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adding team color to models/skins?

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Level 13
May 11, 2008
this skin has no team color.

it is a skin for a custom model.


so i tried ripping off the bottom of the cape. didn't work. the bottom of the cape rather than team colored is just black.

people telling me i need photoshop, but is there another way?

i was trying to add on some kind of team color texture...but the only thing i could do just abouts was change the entire cape to team color. which is pretty ugly. i might have to reskin most of the model, save for the sword...that would be rather awkward... hmm...

so far i think that might be my only option, which might be a shame, since i wouldn't really be reskinning anything so much as collecting skin parts to put on the model, lol. a zombie warden of sorts :/ maybe i'll come up with something good....but idk.

here is link to a previous thread where i was having trouble with the model earlier.


and here is the pic i used to report the bug from that thread:
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