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  1. HerlySQR

    [vJASS] What is the fastest way to solve the syntax problem "Missing Endblock"?

    In recent versions you can check every trigger, but I'm in a older, so since the problem "Missing Endblock" doesn't tell me where is the mistake, I need the faster way to solve it than check every trigger (my unique way of checking syntax is saving)
  2. jonhysone

    Looking for a similar function of JASS in Python

    Hey guys, I've recently been interested in learning Python, and even got a paid course for it from Udemy, and it's been great so far, I noticed there are so many similarities between JASS Syntax and Python, and I'd not be surprised if that were the case for any other programming language out...
  3. Varcklen

    Syntax highlighting in Reforged

    For a long time I tried to find a program or mod for the world editor that adds syntax highlighting for jass and lua code in the editor (because the standard one already hurts my eyes), but I constantly found only utilities for past versions (JNGP and TESH) or programs in which you can add...
  4. Macadamia

    [Lua] Very simply trick to help Lua users track syntax errors.

    Hello everyone ! As most of Lua users, especially in the wc3 context, there is a big problem we often encounter. Lua is extremely permissive as its variables have no type. You all know that only values are typed in Lua. Declaring globals not being mandatory in Lua, combined with this lack of...
  5. Uncle

    How to disable the old Syntax checker (error compiler)

    As the title says, I'm having trouble importing systems because my editor (the default world editor with the most recent patch) is running both the old syntax checker in addition to JassHelper/PJASS. I've attached a picture for example. I was informed that I need to disable the old "Script...