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a few questions.

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Level 9
Jun 7, 2008
I have a couple questions. One: Theres a way to remove the rally point from a structure that sells units. Anyone know how?
And Two: Is there a tutorial on exporting/importing custom scripts? Or if it is even possible?

Thanks in advance.
Level 9
May 30, 2008
About the rally point search in your GUI triggers u will find it and about the scripts there is instruction on most of them how to import a script but i think there are tutorials if there aren't ask the creator of the script how to import it
Level 13
Mar 4, 2009
Yea that works fine and dandy. Ty very much for that. I still was hoping that someone would show me /describe to me how to import custom scripts.

you just need to learn them......

i will tell you what script to use on what variable,but firstly

set variable = (your value)
>use the variable as many times you want until you want to change the variable and than do the custom script
Custom Script: ....(udg_NameOfYourVariable)

>each variable type uses specific custom script...

call RemoveLocation(udg_NameOfYourPointVariable)

Unit Group
call DestroyGroup(udg_NameOfYourUnitGroupVariable)

Player Group
call DestroyForce(udg_NameOfYourPlayerGroupVariable)
>do not use on player group - (All Players)

>this was all for removing leaks so i will put this too

when you create special effect
Special Effect - Destroy (LastCreatedSpecialEffect)

EDIT: damn what a miss.... :/
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