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A LOT of Spell Requests

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Level 12
Jun 10, 2008
'Ello guys!
I've got a rather large request I need done - and I don't necessarily expect 1 person coming in here and saying "I'll do all of it." I need a LOT of spells done, some of which are extremely easy and don't even need triggers (I can do those myself). But I'm really bad at the triggered ones. Theres about 35 spells, of only about 1/8 I can actually do myself. So I'm asking the community - actually the members of the community who know how to make spells - to help me create these. Even helping me create 1 helps A LOT. Please say the one you want to make before actually working on it though, that prevents 2 people from making it. Now, as I said, I don't have much experience with spells, so some of these might not be possible.

Also, I would be happier if the spells were in GUI (I don't know JASS). I know it's asking a lot, but I'm hoping some of you will help me.

The list is here:

Deadly Poison
Slayer's next attack gives a poison effect to an opponent, dealing (Level 1 = 7, Level 2 = 9, Level = 12) more damage and stealing 3 health/second for (Level 1 = 5 seconds, Level 2 = 10 seconds, Level 3 = 15 seconds)

Ten Thousand Blades
Slayer conjures the speed of lightning to strike his enemy and all nearby enemies (2, 5, 7) times each for (75%, 60%, 50% less damage each hit)

Way of the Assassin
The Assassin gains a (10%...25%...40%) chance for enemy attacks to miss. He attacks (5%...10%...15%) times faster.

Slayer summons 4 shadowy images of himself that deal 10% of his damage (excluding items) and attack 50% faster.

Mordrenth Den'Vali
Banners of McIlesh
Nearby troops take (25%, 35%, 50%) less damage from enemies.

Victory Aura
Every time a nearby enemy dies, all units near Mordrenth are healed for (5...10...20) health.

Intimidating Presence
When any unit or hero dies, all allied troops near the dying unit are healed for 10 health (75 if it was a hero) and if an enemy was the dying unit, the killing unit is healed for 50. All enemies take 10 damage (75 if it was a hero) and if an ally was the dying unit, the killer takes 50 damage.

Nok'Thal the Savage
Totem of Depletion
Nok'Thal places a ward that depletes the life and mana of nearby units by (3/s, 5/2, 7/s)

Nok'Thal hits his target for (50, 75, 100) damage and is healed for (25, 50, 75) health.

Dance of the Tribals
Nok'Thal summons the wrath of his ancestors, dealing 50 damage to all nearby ally and enemy units. Each ally killed in this way is replaced by an Ancestral Guardian.

Drethanor Avaraei-Kazeem
Hellish Gaze
Stuns target for (1, 2.5, 5) seconds. Target takes (10, 15, 25) damage each second while stunned.

Inferno of Chaos
Causes meteors to fall from the sky, dealing 15 damage if they hit in a large Area of Effect for (10, 15, 20) seconds.

Armaggedon Aura
Changes all nearby unit's damage to Chaos but deals (5, 3, 0) less damage.

Prince of Destruction
Drethanor loses 500 health (minimum max health after deduction is 100). For each health point lost, any units attacking him or a nearby hero take double the amount dispersed among them.

Alsa Rose
Point Blank Shot
Alsa attacks at half-range and shoots an arrow that deals (10, 15, 25) extra damage and stuns for 1.5 seconds.

All nearby ranged units have a (2%, 50%, 75%) less chance of missing or being blocked.

Alsa fires up to 12 arrows at different targets (maximum of 3 arrows per target - arrows become dispersed evenly among nearby targets) that deal 20 extra damage each.

Darrem Mariskov-Culvaris

Shield of Culvaris
Culvaris, the half-human deity of light, grants his child a shield of divinity that prevents all ranged and magic damage from hitting him and nearby allies. (Radius is the variable)

Demi-God Aura
All units around Culvaris attack (10%, 20%, 30%) faster and all enemies deal (10%, 20%, 30%) less damage.

