stack effects with Helm of Valor
  • Dagger of Escape: cast range is now global
  • Orb of Lightning: increased secondary-hit range to 500 from 320
  • Amulet of Spell Blocking: costs 100 mana to use
  • Replenishment Potion: changed to 140 HP, 60 MP over 20 sec from 150 HP, 30 MP over 30 sec
  • Linked Hawk: changed to an invisible treant that is able to attack without being revealed; mana cost is no longer split between the initial cast + swap cast (all in the initial cast); higher levels improve cooldown rather than lower mana cost
  • Rage of the Lion: heals at a constant 90% of damage taken. Leveling increases max number of heals at a given time
  • Blade Swipe: glaives go outward rather than inward
  • Deteriorate: no longer stops when colliding with a hill
  • Minx (hero): mana amount is now similar to the rest of the heroes; mana costs adjusted for all abilities and mana-destroying effects are not reduced
  • Lightning Shield: now transfers after some time for ANY unit
  • Feasting: hero is now immune to magic while Feasting
  • Resistance: now continues to block damage even while Str gain is capped
  • several abilities can no longer be used on hills: such as Charge of Tyranny and Deteriorate
  • Ongoing Rage: increased block chance from 60% to 70%
  • Thunder: reduced max damage by 50 for all levels
  • Lightning Shield: reduced cooldown to 50 from 60
  • Gremlin: increased base damage to 13 from 7
  • attempted to prevent multiple runes from spawning
  • updated Credits listing to include Cassiel and Dangerb0y
  • Igloo teleportation fixed for certain situations: units hit by Blade Swipes can now use the Igloos, Relocated units cannot, Devuja target cannot
  • fixed a minor issue with a multiboard death-text
  • attempted to fix assist-exp given to killed heroes (heroes who died while assisting in killing enemy heroes should get exp now)
  • some commands are no longer available until game modes are selected (such as -Swap)
  • fixed a bug where using Crystal Ball at a far range would cause heroes to stop rather than going within range to cast
  • fixed Orb of Lightning from targeting the same unit twice
  • fixed an issue when repicking while having an "active" item (mostly would only occur in test mode)
  • fixed Shield Repel's sliding effect
  • fixed a bug between Relocated and units with a Bloodsucker item
  • improved animation time for Rem's attacks
  • reduced the flying appearance that wards have
  • changed model for Armory
  • improved Fernix spell animation time
  • fixed Mana Flare buff tooltip
  • fixed several typos
  • adjusted tower sizes: generally, Scourge towers are larger
  • Lion's Ring: buff icon matches item, AoE displayed on item tooltip
  • Helm of Valor: visual effect changed
  • fixed Mana Flare buff tooltip
  • Meteor Shower: removed custom effect model; icon changed
  • fixed the missile for Replenish & Will of the Vulture to go toward the hero even when the hero is magic immune
  • Voltage Strike: damage text placed above the target unit rather than the hero
  • Gremlin: "Not learned" tooltips for the summoned unit's abilities now indicate the mana cost
  • Frozen Death: changed visual

v .98C (quickfix)

Note: There are still known bugs that I will try to fix in the next version. But this version fixes some critical WC crashes. Some known bugs: Shield of Repel push units, Wards float in the air.

