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A multiboard snippet

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Hosted Project: EC
Level 33
Oct 12, 2011
I'm working on a multiboard snippet, I would call it singleboard. Since the idea is one multiboard for the whole game. Based on the fact that every player can only see one multiboard at a time (iirc). But it's at cost of "resetting" the multiboard on every display/hide function. Does that worth it?

It's followed by another nice features such as:
- Getting board's cells text/size/icon/color/etc.
aboard[1][3].text | get the text at row 1 column 3
aboard[1][3].icon | get the icon at row 1 column 3​
- Nice interface. Ease you to work on your multiboard:
aboard[1][2].text= | assign a text into a cell (row 1, column 2)
aboard[1][2].style(showText, showIcon) | set a cell's style at row 1, column 2
aboard[1][2].color(r, g, b, a) | set a cell's color​
- Desync free: this snippet will preserve all multiboard items in a global variable. Avoiding repeated multiboard item getting and releasing over and over again.

Nope, the code isn't ready to be shared yet. I just need your opinion on my question above (1st paragraph). I will post the code here later.
A single multiboard is good if you are saving items (it means there are fewer items to save). Generally I use one multiboard per player in case they use different rows and columns for the multiboard. It might still be safe to change multiboard size locally though, I just haven't tested it. Theoretically, you would need to grab new multiboard items, and that could get pretty messy if you're doing it locally (it would desync). It might just be better to use 12 multiboards (1 per player).
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