God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals
Darrem's attacks become long-ranged beams of light coming from the heavens that deal 5 damage. His attack speed is 5x his normal one.

Enigma Holloweye
Share Disability
Target and all nearby enemy units have a (25%, 50%, 75%) greater chance to miss, (25%, 50%, 75%) less chance to block, and are not affected by Auras.

Twisted Thoughts
Target enemy unit suffers a 5/s health degeneration for (10, 15, 20) seconds. If he/she dies while under the effect of this spell, she is replaced by an allied Fiend of Imagination.

Visions of Regret
Enigma summons 3 Mind Corruptor Wards that attack once every 5 seconds and stun enemies with each attack for 3 seconds. They do not deal damage and the stun does not stack.

Ella Norani
Phase Shift
Ella becomes un-attackable for 1 second. Immediately after 1 second, she automatically moves to target opponent, damaging any opponents in her way by (10, 25, 50) and the target opponent by (50, 75, 100)

Magehunter's Deflection
Every time Ella is hit by a magic attack, it is deflected to the nearest unit and deals (1x, 1.5x, 2x) the damage.

Spell Immunity
Ella cannot be hit by spells and drains all mana from nearby units (1 mana/s, 2 mana/s, 3 mana/s)

Reality Warp
Ella gains a random spell from target selected unit with mana. She can use the spell for 30 seconds or until she steals another one.

Groswoln the Hunter
The Animal Within
Groswoln calls a random animal (Rank 1 - 25% chance Bear, 25% chance Wolf, 50% chance Warthog, Rank 2 - 25% chance Bear, 37% chance Wolf, 38% chance Warthog, Rank 3 - 50% chance Bear, 25% chance Wolf, 25% chance Warthog) permanently until it dies or another animal is summoned.

The Hunt
Target summoned unit or animal dies instantly after being hit. No chance to miss. Deals (50, 100, 150) damage to other opponents.

Nearby units have a (+2/s, +3/s, +5/s) health regeneration. Healing spells on nearby units have double effect.

Chemical Dispersal
All enemy and ally units in selected area have a 75% chance to be healed for 250, but a 25% chance to take 125 damage.

Wayne Rizoth (Melee)
Severed Artery
Wayne deals (25, 50, 75) damage and his opponent has a (25%, 50%, 75%) slower movement speed for 10 seconds.

Reeling Blast
Wayne charges towards target enemy with his shield, sending the enemy flying backwards for 2 seconds or until he hits an obstacle. Opponent is stunned for (1.5, 3, 5) seconds.

Wayne Rizoth (Ranged)
Vicious Throw
Wayne deals (25, 50, 75) damage and his opponent is stunned for (1.5, 3, 5) seconds.

Shield Strike
Wayne knocks target adjacent opponent away, sending him back for 2 seconds or until he hits an obstacle. This opponent moves (25%, 50%, 75%) slower for 10 seconds after regaining balance.

Thanks! You'll get credits and +Rep as much as I can. And once again, I know it's asking a lot, but it would really help me
Level 12
Jun 10, 2008
Right, if you do it in JASS and the rest of the maps/spells are in GUI will that have any negative effect?

Just tell me which ones your doing, you can do any.

Thanks for the help btw!
Level 12
Jun 10, 2008
I'll make some of the spells for you, in GUI and MUI.

I cannot do all of the spells. (i think you understand why ^^)

But the some of the spells are very easy to do, and i think you might try to make them by yourself.

Never expected to do anybody ALL of them :p.

I'm attempting to make them too, and I'm not that bad at GUI, but I just don't understand how to trigger spells properly. Just please say which ones you plan on making so nobody accidently repeats them while you're making them. If you don't care, you can just move down the list - Slayer is being mae by mckill2009 I believe. Thanks!
Level 12
Jun 10, 2008
I'm fine with waiting. I was anticipating this to take a long time, which is why I posted it before I really needed it. I'm just happy that somebody here is trying to help :p
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