Creating .txt file in editor

Level 2
Jan 21, 2009
Hey, i would like to save a string variable as .txt file like with save/load codes. Please don't send me other systems or links to threads, i have already read them, i just need some specific codes which allows me to create .txt file with couple of strings inside. Can someone help me with this or explain?
The problem with clean .txt files is that JASS can't read it, in case you need to load it again.
So if you need save/load localy then you can use this JASS/jass/Systems/File IO at master · nestharus/JASS · GitHub.
It will generate extra texts to the file, but which is required to properly use it again with JASS.

If you want to create clean .txt files (only writing, without reading again with JASS) then you can use TextFile.