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Need assistance i can't figure out how to make text appear when hovering over something

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Level 3
Aug 5, 2017
Hi, I'm trying to create signs that will display text to the one hovering over the sign with their mouse. A good example of what i'm talking about is how floor signs work in Origin Z. I only want the text to show for the one hovering over the sign as this will be used for teleporters and having it display constantly doesn't look very good. If anyone knows how you can do this i'd very much appreciate any help you can give me <3.

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Level 12
Feb 5, 2018
By the picture of it, it seems that the unit is selected and then the text appears?

If this is the case, it is pretty easy to make.

Also I think you can abuse some destructibles and change the name from Cage to something like "Hatchery access level 1".

I think that the easiest way to do this is create destructibles and change their name, make them invulnerable and then when you hover with your mouse it shows the name =)

Hope I helped


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Warcraft Moderator
Level 65
Aug 10, 2018
There's a way to get which unit the mouse is focused on but there's no GUI function for it:
If you need to use GUI you can use Custom script:
  • Custom script: set udg_SomeUnit = BlzGetMouseFocusUnit()
I'm assuming you need to use GetLocalPlayer() to make it work for specific players.

Probably worth reading:
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