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  1. Joel Sánchez

    Need help with WC3 reforged mdx conversion

    Hello guys, I´m "new" I was here long time ago (like 2005) but forgot my previous email. I want to ask for your help, I´m trying to convert an .mdx model of a warden hero that I got from the internet but I´ve been trying a lot in the last weeks and I don´t stop getting errors from the .mdx file...
  2. Dark Warden

    Dark Warden

    Inspired by the Reforged Dark Warden Skin and Sira Moonwarden.
  3. Khush352

    [Model Request] Human Warden

    Heps! I am in need of an hero which has following requirements:- 1) Must be a female Warden. 2) Must be a Human. I repeat, by human I also mean, non-dwarven and non-eleven, human only. At least, those pointy ears must be "hidden". 3) For reference, Hero...
  4. Voljin

    Make Blink spell that respects caster's pathing

    Hello Hive, I am trying to make a custom form of Blink that works similar to the Blink in WOW. The major difference between the WOW blink and the wc3 blink is that the WOW blink respects unit boundaries. For example, in wc3 you can teleport to the top of a small hill with a +1 to cliff...
  5. Maxwell

    New Terrain

    Rufus decided to update/rework terrain of some places in Warden. So here I am. In this thread I will show some screenshots of completed work.
  6. BrothForMyPeople

    Spirit of Vengeance, changing textures to HD Watcher

    Is it possible to change black-transparent texture of Spirit of Vengeance to HD Watcher? I basically want to obtain WC3 Sentry unit with remastered textures. I'm uploading images to illustrate my intention.
  7. DarkRanger2

    Simple Edits and creations request !

    Hello people. I am starting a new project and I need a few models, textures, and even simple edits. I think what I might ask cam be useful for future projects, but specially for my project ! I need the following things, will add a comment if I need something Else : 1 - Green fire (Small and...
  8. Rufus

    [Arena] Warden Arena

    This is a thread about a potential game which will be a multiplayer version of the Warden Campaign. Warden Arena is a multiplayer arena game for up to 6 players. You can either cooperate to bring down a boss, or fight each other player vs player. Game Modes The host may choose one of the two...
  9. Sayonara

    Achievement system (improvement for Warden project)

    Hello, Rufus! Let me try to explain how it will looks like (for me). I don`t know how hard it will be to create such system, so please do not hate me :p I don`t think that such kind of bonuses will be usefull. We are talking about interesting and hard challenges, but such bonuses as "Damage...
  10. deepstrasz

    Story Discussion

    @Rufus suggested we'd keep the Hosted Project organized, hence the new thread. Previous treatments: WARDEN General Discussion WARDEN General Discussion WARDEN General Discussion WARDEN General Discussion WARDEN General Discussion WARDEN General Discussion WARDEN General Discussion WARDEN...
  11. B22

    Let's Play Videos

    Hi everyone, I wil be doing LP videos about Warden in my YouTube channel and here are some links to it. I am quite busy and won't be able to do this on the daily basis, but I will try to upload as often as I can. So enjoy and thank you very much for watching. Warcraft 3 LP - Warden - YouTube
  12. YetAnotherYoutuber

    Video footage

    I did not finish recording the project, still, here are three complete videos of three maps tutorial Solen's temple Bonechiller barrow Forest temple