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2P Campaign: Sentinel 06

Sentinels Campaign: Terror of the Tides
Based on the work of The-Spoon and Blizzard Entertainment.

Chapter Six: Shards of the Alliance
’Three days later, on the western coast of Lordaeron, the night elves venture cautiously into the shifting shadows of Silverpine Forest.’

General Changes: Kael benefits from the shared powerups system. (See Useful Links for more information.) / Player One can access Malfurion’s items and Player Two can access Saithis’ items through Stashes. / Stashes are automatically teleported to any village the Caravan reaches. / Items stored in a Stash are also saved in your load code. / Gold Coins you collect are divided evenly between the two players. / Features a number of systems: shared powerups, bounty, techtree, upgrades, infromation, tribute commands, tweaked upkeep levels and food limit, slow harvesting. (See Useful Links for more information.) / You can choose from two difficulties: Normal and Insane.

Insane Mode: A Dreadlord leads the random attack waves. The Dreadlord becomes more powerful each time you slay him. / Several enemy units are replaced by stronger units. / Kael has Periapt of Health instead of Khadgar’s Gem of Health and Potion of Healing instead of Potion of Greater Healing. / Heroes receive much less experience from kills.

Important Information: The 2 Player Campaign is a concept first brought to Warcraft III by The-Spoon. The idea is to convert the original maps of Blizzard Entertainment so that it can be played by two people. The-Spoon, however, only wishes to complete the Reign of Chaos campaigns. Therefore, I have decided to do the Sentinel campaign.

Useful Links: You can view the full list of credits here. / You can read the complete list of systems, mechanics and commands here. / If you want to be notified automatically when a new map of the 2 player campaign is released, subscribe to the thread found here.
7 October, 2011
Due to many complications, the path of the caravan is now picked by typing -left or -right. The path of the caravan is also selected randomly after 30 seconds if no path is chosen. / Fixed a bug where the 'Retrieve Supplies' quest (and its multiboard) would not update if the second player picked the gold coin. / The location of the supply caches for the 'Retrieve Supplies' quest are no longer revealed to the player.
Special thanks to Skasian!
14 August, 2013
Updated the lobby interface to better show which heroes you'll be playing.
3 January, 2019
Fixed crashes at the beginning and end of the game on newer patches.

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2P Campaign: Sentinel 06 (Map)

14:06, 22nd Aug 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Approved
Level 5
Sep 18, 2010
yo,some mission you are naga and malfurion ,how about 2 players is naga and malfurion?
i hope you finish all the campgains :(, rexxar wud be bad ass.
Level 24
Jul 9, 2009
Great to se a new of these maps I hope I can soon see all the campaigns done, this is really good maps and good luck with your future works.
Level 1
Oct 2, 2011
McQvaBlood, can u please tell us if the night elf Reign of Chaos campaign is available in 2P cooperative mod ?
Level 2
Jul 8, 2011
Possible Changes:
  • Not sure if it was intended, but from the 2nd gold stash you can blink to the 3rd one (obviously). It kind of ruins the point of the 3rd mercenary hire camp as if you grab the gold earlier you won't have money to spend later on. I think it would be best to reduce sight (fog) here so you can't blink to it to preserve the natural progression of the map.

  • The side quest 'Gold Stashes' counter is broken. After killing the 2nd stash there was no 2/3 count, resulting in an unfinishable quest. Perhaps it had to do with entering the circle of power before all the enemy units defending it was killed? Either way that needs to be fixed.
  • After reaching the crossroads where you choose the long or short path. No message pops up asking which direction to take (as it did in the single player campaign). Therefore the caravan stopped moving and the map was unfinishable. Saving/Loading and destroying the whole map of enemies made no difference. Please fix it so you can actually finish the stage!!

  • Nice amount of bonus items hidden around the map which were fun to find. Good work! I liked the idea of the moving stashes as well :)
Level 18
Jul 3, 2010
First of all, a big thanks for these much needed reviews. I see the devotion in you that I have for TheSpoon's maps and that's a great thing. However, I ask you to post bugs and reviews in the hosted project forums found here. It is much easier to keep track of what I've fixed and what I changed if it is in one place. It would also eliminate the need for six seperate discussions and constantly repeating myself.

I have noticed the fog of war bug before, this was indeed my doing, I shall remove it with the next release. I will check the Gold Stash counter. As for the most serious bug, I have noticed it before, but I thought I did fix it.

I'm glad you like the moving Stashes. I'm really sorry for that gamebreaking bug. :(

This map is now updated to version 1.01.
Read the changelog for the complete list of changes.

As always, feel free to contact me via PM or on the hosted project forums to tell me your suggestions and feedback.
Last edited:
Level 2
Jul 15, 2010
Hi. I really like 2p campaign alot, however it has been 3 months and where is 07 coming out? You maps are awesome and I really wish you will continue making 2p campaign.