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Last Activity:
Jun 5, 2015
Sep 18, 2010
school >:(


shi*, from lithuania

Dogzo was last seen:
Jun 5, 2015
    1. Map Designer
      Map Designer
      Hello there :)
    2. Map Designer
      Map Designer
      nothing with my warcraft or my map at all :p , just wasting time at anime
      thanks for asking, and.. is that... japanese?
    3. Map Designer
      Map Designer
      who is this in your avatar
    4. Map Designer
    5. Aeroblyctos
      Riiiiiiight. Well I don't have now any time I'm creating my own campaign and today I'm gonna release next version which I've been working last three months.
    6. Aeroblyctos
      Hmm. I don't have any tutorials?
    7. Map Designer
      Map Designer
      crippled technology for a while. Plus, I got tired of hive for a while and started watchin some anime, at least I can...
    8. Map Designer
      Map Designer
      simply go to my profile, look just under my friends that appear on the right, you will see a button "befriend map designer" , you only need to click it. Alternatively, you can Edit your friend list. However, know that I only accept people towards whom I have acted friendly, or who have acted friendly towards me (a friend, you know)?. Good luck ^^
    9. Map Designer
      Map Designer
      campagin maker? how is it going
    10. -Kobas-
      Jesam :)
    11. HOooDy
      please pm the dummy map !
    12. Oziris
      With what?
    13. TheSpoon
      I do wish there was a way to just save the information locally, so you could play it just like in one player.
      I think in the SC2 editor there is this function though.
      Shame its not in Wc3 :/
    14. TheSpoon
      I know its hard, but there's a lot of information to save. (Two heroes!)
      I suggest, when the code comes up.
      - You press print screen
      - You minimise
      - Open MS Paint
      - File -> Paste
      - Save the picture
      - Type the code into notepad
      - Copy the code
      - and finally Paste it into warcraft.

      And yes, you do need the -'s
    15. McQvaBlood
      Well, I do not know yet. I still have the Sentinel campaign to finish.
      After that, it's up to TheSpoon if he asks me to go on with any other campaign.
    16. Foronisus
      as i told you i cant make the terrain i can just detail it
    17. Dogzo
      evryone ho enters this room will give me a ruubie, or pistol in your head
    18. Dawn Whitelighter
      Dawn Whitelighter
      hey hey:) just visiting the site and greeting people:)
    19. Foronisus
      hmm send me private message for story and description and other things and i will answer you as soon as i read.
    20. Hades17
      I told you that I've got 5 running projects, dogzo, if you want to get your map done pretty fast, you should consider someone else for terraining.
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  • About

    school >:(
    Current Project:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Scarlet Crusade
    im beginning to be offline to dota with mapmaking ,but im still on



    Inactive for ever, quitted map editor learning and wc 3,might come for sc 2. gl all hivers and friends.
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