  • Illusionist Rod added to Magical shop [Idea: Leak-]
  • Added a rune type: Rush Rune - increases attack speed by 50%
  • added an effect to Mana Horn of Discord item: depletes 1% of nearby enemies' max mana every second
  • Sentryx Wards: now states its max stock of 1
  • moved the eastern dragon neutrals
  • Mana Shield (Minx): rather than constantly having excess mana depleted, Mana Shield uses the excess mana to block damage, but at 3x the usual mana cost
  • Spellbreaker (item): destroys 2% of the target's mana rather than a flat 50 points
  • Bulge: reordered abilities to follow the standard [active, active, passive, ult] order
  • Spear Toss (Borum): lowered damage; added armor reducing and movement reducing effects to ability
  • Rage of the Lion (Beastmaster): when damaged, the lowest of the 5 current heals may be replaced by new damage. ie: Lowest heal of the max 5 instances is 4 HP/sec for 3 more seconds (12 HP total). If new damage again would cause a total of 13 HP over 5 seconds, then that heal replaces the 12 HP total heal.
  • item stacking notes clarified and made more intuitive
  • A new rune now spawns 2 minutes after one has been used; previously was 4 minutes
  • AFK detection: AFK players need to damage units with their hero to no longer be considered AFK; previously, summons would have made players "unAFK"
  • standardized all heroes' attack and cast response time
  • added 1 HP regen to Sentryx and Watcher Wards; lowered the wards' HP by 25
  • Black Arrows (Erv): damage is now based on (base + 40% Agility) rather than purely on Agility; single-cast bonus damage is displayed longer also
  • started improving tooltips of heroes: display natural stats at max level, show type of damage abilities deal (Physical/Spell/Exact), etc. In conesequence, many things needed to be "tarzan-speeched"
  • Rot (Bulge): lowered base damage
  • Divine Element (Cervil): damage is done over a longer time: 6.5-8 seconds. Total damage is the same
  • fixed -NP (no powerup) mode
  • fixed lane units to defend allied heroes
  • Death Trap (Erv): fixed WC crash for lv 2-4
  • Wild Axes (Gerik): corrected movement bionus for lv 2-4
  • fixed leveling for Gerik and Cervil's class abilities
  • Healing Wards: now have spell immunity
  • fixed -Swap to properly display message to the the requestee
  • added visual to Crystal Ball ability
  • fixed visual for Sorrow Stave
  • illusions of Fernix now have a fire effect on their hands also
  • illusions of Nimsel now show her passive visual effect if she had the effect
  • Runes now state that they drop upon death
  • MANY misc visual changes/improvements/fixes

v. .98B (quickfix)

  • Charge of Tyranny (Herdle): changed from single-target ability to AoE ability
  • Rot (Bulge): now does piecewise damage; some is magic-resistance reducable, other is not (but both can be reduced by Bulge's passive)
  • inactive players no longer gain gold shared by the factions (computers) now
  • certain stat-increasing abilities such as Str/Int bonus (Bulge, Pemi) maintain their current hitpoints/mana
  • semi-standardized the hotkeys for neutral units' and lane units' abilities

  • Crystal Ball (item): cast range increased to 2600 from 2000; cooldown lowered to 30s from 50s; item cost and mana cost increased

  • fixed magic resistance from staying even after dropping the magic resist. items
  • fixed Forbidden Death
  • maybe fixed creep to defend ally heroes
  • fixed Grapple of Pain: (didn't grab units)
  • improved Boots of Far Far Away detection of movement
  • fixed a visual bug when trying to use teleport when one is already active (really only happens in test mode)
  • fixed several visuals

  • added visual to Sorrow Stave

v. 0.98

    • Added level-ups for "class abilities." Obtained by leveling up Attribute Bonuses to level 2, 4, 6. They still may not seem worthwhile, though.
    • Charge of Tyranny (Herdle): can now be canceled if given a different order
    • Bloodsucker (item) added to Offensive shop
    • Sorrow Stave: added to Magical shop
  • "Inactivity System" added: players that have done no damage for 5 minutes will be considered inactive. While inactive, their income will go to their allies
  • Ranged lane units now gain temporary movement bonus when defending a hero
  • 75% of original exp is now given to nearby heroes (enemy heroes to the unit that was denied) when a creep or hero is denied
  • 75% of original exp is given to assisting players that have died or are not in the normal exp range when an enemy hero dies

