2P Campaign: Sentinel 02

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Sentinels Campaign: Terror of the Tides
Based on the work of The-Spoon and Blizzard Entertainment.

Chapter Two: The Broken Isles
"The next day, on the shores of a mysterious island chain, Maiev and her Watchers inspect some ancient, yet strangely familiar ruins."

General Changes: Features Warden Saithis as the second hero. / Features a number of systems: shared powerups, techtree, upgrades, infromation, tribute commands, tweaked upkeep levels and food limit, slow harvesting. (See Useful Links for more information.) / You can choose from two difficulties: Normal and Insane.

Insane Mode: The AI of Naga Strikeforce and Illidan's Servitors are improved.

Important Information: The 2 Player Campaign is a concept first brought to Warcraft III by The-Spoon. The idea is to convert the original maps of Blizzard Entertainment so that it can be played by two people. The-Spoon, however, only wishes to complete the Reign of Chaos campaigns. Therefore, I have decided to do the Sentinel campaign.

Useful Links: You can view the full list of credits here / You can read the complete list of systems, mechanics and commands here. / If you want to be notified automatically when a new map of the 2 player campaign is released, subscribe to the thread found here.
This version recognizes the loading codes generated by version 1.00 maps as valid. / Bounty is now split. / The heroes' levels, stats and skills are now displayed at the start and end of the map using a Multiboard. / Saithis now has an ultimate. / Twilight Guardian now lists its damage and hit point values correctly. / Saithis' hotkeys finalized. (Blade Shield; Shift; Summon Twilight Guardian; Maiden of Pain) / The Staff of Preservation may now be used on allies. / A severe issue that allowed players to skip cinematics prematurely has been fixed. / The maps now use a higher resolution map preview so as to look better when uploaded to the Hiveworkshop.
16 April, 2011
A minor cosmetic adjustment to when the game begins.
22 May, 2011
Blade Shield now spawns correctly. / A typo in the learn tooltip of Blade Shield fixed. / Maiden of Pain replaced by Eclipse. / Twilight Guardian reworked. / Saithis has a new icon. / A cinematic issue fixed where Illidan would drop his Orb of Kil'jaden and players could pick it up.
Special thanks to indomitable1319!
14 July, 2011
The AI of Naga Strikeforce and Illidan's Servitors updated to run more efficiently. / The "gold mine is running low" message is now sent at 750 gold remaining. / Fixed the level skip requirement of Blade Shield. / Fixed a serious issue with Twilight Guardians that could sometimes create permanent units. / The Goblin Merchant will now properly sell items. / Summons can no longer be raised by Twilight Guardians. / Bounty is no longer granted by summons. / Fixed a number of visual and audio glitches and problems.
Special thanks to KhalanDuriant!
17 July, 2011
Fixed an issue where the "<Player> wishes to skip the cinematic!" message would display every time the player pressed Escape.
Special thanks to Snow von Porges!
14 August, 2013
Updated the lobby interface to better show which heroes you'll be playing. / Scroll of Town Portal will now transport both players' units inside the area of effect. / Scroll of Town Portal now only costs 175 gold.
3 January, 2019
Fixed crashes at the beginning and end of the game on newer patches.

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2P Campaign: Sentinel 02 (Map)

11:38, 2nd Apr 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Approved
Level 17
Jul 3, 2010
This map is now updated to version 1.03.
Read the Changelog for the complete list of changes.

As always, feel free to contact me via PM or on the hosted project forums to tell me your suggestions and feedback.

EDIT (14 July, 2011)
This map is now updated to version 1.04.
Read the Changelog for the complete list of changes.

EDIT (17 July, 2011)
This map is now updated to version 1.04b.
Read the Changelog for the complete list of changes.
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Level 2
Jul 8, 2011
Possible Changes:

  1. Drak' Thul's side quest is too easy to complete with 2 players, you will need to make it harder. Perhaps adding a mini-boss there or have 5 spawning zones instead of the default 3. (right now it seems like it is exactly the same as single player).
  2. It would also appear that the naga defending the Tomb of Sargaras (the finale) have not been altered. It was comparatively too easy for 2 players and provided a very 'anti-climatic' final battle for the map. (Keep in mind that I am playing with my GF who is fairly new to micro/macro-management so if we find a battle extremely easy it most likely is for everyone)

Overall: Good map, fun to play.
Level 17
Jul 3, 2010
First of all, a big thanks for these much needed reviews. I see the devotion in you that I have for TheSpoon's maps and that's a great thing. However, I ask you to post bugs and reviews in the hosted project forums found here. It is much easier to keep track of what I've fixed and what I changed if it is in one place. It would also eliminate the need for six seperate discussions and constantly repeating myself.

As I read through your posts, it became clear to me that most of your difficulty problems are because you're playing on normal mode and for the most part, I was only testing insane mode. For example, the Drak'thul side-quest features a number of stationary guards near each Ziggurat, making it impossible to destroy using just two heroes.
Also, the Naga Guards at the end of the map are replaced by Royal Guards, a total of six, which are extremely hard to defeat, once again, only if you are playing on insane.

However, my failure to test if the normal maps are hard enough should not be a concern for you. Instead, I would be more than happy to discuss how normal could be made a bit harder without making it too hard. Please, open a thread with your ideas in the hosted project forums.
I'm also thinking about introducing a new difficulty: What is currently normal would become easy, normal would be a bit harder, this is where you could help me, and insane would remain the same.