1. skymaple0330

    [Role Playing Game] Raid Map "Black Coral Reefs" (Just a Demo)

    I'm not an English speaker, I tried my best to complete the translation, but it may not be perfect. This is a custom map I'm working on, and only a small part is done now, but I wanted to see what other people think about this type of map, so I've uploaded this demo. "Black Coral Reefs" is a...
  2. Project HS ScreenShot 6

    Project HS ScreenShot 6

    Currently working on a PVE map.
  3. Project HS ScreenShot 5

    Project HS ScreenShot 5

    Currently working on a PVE map.
  4. Project HS ScreenShot 4

    Project HS ScreenShot 4

    Currently working on a PVE map.
  5. Project HS ScreenShot 3

    Project HS ScreenShot 3

    Currently working on a PVE map.
  6. Project HS ScreenShot 2

    Project HS ScreenShot 2

    Currently working on a PVE map.
  7. Project HS ScreenShot 1

    Project HS ScreenShot 1

    Currently working on a PVE map.
  8. Eduardas

    Ambitious AoS with PvE aspects project

    Greetings! With an upcoming of Reforged, my passion for Warcraft 3 was rekindled! And with that I thought of what I would think is really a neat idea for a map. Basically, it is somewhat of AoS your average DotA like map, but a bit larger and has a story and dramatic map changes as Burning...
  9. BalanceDruid7

    Let Dota 2's Frosthaven teach y'all how 2 Hero Defense

    Pretty much what the title says. I've never enjoyed Hero Defense maps as most if not all of them just have boring auto-attack creeps without any unique spells or any spells at all. The only difference between them are just stats they gain from scaling with each wave. And I play the same way...
  10. The_Spellweaver

    [Hero Survival, AI, Demon] The Exiled Ones

    I started working on this recently, after posting a rough idea in Idea Factory forum. There's a lot of relevant data in users' comments so I will post the summary of the map below. The map will be heavy on AI, and is mostly about few-11 players doing their best against such AI which will react...
  11. Pugnadeus

    Heroes of Loria RPG

    Heroes of Loria Heroes of Loria is an RPG map that aims to create an enjoyable experience that features a progressive storyline filled with fights against monsters and bosses. Players have to complete quests, explore, progress and defeat bosses in order to reach the end. I decided to put some...
  12. esdo

    [Hero Arena] Arena based on World-PVP

    I really like "Angel Arena" - i Think the idea is great, even tho it is implemented horribly. For those who don't know, Angel Arena is a Hero Arena type map that combines PVP and PVE elements. Players need to farm mobs to gain levels and gold at the same time they fight ( or avoid ) players...