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special effects

  1. StangtennisGuru

    [SD/Modeling] Crosshair Special Effect

    I fell like this HAS to already exist, but I just can't find it. Essentially I need something like a red crosshair that you can attatch to a unit's overhead or head to show that it is being targeted. Something like the original hunter's mark icon from wow Hunter's Mark If you know of one that...
  2. Dispatcher

    Adding special effects when an upgrade is finished

    Hello guys can anyone make me a trigger of how to add a permanent special effect of a unit once a specific upgrade is finished. For example i want the my footman to have the special effect of bloodlust when the "Defend" upgrade is finished.
  3. bruunk

    Need help with "Special Effect - Set Color Of"

    Hi, I am trying to a simple re-color of an ability's effect (Breath of Fire) where the ability instead of being the default orange-ish red color, would instead be a bluish-purple color. I have set up a trigger in the GUI that I assumed would change the color as the name suggests, but the effect...
  4. riptor7364

    Changing the color of buffs and spell effects?

    I see there are ways to change the rgb tint of units and doodads, but not spell effects? Is there a way to accomplish this with triggers that I'm maybe missing? I feel like this is possible.. I found an action for "set special effect color" for "last created effect", but it's not working for...
  5. Karr123

    Special effect of a unit's model

    Hello hiveworkshoparians, how may I create a special effect as a unit's self model? Special Effect - Create a special effect at (Position of (Last created unit)) using units\creeps\OgreOneHeadedArmored\OgreOneHeadedArmored.mdl like this, except that I wouldn't need to specify the exact name...
  6. Itztalmatan

    Special Effect's Issue

    I was translating my map, and for that porpose i imported all objects data to an old version of WC3 in english i found, im not pretty sure if that was the reason, i have to blame something, the matter is that now some special effects in abilities and triggers are not displaying in the game...
  7. Ricola3D

    How-to browse special effects' graphism ?

    Hello, I'd like to start working with special effects. However I have no idea of how to browse them, to find the ones I am interested in and set them as a dummy ability on a dummy unit. Is there a way with the map editor ? Or maybe with Warcraft III Viewer ? I installed it but I have no...
  8. DeMoN100

    Spell Animation

    Hello there, I am trying to make a spell effect that loops on a unit until the buff is removed from him. The spell I am using is inner fire and the effect appears on the unit. Now I am running into a issue with this and the issue is as soon as I cast another spell from any unit on any unit the...
  9. Pwnage.

    Remove Attached Special Effects?

    Hello, I'm trying to rework a lot of old systems in my map, mainly by rewriting everything in vJASS to catch and mitigate memory leaks. One system has been particularly difficult for me to find a suitable solution for. When a unit is killed by a certain player's unit, a permanent corpse is...
  10. BLazeKraze

    [General] Hidden Models won't work.

    Hi guys! So I'm making a spell for my map then I used the "Abilities\Spells\Items\StaffOfPurification\PurificationCaster" as an effect to my custom thunderclap. But it won't show up in the game when I tried it. I used JNGP and I don't know what's the problem. I tried also another hidden models...
  11. D

    Special Effect Competition #2 - Nature

    Special Effect Competition #2 Nature Deadline: 11th April 2008 (0:00 AM, GMT) - with possible extension. Winner(s) will be decided by the final votes of a public poll. This contest is about making Special Effects, but since only one SFX is rather simple and small, we'll be making...