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  1. rafael.jesus

    [Crash] WorldEdit has stopped working

    I've been suddenly having a lot of issues with Warcraft III lately, first the Crypt Lord impale spell animation stopped showing (v. 1.21b), which led me to install Reforged just to regret it completely and immediately uninstall it, which then led me to install 1.27a version to see if it works...
  2. Luashine

    [Mapping] How to save maps in localized Warcraft 3 ROC v1.00 (Code error message)

    Russian for search results: Как сохранить карту в русской локализации Варкрафт 3 Reign of Chaos v1.00 (Ошибка с кодом) Earlier I stumbled upon this bug that prevented me from saving an empty map in Reign of Chaos v1.00 as it came off CD. I didn't know what the issue was and gave up. Today I hit...
  3. Luashine

    [General] WorldEditor v1.29.2 deletes system's TEMP folder on launch & exit

    Edit: read the post below, it only deletes everything inside the temporary files folder. The editor version 1.29c (6060) aka release 1.29.2 will delete all files and folders where you've saved your map when it exits. 1. Open WE (need to clear registry) 2. Save new empty map in a folder you...
  4. Upsidedownface

    [General] World Editor suddenly lagging/ not loading menus

    Hello, i was wondering if anyone might have any idea how to fix this... I was messing around, copy/pasting an upgrade description over multiple levels. But then I accidentally hit the wrong key and I think I must have turned on something this uses too much processing power because ever since...
  5. LionsBlood

    Major bug found with import manager.

    The checkbox for custom import path was removed, now i cannot change the pathing of my imports. It happened when I imported a whole folder of models/textures. Is there a way to reverse this? I have tried restarting the editor and everything besides actually reinstalling the game. If anyone knows...
  6. Cebi

    [Spell] Sacrifice System.

    So I looked at the Sacrifice ability and realized that it has huge potential yet limited by stiff un-editable outcomes. What I need from it at first was simple, sacrifice 1 custom unit for another. But then once I tested it though the Object Editor thinking it would be simple... it wasn't...
  7. Cebi

    [Spell] Devour-like spell for flying creatures.

    Hello, so I am building a Burning Legion race and trying to make it close to lore as possible whilst being Warcraft 3 in feel and Balance (well balance within reason lmao). One creature I am making as a flying crowd control unit is the Jailer. I plan to make an ability that allows it to...
  8. n0th1nG

    How to make an unit casting custom abilities

    I am currently making a passive ability that when a unit cast a spell, it have 20% to replenish 175 mana. I dont know what to do when it comes to replenish the mana. I've tried creating a dummy to cast Replenish but i can't find it at Unit - Issue Order Targeting A Unit . Any suggestion
  9. halk6000

    I will map VWH i am looking for people

    I am looking ang speaker or pl contact - skype live:v60_14 who need ? 1 teach me skript income how make would work algorytm 0+1 when 1 animal end production and algorytm 1-1 when animal die and 2 script every 50 seconds get gold use this algorytm and generator when build this bank so mp use...
  10. Fjoelnir

    Dota 2 Outworld Devourer's Essence Aura

    Hello I should like to ask and if possible get help on recreating OD's Essence Aura on my map. I have found results on the gist of it, the when cast spells imbue a chance to set the mana of the triggering unit to X% part, but now I have a new problem which is to trigger this aura when a unit is...
  11. Tzalksar

    [General] Localized Water Coloring - Mulitple Water colors in single map

    As the title says, I'm looking for help to see if I can do different water colors for separate bodies of water. Like, I may want like a small pond of what looks like blood (darkred) and maybe like a vat of acid (green) in another spot. Edit: While we're at it: changing visibility for doodads...
  12. Nanaki772

    Help! Full shared unit control not working?!

    Hello, I just registered so yeah I'm kinda new to this. But I have a bit of a problem. I've made a map where I am controlling 4 different teams and I've turned on full shared unit control but.. The problem is that the resources don't work correctly. It's like they aren't divided. Say I use a...
  13. DanTDMzikri

    [Solved] How to edit Upkeep name in Warcraft 3?

    How to edit Upkeep in Warcraft 3? Help please...
  14. PRO3

    Replace Gold Mine with Haunted Gold Mine.

    Whenever i try to replace a gold mine with a haunted gold mine it creates a new gold mine next to it instead. Any workaround? (I need the possibility to replace the Haunted Gold Mine back to the Gold Mine afterwards) Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units owned by Player) and do (Actions)...
  15. Regno

    [Solved] War3map.i (custom items?)

    Good evening dear Hivers! I have this map (which is not mine) that I want to edit, and by that - I'm talking about the ''custom items''. I tried some ways, such as taking out war3map.i and opening with WorldEditor which CLEARLY didn't work (lol). Opened the map, I didn't find any trace of...
  16. The Panda

    How do i remove shadows from map?

    When I erased some trees, there shadows stayed.. how do I erase those? thanks!
  17. The Panda

    Variables.. Questions

    Just started making maps again and I have mine pretty much done, I just need to do all the triggering and such.. I'm wondering how to use or create variables for triggers? I'm just very confused about them. Also, for whatever reason.. when I place a hero down on the map and try to test it, it...
  18. The Panda

    Problem Testing Map.. Please Help

    Hello! I'm making a map currently and I tried testing it and it gave me a error or error message.. I'm not sure why its doing it because I haven't had that problem before. Even when I go Warcraft and play it through there, it takes me out of Warcraft and gives me a message.. I can upload my...
  19. Kero11

    No game.dll found!

    Hello, I've recently got a problem where the World Editor cant find the game.dll and therefore not start at all... I'm pretty sure it's been like this since I installed the 1.27 patch and before that it worked fine. I would really need some help with this since I'm working on a project and...
  20. WarlockStormreaver

    [Spell] World Edit//Button//Gem Activated

    Hello, the creator of the map warcraft 3, there is at the bottom right a button with a picture of gem and once you click on it, it wrote "Gem activated" but nothing is happening, suddenly I ask myself however boutton this point? #SorryForBadEnglish