1. WC3SC1 T3 Map - Bunker Defense + Graveyard Event test

    WC3SC1 T3 Map - Bunker Defense + Graveyard Event test

    Already working on triggers for the third map. Gotta learn to program simple melee-ish AI :D
  2. kleinerhauck

    [Footmen Wars / Frenzy] Castle Fight: Corruption

    Hi there, I'm a long-time CF fan and still like to play it today. But it gets a little old and has some flaws (stun totem & end-game lag, OP artillery & fire elementals, non-functional parameters). I was trying to get the original or current map to improve some of these things, but that...
  3. BrothForMyPeople

    Siege Attack evasion?

    Is it possible via object editor? I mean, making an ability like Demon Hunter's Evasion, but avoiding only siege attack type.
  4. FiX_

    [Defense / Survival] Mythic Realm | (Team Hero defense/RPG) 1.31+

    by MiRAGE#22424 Discord Join the Mythic Realm Discord Server! [open] WIP = Updates below in post section *This map is for the reforged version 1.32 ◊◊ Map Info ◊◊ ◊ Custom team hero defense rpg map with 8 player Focus is on teamplay but you can play on your own (difficulty auto...
  5. Superz_Ze_Man

    Upgrades! A single player defense game with unlimited upgrading possibilities

    Hey everyone! Upgrades! is a single player game I've been working on for a while now and i finally think I'm happy enough with it to share with others. You must defend against waves of Orcs and Ratlings using nothing but your soldiers, your towers, and a super soldier (hero). Nearly every...
  6. BrothForMyPeople

    [Solved] Terran Arclite Tank - can't see the model

    Hi. It's not my model so I do not upload it in Maps & Resources, but I will upload it here and I'm going to ask you to try to import it to your random map to see if it works for you and, if yes, then help me in turn to import it to my map because I have already tried few ways and still I can't...
  7. Banelingline

    [Altered Melee] Unusual/Creative Siege units/structures/upgrades/items/etc?

    As the title says, what are ideas you, the general population of the HIVE forum, have for siege options, whether units, upgrades, items or Heroic variations thereof. I make this thread on account of having stumbled into such an idea over on the Passive Ultimates idea thread, where an ultimate is...
  8. Lothar1994

    Siege Tower (Lord of the Rings "Orc like)

    I need a Siege Tower that looks more like it was made by orcs for a siege map I am making. I need it to have the following animation Move Stand Drop Draw Bridge Retract Draw Bridge Death I know we have a siege tower model already but that one looks like human built it so I won't work for my...
  9. deepstrasz

    WcIII Hiveworkshop maps you like list(s)

    Here are some maps from the Hiveworkshop community that I've enjoyed the most. In no particular but mostly recently played order (incomplete material not included):
  10. Tagar

    Request- orc siege warriors

    can somebody make this it should have custom attack animations. its suposed to be a mele siege unit but i want you give custom alternate animations, Morf: split the spear in two, the orcs put the pieces in their backs at the same time they take out their weapons (an axe and a spear) morf...
  11. Chizume

    [Strategy / Risk] Attack on the Empire

    Attack on the EmpirePre-Alpha (2 vs 4) Strategy ~45min playtimeTwo elven faction have long been at war. Their unstable political situation has now spread to the human empire and it is now at the brink of civil war. Orc forces are amassing in the south. Information Play as either part of the...