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  1. coconut

    [Solved] portrait doesn't work

    I made new texture in gimp for model. I imported all stuff in editor, but portrait without textures. How to port a portrait correctly, the model itself works.
  2. AI-upscaled Terran character portraits [Topaz Gigapixel]

    AI-upscaled Terran character portraits [Topaz Gigapixel]

    Someone on Reddit called them "deep fried', heh. I had to heavily edit Kerrigan's portrait manually - her right eye turned into a jellyfish with AI upscale. Medic's nose also looked like something unpleasant.
  3. Urban(x)Frenzy

    Need help making a portrait for a custom unit

    Hello i was wondering if anybody could possibly make a portrait for my model i created a while ago. I have tried to figure it out for the past few days but can't seem to figure it out. Thank you in advance!
  4. sebalarios

    How I change a portrait of a unit with a existing one.

    I mean, I want for example make a footman, but when you select him he shows a grunt portait with his facials animations.
  5. Yours Truly

    [Solved] Changing a unit's portrait in-game?

    Hey there. I have a unit that is able to shift his elements, resulting in a color change to the model via texture change. This texture change is made in the model itself, and works by adding in an animation tag for each of the different element (Alternate for Earth, Gold for Fire, etc etc)...
  6. Dispatcher

    Help With Building Portrait

    Correct me if im wrong but i think Building Models doesn't use a seperate file for its portrait to show up of the building i think it is embeded with the Mdx file alone so i have downloaded a building here in hiveworkshop but its portrait has no background color so how can i apply a background...
  7. Macadamia

    [Spell] Setting unit animations with triggers : portrait issues !

    Hello everyone. I recently had issues with portrait animations for a Flying Balls model, and the model works perfectly so far. For a custom ability called "Torrefaction" that is supposed to burn the target for a few seconds, preventing it to move (yes I know damage would be more sensible but I...
  8. Dispatcher

    Portrait.....Map Please Help

    Hey guys i have a very very wierd problem in my World Editor right now as you see i have created a portrait of a unit and when i tested it it works but i noticed that it has no background color or team color background so i made one and tested it to my test map and it works it has a background...
  9. Portrait Analysis

    Portrait Analysis

    A deeper analysis on portraits and how far the frames can be pushed
  10. Portrait Function Suggestion

    Portrait Function Suggestion

    If you're like me, setting up portraits can get really annoying. Especially when you have to make multiple tweaks, re-imports to maps, and needing to wait until you see the actual portrait in-game to see if you actually set it up right. So I'm suggesting this feature hoping any tool dev would see
  11. _Guhun_

    (Solved) Model portrait does not work

    Even if I import this model's portrait to the correct path, it refuses to show up in-game. I've tried a few different things, but none of them work. This is the model in question: GoddessElune Can anyone tell me what's wrong with it? Thank you!
  12. BogdanKry

    Crossbowman Human 1

    Does somebody can make a normal talking portreit for this model because it is disgusting. (Textures\Footman.blp it is important i think)
  13. Diegoit

    (SOLVED) Portrait talk

    Please, i need a portrait talk for this model :)
  14. Joemanix

    [General] Hero portraits

    Hi guys ! I would like to show all friendly heroes portraits in the same way as owned heroes (the top left portraits showing hero icons, life and mana). Anyone know how to do this ? Thanks in advance.
  15. Woodenplank

    Unit Portrait Disappearing/Messing up

    Hello Sorry in advance if this is not the right thread, wasn't sure where else to put it. I recently edited a model (Sylvanas Windrunner, living) to remove the Hero Glow. The edit itself worked nicely (set alpha to 0 for a Material, and the corresponding Geoset Sequence), but now the portrait...
  16. BLazeKraze

    Blizzard icons large version.

    Aiiyyyoo guys, I don't know if this is the right section to ask about this thing. So guys, I'm exploring throughout the internet to find something useful to icon makers who wants to imitate or simply make a warcraftish icons. So I found one big icon from blizzard — Jaina icon. I don't know where...
  17. Eldrich

    Does Anyone Have or Can Make These?

    I know requesting beta models is a bit redundant in ANY Warcraft 3 forum in general, but I have these existing beta models that don't have portrait models (i.e. beta Footman, Chaos Murloc). The beta Necropolis/Halls of the Dead/Black Citadel model I found doesn't or no longer works in the latest...
  18. Tagar

    request- portrait and foot vercion of the orc boar rider

    can someone help me making a portrait and a foot vercion of this model Orc Boar Rider
  19. Idaero Ace

    [DEAD] Idaero'sArt! ~velato invidia nocte

    Idaero Ace made this thread June 28, 2014. That's when he was 16 years old, still studied on 11 grade. Actually, