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  1. perfectcycles

    Adding Codeless Save/Load 3.0.1 to my oRPG

    I seem to have gotten save and load to work in single player but I am having Desync issues when saving and loading online and players get kicked to the score screen. I've attached my map if anyone is able to have a look maybe I need to change my values or something that I haven't changed yet. I...
  2. ZeroGravity

    I can't use codeless save/load system

    I have tried enable local files with from this site: Local files with this method: An easier way to do this is to open the .reg file attached in a zip archive below this tutorial and accept all popups that get opened because of it. Still, this happens, Also the thing I want to save is just...
  3. ProlRayder

    Acehart's help to save/load Spell's with other things

    Hello, how is everything? I would like the help of someone who understands a little about save / load systems. I want to continue using the acehart system because I have over 200 items already stored. But on my map I would like the spells to be purchased. The easiest way I found for this is to...
  4. Tom_Almighty1

    Warcraft 1.31 UI triggers not loading when loading a saved game.

    Hi I am currently making a single player RPG that would require the default save and load system since it has complicated systems that I think would be a pain in the *ss if I tried to make a custom save and load system. I also changed the UI frames by using the new UI altering codes. My problem...
  5. Nosiaz

    Save inventory of a sumoning unit

    Hi hi ! Im actualy doing a RPG map, idk how to code a "biger" inventory, so i have make a unit (a simple horse) with a inventory, so when a player gonna sumone this horse, he can use the inventory of him hero, and the horse for have 12 slot, but i have a problem, when the sumoning unit die...
  6. Uncle

    Preload for save/load system - Need help (Lua)

    Hi guys, I've decided to try something way over my head and I need some help. I'm trying to make a save and load system for my map. Here's the code i'm using: So i'm trying to use the tooltips for the Aerial Shackles ability ('Amls') to store my save code. This seems to work in the same game...
  7. JohnnyBoy

    [SOLVED] How to easy wipe older save codes?

    Hello Hive! Im using a save/load code for an RPG I am making and i need to wipe the old codes. Im looking for an easy way to wipe all the existing codes created for NPS save/load system. Is there a general/easy way to make sure the old codes will no longer work. Appreciate help and can...
  8. JohnnyBoy

    Text file creation problem for save/load

    Hey, im currently working on a map where i have implemented Neostorms save/load system (GUI). However I am not able to write the generated code to a .txt file upon saving. It creates the folder, but it does not contain .txt file. I have followed the tutorials giving in other forum threads on...
  9. Ricola3D

    WE: can you change decimal precision ?

    Hello, The question may be dummy, but I still would like to know the answer: In WE (GUI), reals are saved with 2 decimals (1.123456 is saved as "1.12"). Is it possible to change the number of decimals, to increase precision ? For example with 4 it would save "1.1234" instead :) Sincerely...
  10. PartumCreed

    [Natural Selection] Species Code Bundle!

    I love this map & have played it a few times, during those times I made a few decent species. :cool: These codes are now available for public use, you are welcome! ;)
  11. VicALV

    [Spell] Saving a hero unit with his spells efficiently

    Hi hive!. I created this thread because need help to create a system to save hero unit with his spells. I want to access to data like this => Hero[0] = Arthas Hero[0]_spells[0] = Heal Hero[0]_spells[1] = Armor Hero[0]_spells[2] = DamageX2 Hero[1] = Madthas Hero[1]_spells[0] = Damage...
  12. Orcsbreath

    Unable to copy Campaign Map

    The Campaign editor fails to save my campaign once I've imported a map, displaying the error: "Unable to copy campaign map from 'C:\users\***\AppData\local\temp\WECampaignMaps00\Hero01a.w3x'". The campaign saves normally if no maps are imported (but that's obviously fairly useless). The...
  13. Karpik

    [JASS] Save\load function SaveLoad_EncodeVerify trouble

    I have some problem with save in my map. If i save my hero (and courier) with 10 items in inventory, all right. Else i save my hero (and courier) with 11,12 items i inventory, save\load system not work. Any people say: " problem in function SaveLoad_EncodeVerify" If i save with 10 items, i...
  14. Deniss


    Hello everyone, Since i havent found an answer by myself, decided to post this question. How to use save feature on this map? I am playing with a friend and after save from warcraft menu my friend cannot join my game in lan. I am missing something? Best regards
  15. Hecky

    Creating .txt file in editor

    Hey, i would like to save a string variable as .txt file like with save/load codes. Please don't send me other systems or links to threads, i have already read them, i just need some specific codes which allows me to create .txt file with couple of strings inside. Can someone help me with this...
  16. _Guhun_

    Automated Chat-based save/load (for RPs)

    This is a JASS/GUI Save/Load System. The plan is to have as much GUI as possible and include a guide to editing the JASS for GUI users. This is a system I was trying to come up with to allow saving and loading of bases in RP games such as Titan Land and RoTRP (basically, any sandbox in which...
  17. sarumanthecursed

    map unable to save and all imports become 0

    Hey I've had this problem for a few days now and I've reinstalled a good 5 times but while i'm world "editing" there will come a point where i'll try and save but the world editor will tell me "unable to save map (map name) " so then i'll use the "save as" option and save it in another folder...