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The Ætherblade

A blade made of dwarven steel deep beneath the mountains, and blessed by the Aether in an effort to unite earth and wind.

I highly suggest using this icon by ~Nightmare in conjunction with the Ætherblade:

Update 1:
-Lessened the poly count.
-Cut the file size from 48kb to 35kb.

Update 2:
-Added death animation

-Update 3:
-Changed texture of the handle
-Model has been scaled down to fit better as a one-handed weapon

Æther, aether, sword, blade, sky, air, heaven

Ætherblade (Model)

17:40, 13th Aug 2015 Misha: and very good blade
The file size is pretty high for an attachment, but it looks really cool.

3/5. It's on the verge of a 4/5, though; you can either improve it (without increasing its file size) or reduce its file size (without making it look worse). At the moment, its quality-to-file size ratio is simply not very good, but it's just one step away from being worth it.

Edit: 4/5.
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Level 10
Feb 27, 2007
This is looks awesome! Reminds me of something you'd find in some kind of space temple! Keep up the great work, God Bless!
Thanks for the comments.

I know the file size is a bit steep and I'll see what I can do about it. On that note, adding a billboard was in my thoughts, but I don't know how to work with those (or I haven't tried).
I'll look into that as well.

The general form will stay at it is, and same probably goes for the handle texture (unless there is an uproar against the current).

Thanks again :)