1. SpasMaster

    Looking for AI designer: Castle Fight

    Greetings. By this point, I feel like a lot of people have at the very least heard of Castle FIght by name. It was a map created by geX, which stopped its development ~2010 and gex was not to be seen again. Many people since then have created their own versions of the project, yet what has...
  2. NightKnight

    Need Typescript/Javascript coders

    This is for my map: Fantasy Life. It is slightly similar LoaP in the regard that it has jobs, but mostly different. More details in the map link. So some of the things that we will be making: Tens of mini-games using Frames and UI for jobs and events. (the main point) UI for almost anything...
  3. Bain_Rebirth

    Recruiting Help for Finishing Project

    I'm looking to get someone on board with the final step in my project. For the past year, I have been working on a Rouglite- Hero Survival Map. I have all the elements so far including terrain, "random" items, customizable heroes, differing abilities, traits and talents, upgradable item system...
  4. NightKnight

    Fantasy Life: needing a terrainer

    We are looking for a terrainer to help in making a whole new map for the RP/RPG map Fantasy Life: Fantasy Life v3.2b (4) The map has a unique style of terraining and HD tiles. All information and introduction about the map is included in the link. There are also many screenshots in that link to...
  5. KilianKilmister

    "WC II Tides of Darkness" retold (2 Demo Maps included)

    Searching for people to work on a campaign re-telling the events of 'Tides of Darkness' in compliance with modern WC lore. For people short on time, here are the pointers: -Introduction: On the Road to Reforged i decided to replay WCII and i'm sad to say that it just doesn't hold up Gameplay...
  6. Xardian

    Dark Fantasy MP Rogue-Lite recruitment

    Hello fellow Hiveminds, I am looking for some helping hands in my project, working title "The far depths" The game is primarily a dungeon crawler and will feature several Game modes to play in. I am going for a Survival-Horror look and feel, which is going to hammer home the fear and dread that...
  7. DarkRanger2

    [Solved] Trigger professional Needed - Campaign work.

    Hello ! We need a good trigger Editor for a Night elven Campaign, if Interested please send me a privet message. However what you'll have to do is simple, it's just complicated for those who never touched triggers before, or are not enough familiar. We need you !
  8. Hetgrum

    Making a sequel to a complete campaign. Looking for art.

    Greetings. I reach out to those who relate to the following. Who played my The Pit Lord custom campaign (Pit Lord). Who liked the campaign. Who would like to see more of the same concept implemented. The concept is short single player campaign. The player manages a restricted set of units to...
  9. Lions_Blood

    Zombie Defense Custom (Need a professional for Solving Leaks)

    Zombie Defense Custom This Project is one of my great Life works... Sadly, due to the lack of knowledge i have with triggering in GUI and JASS i have been unable to figure out what is causing people to get FATAL ERRORS if anyone out there wants to help me finish this artistic creation of mine...
  10. Thing_I

    Animal Island (Developer Recruitment)

    Desired Skills: - Basic understanding of World Editor - Intermediate understanding of trigger - A nice person, first and foremost. I do not wish to work with someone who is going to call my idea stupid or point out insignificant mistakes. Final Map Goals: - Have a semi-rpg map, where units are...
  11. Crescentpernalonga

    FFDOTA Recruitment

    I want some help with a project, that i've been doing for myself, an map, like DOTA, but is Final Fantasy XD yeah a DOTA from Final Fantasy, i started just few hours ago, so, doesn't have much things ready... Doubts or anything ask! (I'm not from USA or from any country that speaks english...
  12. Zaljinzoo

    Chronicles of Tirisfal Recruitment Form

    CHRONICLES OF TIRISFAL INTRODUCTION Hello all! You may or may not know me - either as Zaljinzoo or Warchief_Grom - but I've been a... decently active member of this community since early 2008. I make no claims of being a very prominent member, as I usually just kind of quietly lurk around...

    Recruiting special arena event trigger maker for my map

    I need someone who can make a trigger to make a special event arena like 1 vs 1 for the player that have the most kills from each team,etc. contact me here in hive or email me at [email protected]
  14. Homor

    Recruiting AI programmer for Scarlet Crusade Map

    Hi all. I'm here because I need some help from a kind person. I'm the author of "Scarlet Crusade: The Finest Hour." It's a map I'm really proud of, but the one thing I've never been happy with is the lack of enemy AI. I can't do AI for shit, and it would be great if someone would help up setting...
  15. Demendius

    Recruitment Town Fall

    Town Fall Concept: Each player get a Hero. The hero can create basic buildings. The hero will be able to get different professions like a Hunter, Fisher, etc. But the main point of the map is to fight over three towns. If a player gains control of said town, then he will gain power and money...
  16. DatBoi

    Critter Planet (Wc3 Remake)

    Hello, I'm @DatBoi, I'm looking for people that knows about: Complex Triggering (Jass or GUI) (1;2) & Lore-making (1)