world edit

  1. saberslash117

    Have they allowed more than two cliff-types yet?

    They added a few neat features into the world editor such as being able to stack items using the Game Constant and the ability to add/remove tilesets. However, have they added the ability to have more than two cliff-types yet? In a map I'm making, I want to have the dirt, grass and cityscape...
  2. Kadel

    [Solved] Why |n is displayable?

    Hello, I display the message for all players, that the way of enemies is approaching, and I want it to be always through an empty line. I use "|n" for this. In-game journal it displays correctly, but when I see the message in the left corner, it is with this "|n". How should I fix this?
  3. Captain_Teemo

    [Spell] Reset Cooldown (Specific) Without removing & re-adding ability.

    Hello, I'm trying to reset spell (2) when using an item ability (CD Reset) but without removing / re-adding all the unaffected abilities at the same time. if anyone knows how to do this i'd appreciate any help you can give me! I already know how to reset (All) but this is not the affect desired.
  4. Captain_Teemo

    Need assistance i can't figure out how to make text appear when hovering over something

    Hi, I'm trying to create signs that will display text to the one hovering over the sign with their mouse. A good example of what i'm talking about is how floor signs work in Origin Z. I only want the text to show for the one hovering over the sign as this will be used for teleporters and having...
  5. Captain_Teemo

    [General] AI Pinging Map Trigger

    Hello, I'm trying to write a trigger that displays a text tutorial (Which i've gotten working) but i'm having issues getting the (AI Teammate) to ping locations on the map described by the tutorial. Does anyone know how you'd trigger this? Rather new to Wedit i'm trying to make a map similar to...
  6. master Gul'dan

    select unit

    Hi friends How to make a dead animation for a unit that do not allow the player to select it?
  7. impulse

    [Solved] different regions need help!

    Hey, im really new to WE but me and a friend is doing a custom TD and there is alot off errors along the way, but this one i can figure out. So we have for now 2 spawning areas top and left, map is a cube shape. Left spawn code spawn1 left Events Time - Elapsed game time is...
  8. Lord of SOTNITM

    Doubts about World Edit and Warcraft 3 in general

    As the title says I have several questions about World Edit and Warcraft 3 that I hope you can clarify. First: How to start the editor with grids when loading a custom map? Second: How to restore the default terrain of a map whose terrain is already retouched? since it is very tedious to do it...
  9. flamewlkr

    World Edit Bug on PTR.

    I play warcarft 3 on the PTR Patch because i like playing custom campaigns and dislike the state of the game now. But i run in a problem when trying to tinker in world edit. I open world edit and it crashes. I can't find anything on this online. This is the error note pad...
  10. posthumousturbo

    What is normal skin abilities?

    Do I have to clean it so that enemies work well?
  11. Cocorickoo

    [General] About lighting and other stuff

    Hello fellow Warcrafters I just bought Reforged with the intent of using the World Editor as a battlemap generator for Tabletop D&D. Is there any way to launch the map without seeing the in-game UI? If so, I could record the screen. How do I work with lighting and shadows? It seems like the...
  12. Arathorn

    [Crash] My map crashes when loading in the editor

    Hey everyone, I work on this map for a very long time and I never had any problem with it. But it appears that since the last update on warcraft 3 (I'm not 100% sure), when I try to open my map in the world editor, the editor crashes at Loading Triggers and more exactly at 490/550 I think. I...
  13. Cushq

    Cant open any maps

    I've been designing an Arena map on and off for over a year now but all of a sudden I am unable to open any maps on my world edit including mine or just a simple base warcraft 3 map. it just started after i closed out world edit and re-opened it and when I went to load my map I't would get to...
  14. LovG

    [Solved] Test Map and W3 path bugged?

    Hello all, Today I wanted to try some stuff in World Editor but when I pressed test map button a window popped. Somehow it stop working. At first it said: "Can't find the C:\Program Files(x86)\Warcraft III\Warcraft III.exe". Open the Preferences tab and change it." I went to Archives >...
  15. Branmatey

    Raised Cliff issues.

    Hi all. New to the world editor, and to Hive. I'm trying to create a waterfall, following a specific guide that mentions using the raise 2 tool twice, and then shallow water on the top layer. However, when I use the shallow water tool, it automatically punches through all cliff to the ground...
  16. tyci

    [General] patch compatibility problem

    Okay, so I created a map using the WE Unlimited in Warcraft 1.21 for the extra tiles to use and everything is a okay. But if try to play this map now in any newer version of wc3 it won't start (no teams, player in menus etc). Am I screwed or is this somehow changeable?