  • modified the deniability of allies: the game will average the damage from your 5 most recent attacks. You will be able to attempt to deny units if they are within 2 "average damage" hits (3 hits for range units), if they are below 75% of their max HP.
  • reduced the exp given from killing heroes
    • Touch of Death (Rem): can now be used on himself
    • Tripleshot (Nimsel): now only damages units at the ground-impact. Meaning, the arrows no longer hit air units along the way.
    • Lethal Thrust (Minx): bonus damage is dealt at the 3rd stack rather than the fourth; stack counter no longer resets for heroes
    • Forbidden Death (Rem) modified. Rather than blocking all damage when the unit is below 50% HP, the unit may be damaged up to a limit.
    • Slice n Dice (Minx): no longer damages buildings
    • Healing Aura (Pemi): remade the ability
    • Mana Shield (Minx): no longer loses mana while at the fountain

      • Wind Staff: cooldown reduced to 30s from 35s
      • Wirt's Leg: price reduced
      • Exoskeleon: is now activated for a short duration. Increased backfire amount.
      • Bashing Strike (Rem): increased casting range to 300 from 230
      • Free Hunting (Nimsel): hit detection range increased to 110 range from 70
      • Triple Shot (Nimsel): hit detection range increased to 100 from 80
      • Mana Shield (Minx): reduced damage block to 80% from 85% and to 6 mana/dmg from 8 mana/dmg
      • Ongoing Rage (Herdle): reduced block chance to 60% from 70%
      • adjusted the cooldowns and mana costs of several class abilities
    • generally lowered the max gold given from towers and increased the global gold given by towers
    • increased the global, minimum, and maximum gold given by regular structures
    • increased the start-off mana for all heroes; slightly reduced their mana regen. Note: this was done because Pendent of Manas gave too much of a large advantage over the base mana of heroes
    • in response to the starting mana increase, ability mana costs have been increased
    • many misc. balances

    • fixed initial use of -Test command in Solo mode
    • Mana Shield (Minx): mana regain fixed and improved
    • fixed a potential bug where lane unit aggro would activate, but the damaging hero is not visible
    • fixed a bug where a tower would only give global gold if a player damaged the tower recently
    • attempted to fix a bug for Wholly (Pemi) that would cause him to lose hero sight
    • code optimizations to several things including Hellfire and some items
    • fixed/updated misc. text

    • Wholly: fixed visual when initially casting on a full-HP ally
    • many misc. visual change and improvements

  • Keywords:
    AOS, AoES, dota, fun, age of eternal strife, beast(trog), age, of, eternal, strife, aoes

Age of Eternal Strife v. 1c (Map)

VGsatomi: Approved. Well rounded AoS map with decent terrain and texturing. Good selection of heroes. File size perfect for Bnet/online play. Short learning curve.
  1. VGsatomi: Approved. Well rounded AoS map with decent terrain and texturing. Good selection of heroes. File size perfect for Bnet/online play. Short learning curve.
  2. Orcs_Killer


    Dec 24, 2007
    'Ello Beasty. I'm working on some ideas right now, but all the holiday crap is going to get in the way, so don't expect anything until the second week of the break. Hope to receive some good feedback!
  3. En_Fuego


    Sep 3, 2006
    Whenever you cast a spell and it shows the &quot;Spell Name -----&quot; text, along with it is a lot of arrays/empty string texts that really clog up the screen.
  4. Beast(TrOg)


    Nov 4, 2006
    yea, that was for testing a new thing, forgot to remove it. Removed in v 0.36.
  5. En_Fuego


    Sep 3, 2006
    Looks good, as usual.

  6. ~Void~


    Jul 1, 2007
    So it's like AoS but AoES? Sequel, or just random
  7. Beast(TrOg)


    Nov 4, 2006
    Yes, it's an AoS type map. AoES was a random name I tried using for a couple of my maps as a random name.
  8. En_Fuego


    Sep 3, 2006
    I only had time to check the Blood Elf heroes, but I did find a lot of problems on your tooltips.

