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A few questions

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Level 2
Dec 2, 2008
Since this is a FAQ guide, I have a few questions:
1. What is the difference between the different dmg types (universal, pure, shadow, ...)
2. What is the difference between: "for each integer A," and "for each integer B?"
3. There are only a limited number of attack types (normal, pierce, siege,...) is there a way to add some more?
4. For the command: issue unit to cast [spell];
What happens if the unit doesn't have that spell?
What happens if the unit doesn't have the mana for that spell?
What happens if the spell is on cooldown?

I know I'm a pain in the ass but please answer these questions, they've been bugging me for long. Thx
1. Its about armor type, some damages deals more damage against some armor.

2. its the same thing, but it can come handy if you use 2 different loops in same trigger one is A and the second is B, so if you use two loops and are A the trigger can bug.

3.I think not.

4.-No spell = no cast
-No mana = no cast
-Spell in CD = no cast
- also if you order unit to cast something in the distance 1500 and the spell cast range is 700 = no cast
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