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Advice to beginner RPG makers with spell ideas for damage system

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Level 17
Nov 13, 2006
I want advise this Gui Damage system to every new rpg maker people coz uterly great system and damn easy to implentate to your map also easy to use it, personally i think the most usefull system, i tell why:

I.ideal replacement for: Thorn Aura, Item Command Aura, Vampiric Aura, Critical Strike, Evasion, DeFend, Spell Shield etc etc also more customizable and u avoid alot work if u use system instead this abilities
II. Its help to make a new damage and defense system and alot new custum ability
III. Make easier to give special buff's(+critical chance,+life steal, reflect etc) to another unit (just need a int variable array and dont must give alot ability with leveling each time)

Great how u can reflect the damages also custimizable what kinda dmg what u reflect back (if i understand correctly this is why there ranged,dot,spell dmg type variable), with simple 1 or few action.
This make stackable the reflect chance, reflect rate, life steal rate/mana steal rate, bonus damage, critical damage, critical strike chance, could decrease the damage with a real amount or with percentage, or just make your custom evasion and u can write miss over target head too or for unit with shield u could make x% chance for block the damage and u write block over your head and all without damn much ability lv.

i love how its work coz let me do alot new stuff, like:

-new systems for damage/defence:
-you could make bonus damage percentage after level difference (if target hero boss +50 lv then you deal half damage, or u do 7% more damage on enemy hero who is lower with 7lv)
-u can add simple few row and difficulty system solved (example: if hard mode, then make if with target player owner is neutral hostile, and if yes then he deal + x % dmg and u deal on him - y % damage), or just simple set the creep damage and damage reduction after player number controlled by user.
- you can make buffs
example: buff integer array=> buff[(player number*max custom buff what you want to your map)+bufftype]
its looking like i want use max 30 buff, 1st buff=+str,2nd=+%critical chance then its will be buff[(playernumber*30)+2]=how much critical stike chance i want
in trigger:
if rnd(0,100)<(totalcriticalstrikechance[playernumber]=basecriticalchance[playernumber]+buff[(playernumber*30)+2]) then damageamount=damageamount*2 (optional: +critical rage damage)
- you can use critical rage damage what mean increase your damage but only when u make a critical hit, like +50 rage dmg=>2,5 * damageamount
- you could make life/mana steal also you could make condition for that=> i get back x% hp from damage if my current hp lower than 25% max hp
- rages/limit break?: if your hp lower than 25% then you get +x% chance for critical strike or your damage higher with x% or ypou got more chance/rate for reflect back the damage or block it etc
- mana shield: sacrifice half your mana and then incoming damage will be absorbed from that, when incoming damage higher than your mana absorb real variable then damageamount= difference
- evasion/critical strike after agility without ability, just make if with random then damageamount=0 then write miss over your head
- damage modification with distance=> more or less damage if target is far,or maybe x% chance for 0 damage if target is on max range
- aoe healing + dmg reduction (malfurion ulti based with custom buff, if buff is on then damage target take 50% dmg only), channeling with periodic mana consum
- same like previous just friendly units around u get increased dmg, again channeling and periodic mana consume
- critical strike chance/evasion/damage increase/absorb x% dmg and convert to hp/critical rage aura (based one of aura with custom buff and a bit damage modification with damage amount)
- custom damage for 1st hit when you used wind walk (example 1st hit critical?)
- you can make every x hit to critical strike
- you could make a damage shield what store the reicived damage then reflec back to selected target etc etc

More customizable mage class(i love this):
-you can x% spell damage increase/level/int with trigger and this way you mage class could be balanced allways compared with physical heroes coz u can give with trigger more spell output damage what depending from mage intelligence or from mage level.
-customizable armor types:
- Heavy armor user get a tiny amount spell damage reduction, the normal attack reduction work with armor
- Light armor give a bit more spell damage reduction and less armor
- Robe armor give higher spell damage reduction and less armor
-defense after stat with log/exp=>example: if 10 armor lets say 20% normal damage reduction, then you could make same but with int, 10 int = 20% spell damage reduction, 50 int = 27% spell damage reduction

sorry for english
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