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texture help

  1. Henry_AC

    [Solved] Please help me add the team color to the model's shoulder pads

    Hello everyone, I was editing the model: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/royal-captain.108101/ so that only the shoulder pads have the team color, however when editing the texture, the helmet and the circle of the sword (I don't know what it's called) also got the team color. Please, I just...
  2. tytarjunior20

    [General] Unit as a Destructible missing texture

    Hey all. Forgive me if this is a simple question. I'm randomly generating destructables as in game resources across my entire map. Unfortunately, building a trigger for drops only accounts for the first 64 destructables in the map. I tried several recommendations referring to each...
  3. Schmiki

    Warcraft 3 Reforged - Creating a normal map for custom texture

    Hello everyone, I am working on textures for unique human faction shield and tabard variations such as Scarlet crusade, Argent dawn, Kul Tiras and etc. but I seem to have a problem with making new normal maps for those custom textures. As you can see on the screenshot, this is the problem...
  4. Schmiki

    Warcraft 3 Reforged - Changing Tree texture

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if it is possible to change Reforged tree skins? What I want to do is to lower cityscape summer tree saturation and make it a bit darker. Using casc viewer I've extracted the _hd.w3mod cityscape tree dds files. I've extracted both...
  5. nucrus

    Editing DDS(Reforged Textures/Skins) with GIMP?

    (I've had a look around, but can only find incredibly dated information, or references to photoshop.) Does anyone have the correct settings (or plugin) required to export to dds using GIMP? The plugin and settings I have tried always just result in a white texture in game. Alternatively if...
  6. riptor7364

    Replacing Textures

    I feel like I'm missing something simple here, but I exported a few textures from the /textures/ folder. DDS files.. I modified them, and imported them back into my map via asset manager. The specific texture was _hd.w3mod/textures/waterblobs1.dds I also tried changing the asset paths...
  7. Zak17

    How do I rewrap a model?

    I want to rewrap the crypt model with some of the Human building textures to make an abbey style building (like what Ujimasa Hojo does), but I don't know how to do this or even if I'm searching the proper terms. What tools do I use, what is the process/where can I find a tutorial, and what is...
  8. Zak17

    MDLVis says textures are missing

    So I'm following the tutorial in this thread: Skinning and Wrapping tutorial and things were going good until i got to step 6. I click modules, UV Map Editor, and then i get a textures missing error. Even the custom texture i want to rewrap is missing. Any suggestions? I'm gonna be honest, Im...
  9. Zak17

    Need Help making some changes to a model

    I am trying to switch around some of the textures used in a custom model, and when i save it in War3 Model Editor, the textures I have replaced show up properly. But when i import the saved model to my campaign, only 2 of the four textures i just swapped out are there. All but one of them are...
  10. BossGengar

    Thanos Texture

    Hello everyone! I've recently posted a model, that is a recreation of the character Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War. I've gotten some requests to give the model more detail, but to do so, I need one of the two. 1. I need better in-game textures to work with to give the model better details...
  11. Arturo_332

    Petition: Blp file (Dark Gray Unicolor)

    Hello :) good afternoon, today I'm going to ask you a favor. I need a very dark gray blp texture but not completely black, like the team color (Hostile) Pd: excuse my bad translation, my native language is Spanish and if they understand ask me and I can try to make them understand :D
  12. BossGengar

    A Question about Texture Rips.

    I'm making a model from the Legend of Zelda called the Majora's Mask. I had no textures to make the model accurate so I went ahead and used the one from the actual game. Is this against any rules? The model itself is made from 100% scratch. Can someone tell me if it is okay?
  13. BossGengar

    Majora's Mask Texture

    I am currently working on making a Majora's Mask model from the Legend of Zelda and I need a texture for it to make it accurate. If someone could make a texture for the model I would be very grateful! Here's a ref.
  14. CaptainNaver

    Doodads/Models Randomly Turn Partially Black

    I recently changed some of the blp locations inside of some mdx files with text pad and MdxPather and moved some file around inside the map. Now when I run the map everything will show up fine for a minute or so, and then some units and doodad textures will suddenly turn partially black. Does...
  15. BossGengar

    Mannoroth with HeroPitlord Animations

    I've been looking for Mannoroth with the Hero Pit Lord animations. Basically a HeroPitlord but with Mannoroth's textures. Or vise-versa? Would someone find this for me? Thanks in advance!:)
  16. Mister_Haudrauf

    Texture Editing Help

    Could Someone change this Eitrigg.blp texture to have White Hair like the Blademaster or the White Hair Paladin. It should mostly look the same but he should have white hair. I don't know how to do White hair.:goblin_cry: And if someone ask this is a mixture of the Grunt (Entire Body)...