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  1. =Junpei=

    Need help in regions

    I wanna know how to make units spawn in the region without overlapping to the inner regions So my area of battle has three regions: In which the outside has the weakest to the strongest to the center. However, it is common logic that the outermost region(weakest) will spawn any unit all over...
  2. FlameofChange

    [Solved] Enable AI smart cast AND disable return to player starting point

    The title is self explanatory. I want my creep spawned to actually cast their damn spells like Neutral Hostile does AND attack players IMMEDIATELY AFTER SPAWNING. But since the map has a lot of units, I split them into 6 players (from 19 to 24). I enable them an AI so they use their spells to be...
  3. HerlySQR

    Creep spawn system lags after a while when spawn a unit

    Hello, I made a creep spawn system, it worked fine, but for some reason from a certain point when creates the first creep, eventually the game lags a lot, and I don't know why, I can't just erase things until I don't get the problem, because almost everything is important to the system works, I...
  4. Achille

    [Strategy / Risk] Lordaeron Gambit

    Lordaeron Gambit Welcome to Lordaeron Gambit! This map was something of a side project while I worked on Northrend Gambit. Using many of the same systems but smaller. The past few patches of Warcraft 3 introduced crashes that became such an obstacle to my editing of Northrend Gambit that I...
  5. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Alright, i did a thing, does it leak?

    Hello again Alright, as the title suggests, i did a thing and as a beginner trigger dude, i feel like this will leak if i just use it as it is, am i wrong? SpawnLevel1Mobs Events Conditions Actions Set VariableSet SelectedMobGroup = (Units of type No unit-type) If...
  6. Dispatcher

    Problem with Unit Spawn and move

    Hello guys i have a problem here in my WE i have created a Unit - Spawn in my map i learned it on youtube and when i tested it works! But i have a few problem related to that No.1 when my units go to the region where they attack which the region is in the middle of my base they sometimes just...
  7. Karva

    Searching for Special Hero Arena

    Hello, long time ago I saw a Hero Arena by a friend of mine but I do not know the name of the map. It was a kind of hero arena, deathmatch, battle royale... First you took a hero and leveled him up by killing creeps. To get those creeps you took a pet and let it run on a circle to let the...
  8. Rykon-V73

    Help with Tower Defense

    I made my TD spawn creeps, but they spawn simultaneously. Is there a way to make them spawn one by one? That would be good really. Also, they seem to interact each other. Is there also a way to remove unit to unit interaction? Does this affect anything else, like projectiles hitting them?
  9. Nazgrel

    Spawner & Attack-moving

    Hi, I have this problem where the enemy waves don't attack-move as far as I want them to. They need to pass by 2 bases to get to the target that will defeat the player if they fail to protect it. Unfortunately, they only go so far as the first base. If they kill everything, half of them go back...
  10. The_Silent

    Modeling Contest #31 - Spawners and Spawned [Optionally Paired]

    SPAWNERS AND SPAWNED [Optionally Paired] Contestants are to create two models. A spawner and a spawned unit. The combination can be a summoner and its summoned unit, a structure and the minions it spawns/trains, a master and its servant(s), or similar combination of 'creator' and 'created' unit...
  11. Ofel

    Units doesn't spawn on initialization (1.29)

    I have two versions of Warcraft 3: 1.30 and 1.29. I tried open two of my maps and tested them in 1.30 and everything seems working, but when I open and test them in 1.29, every units that are on the display above map on WE didn't spawn in-game. Anyone know how to fix this? I can manually...
  12. Tdlk

    [General] Trouble with creep spawning

    Hi everyone, I'm attempting to make my first hero arena and I'm stuck on trying to make neutral creeps respawn only when there are no other units in the region. I've attached an image of what I have so far, I don't really understand why my condition isn't working, it always resolves to false and...
  13. CampScouter

    [Trigger] Spawn system comparison

    Well this is a spawn system from one of my friend's map(I'm not gonna state him until he replies here and says that this is his creation). So I need you to compare the two triggers to show which is better for cleaning leaks and which is more optimized. Only 1 variable was used in each trigger...
  14. Pebble

    Trigger to Spawn Units based on Upgrades.

    Hello, first post here on the Forum. Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm trying to figure out the best way to make a trigger that spawns a unit periodically (ex. every 60 sec) based on Units that have been trained at A building (ex. Barracks). So, for a specific example: Imagine a...
  15. mrisump

    Spawning Separate Wave Units for 4 Players

    Hello, thank you for taking the time to look at my question. I'm trying to create an arena map, similar to Custom Hero Survival—I want every player's enemies to spawn as they click "enter arena" instead of spawning simultaneously, however. I can't quite figure out how to spawn the same unit for...
  16. CodeBlack

    Random Spawn Area Selection

    Hey guys... im trying to create a trigger that randomly selects a spawn area for every Player, but doesnt put 2 players in the same spot. For example i have an arena with 8 slots and i want my 6 players to start on one of these 8 locations (random) so you dont know where your enemy is, but i...
  17. MyPad

    Unit Spawn - Submission

    Made in JASS, these are the following snippets: onInit trigger // Modified as per insight of Jampion function onInit_SetAllies takes nothing returns nothing local integer i = 0 local integer i2 = 1 loop exitwhen i > (4 - 1) loop exitwhen i2 > (4 - 1)...
  18. Demendius

    [Trigger] Random wildlife

    Hello people of hive! I have problems with random wild life spawn. I need animals to spawn randomly all over the map. I know how to make them spawn, but i also want them to despawn again. My spawn trigger looks like this, if you're curious: Spawning animals Events Game - The...