    When you go type something like &quot;It will target an unit&quot; it should be &quot;It will target a unit&quot;

    That's really all I could find, otherwise, it looked really nice.
  9. Beast(TrOg)


    Nov 4, 2006
    [v .60] fixes, changes, and adds many things including:
    - Beastmaster hero
    - Bounty system fix
    - Lag issues reduced (hopefully fixed)
    - Text fixes (Thanks a lot to En Fuego for the an - a typo comment)
  10. Beast(TrOg)


    Nov 4, 2006
    what?!, my description and stuff disappeared...
    sorry: don't DL until I fix please (correct version didnt upload either)

    Edit: ok fixed
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2008
  11. Conlan


    Feb 18, 2008
    game constantly shows messages like unit 1 unit 2 unit 3 ....... unit 3789487923789478923478923478923478927893

    I dont get it?
  12. Beast(TrOg)


    Nov 4, 2006
    well that was nothing important, updated to remove that.
  13. Hashinshin


    Oct 17, 2008
    The one hero, the blade master or something... I really forget his name. The one with the permanent mana shield and glaive that pulls you in and stuff, hes just horribly rigged. He takes next to no damage from anything, he constantly just pulls you back into towers, and his ultimate obliterates the melee heroes.

    On the other hand, the abomination hero is not HORRIBLY gimp, but below par. He needs to do more damage and NEEDS to have a way to restore life.
  14. Beast(TrOg)


    Nov 4, 2006
    Alright, tried to balance those 2:

    nerfed Mana Shield
    - 75% blocking -> 50% blocking
    - 12 damage per mana -> 8 mana per mana
    - deactivates when mana lower than 1 -> deactivates when mana lower than 30
    nerfed Lethal Thrust
    - damage x1.5 after 4 consecutive -> damage x1.3 after 4 consecutive
    - add 110/125/140 dmg per cast -> add 36/41/46 per cast; initial damage is 110/125/140
    nerfed Glaive Thrust
    - limited the range to drag units to 500
    buffed Flesh Bite
    - now heals the amount damaged
    - cooldown from 70 -> 70/65/50
    buffed Grapple of Pain
    - increased damage by 20
    buffed Abomable Hulk
    - +.04 Agility per level
  15. Hashinshin


    Oct 17, 2008
    Thanks, I feel like I need to describe the ridiculousness of that guy lol.

    He was almost soloing our entire team. He would walk in to a 1v2, kill one person and have a very good chance at killing the other. He resisted such an absurd amount of damage when 4 different heroes all attacked him he still managed to kill one of us. I couldn't even host after I saw what that guy was capable of.

    BUT, flesh bite does look promising now. Could you explain to me his first ability though. the 30% chance to reduce damage by X% and on kill you gain strength. I got the killing blow on a bunch of people and my strength attribute wasn't going up. Me and my friend brainstormed what you meant OTHER than the strength attribute and we drew a blank here.

    The drag thing was very needed though. Any time you tried to fight him 1v1 he merely dragged you back into a tower. It became where you couldn't walk across half field, very aggrivating.
  16. Beast(TrOg)


    Nov 4, 2006
    The ability (RaFewn) is supposed to be a magic resistance type spell. What it does is whenever the hero takes damage from a spell, he has a chance to decrease the damage from the spell by a %. If the damaging spell was from himself (really only his Rot spell), the chance to decrease the spell damage is higher than from other units.

    some additional fixes...:
    Grapple of Pain
    - fixed tooltip when learned
    - increased Strength gain to .10 for creeps (1/1.25/1.50/1.75) for heroes
    - decreased duration by .5
    - set mana cost from 2/2/4/4 -> 3/4/5/6
    Lethal Thrust
    - increased extra damage on fourth cast from 30% -> 35%
    - increased damage a little
    some other various cooldown changes
  17. Conlan


    Feb 18, 2008
    I hope you'll work hard on this map. It have a real potential.

    But please make it less dota-like
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2008
  18. Neo-Gigan


    Dec 1, 2008
  19. Mooglefrooglian


    Nov 28, 2008
    Lol.. less dota like? Dota is an AoS.. this is an AoS.. why not just tell him to make a new map?