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  1. Ashes3030

    Extended World Editor Startup Issue

    Issue: Sharpcraft WEX installed, with the following dependencies: .NET 4.6.1 Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 (x86) Program is run using Admin permission. On startup, no additional features are loaded in, just a generic World Editor on startup. Troubleshooting: I...
  2. Arc-

    Quick Question: Does WEX work with older versions like 1.21?

    Or I am left to/it is better to use JNGP?
  3. Ricola3D

    What are the world editor extensions working with Patch 1.31.x ?

    Hello, I am used to develop in GUI/Jass through the basic WE. But I would like to use frameworks coded in vJass, and thus start using world editor extensions. However I am a bit lost between the tools I found here (many JNGP versions, JassCraft) and some others (SharpCraft...). Some versions...
  4. MeMeMe123

    Is there a working debug client?

    I am using the SharpCraft extended bundle at the moment. I understand that you can get debug messages within the game while it's running, but the functionality of the debug client seems more appealing to me. Unfortunately it seems to me like that functionality is not available in SharpCraft...
  5. Stormswind

    From JNGP to SharpCraft

    Untitledryrdyd by Stormswind posted May 7, 2018 at 8:43 PMHello there! I have some errors from jass helper on new editor - Sharp Craft, i worked on old editor jngp and tried to save old map without any trigger or variables (for keep landscape, objects, destructibles and minimize errors), but got...
  6. Cheezeman

    Error: SharpCraft.Launcher has stopped working

    Hi! I'm trying to use SharpCraft for the first time, but so far I've only gotten the classic Windows error "SharpCraft.Launcher has stopped working." The problem occurs immediately after I press "Launch" on either "Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne (WEX)" or "Warcraft III - World Editor...
  7. OnyxTheDark

    [Crash] Sharpcraft and JNGP Editor crashing

    Hello there I wanted to edit a map that requires an extended editor I got both, failed with both When I start to launch the map, I got a message saying something like this : "The trigger function doesn't exist in the database : IsUnitOwnedByPlayer" After "Ok", I got another message crashing my...
  8. Woodenplank

    Bypassing Tileset Limit - Which Tool?

    So I want to bypass the "13" tileset limit in my map. However, my ferociously defensive computer refuses to download World Editor Unlimited, and I haven't been able to make Newgen/JNGP work since 1.26. I normally use Sharpcraft, but it doesn't have a feature to extend tilesets. Any advice?
  9. Woodenplank

    Custom Tile Pathability in Sharpcraft

    So I recently updated my Warcraft 3 (the patch of doom!), and - as far as I've tested and heard - World Editor Newgen no longer functions. So I got Sharpcraft instead (as my map has over 10thousand doodads I think) to remove editor limits. But I am missing a feature; custom tile pathability...
  10. Elspoon

    What is possible with custom natives?

    Is it possible to write a proper mouse tracker? How can one interact in general with run time variables such as mouse position etc? Is it for example possible to get the current damage or armor of a unit through the usage of custom natives?
  11. TriggerHappy

    [Role Playing Game] Warcraft 3 MMO - Persistent Gameplay

    Warcraft 3 MMORPG Alpha Version Download here How to Play Download and extract launcher.zip and run the executable. From there you may create an account and login while the launcher automatically downloads the necessary files. When you click "Play", Warcraft III should start loading a map...