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(2)Marauded Village

Submitted by L8man
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Marauded Village v1.00
Final entry for Back2Warcraft Melee mapping contest - made by L8man

Map information:



128x96 (Actuall size is much smaller considering mountains, trees and deep water around the map)

There are 22 creep camps on this map, 11 on each players side.

8 Green
12 Orange

2 Red

6 goldmines overall (2 stating positions + 4 expansion goldmines)

Starting positions have 13500 gold.
Close expansions have 11000 gold.
Mid-map expansions have 10000 gold.


This map is made for quick and long drawn out games at the same time. There are enough creeps to play 1, 2 or and 3 hero stategies. The middle shop creeps (Ogre Magi) will drop a rune of the ovserver which makes the constested area important for mapcontroll.


Taking an early expansion and creeping your main hero to level 3 is critical for human players. This map will not only give you a fair shot on establishing an expansion right away, it also offers milita creepable laboratorys and merc camps close to your starting position. Its a great change of paste if you decide to take one of the closer expansions which also have a shop nearby. Due to the short rushing distance throught the middle, even a towerrush can be a deadly consideration.

No matter if you are going altar first for early harass or if you're trying to powerlevel and bank on undeads great creeping capabilities; you will have room for a wide selection of buildorders and playstyles. The enemy natural expansion isn't as far as you might think and reachable by multiple pathway. Because you can get to your opponents main base rather quilckly its likley you have enough time to locate his creeping route or harass workers right from the get-go.

As an Orc player you want your BM to have short attack and scout paths, enough places to find the right items and very importantly a good creep route to get your SH solocreep going and reach lvl 3 in save fashion. This map makes it possible in a fun and challenging way.
The terrain has alot of open areas, great for an orc to fight in!

No map without AoW creeping - This is one of the key components of nightelv gameplay and this map makes no exception. You have alot of options to go for and also expanding early is rather attracktive due to the map layout. As for some the other races, early attacks with mercs and T1 units is a reliable possiblity on this map. Since the merc camps are Lordaeron-Summer versions you can enjoy the trusted company of troll shadow priests and berserkers at your side.

"After the brutal raid of local creeps, the once thriving village Talus has lost any claims on this land, that once where held. It's up to you, to destroy your rival and force your reign onto these golden meadows. But beware; great dangers await everywhere!"

This map does feature a wide spectrum of attack paths and creep routes aswell as some underused gameplay elements like distructable rocks at the red camps which make the middle of this map a thrilling and contested area.
As I mentioned in the strategy section, there are obtainable observer wards at the goblin shops located in the middle of the map - this just adds to the fight and encounter potentional that this region of the map holds.


13.11.2017 - (v.1.00): This this the first, polished and playable version of this map and represents my entry for the B2W mapping contest.

14.11.2017 - (v.1.00): Fixed a problem with the southeast dragoncamp only having a drop chance of 50%. Back to 100% now.

17.11.2017 - (v.1.00): Rotated some creeps in the right direction.

Critique and feedback is very welcome! Thanks for watching and playing!


Marauded Village (Map)

The preview image should be the minimap not a custom made picture. Avoid putting gameplay footage and instead use the editor shots to better showcase the map. Usually melee map filenames are written with the number of players in brackets at the...
  1. WolfFarkas


    May 21, 2013
    hello there, I am not a fan of Lordaeron tilesets maps, and I am not a fan of burning village maps, but I tell you this friend:

    your map Rocks!! you have sell it to me.
    I see you know what you want and what you are doing

    good number of neutrals and well placed
    good amount of creeps, I am not a loot master but I think is very standard what you did
    And the two rivers map is a very clever desing, strong your island or expand to the other island.
    also nice enviroment.

    I would like give you sugestions to improve it but I have none XD,
    I can say you only this:

    dont restrain yourself with the map you have , push foward to gain beauty, remember you are in a contest, the other users will do the best to have the winning map, they wont use the remaining time to look the roof, they would try to pushfoward to improve their map for the 100%, dont fall behind, continue studying your work and see if you can improve it. (waterfalls maybe?, a health fountain maybe?)

    I see the contest will be a hard one

    I rate this map with a 5/5

    good luck in the contest and see ya.
  2. TTT


    Apr 21, 2017
    well,after i read the comment above, i decide to download this map and have a look.
  3. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    The preview image should be the minimap not a custom made picture.
    Avoid putting gameplay footage and instead use the editor shots to better showcase the map.
    Usually melee map filenames are written with the number of players in brackets at the beginning, eg: (2)Marauder Village.w3x.

    I think mines that are harder to guard should contain more gold not the other way around.



    Always check/recheck the Map Submission Rules! (Map Submission Rules)

    Screenshots could attract more players to download your work. Make the best of them.

    If you want more reviews, come here:
    The Grand Review Exchange!
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2017
  4. L8man


    Oct 24, 2017
    @Ragnaros17 Thanks a ton for your feedback! I'm glad I could bring you to like Lordearon maps :) I also tried my best to improve tiny things and test it with my friends and even some streamers.
    I didnt add an Health fountain for example because I hear almost every professional player curse at those. Fun fact: My first WIP had two of em in the rivers :) Thanks again!

    @deepstrasz Very unsefull information! Thank you! I chanced almost every point :) Reguarding the closer expansions it was a concious desicion to give them lower amounts of gold becouse its not that far away for a milita creep for example and represents a very strong position with the shop so close + the observerward and strong attack path towards the enemy expansion.
    Like on tutle rock the corner expansions have less gold (10k) mine have (11k) and i dont want this to run forever cuz then humans might allways go for those.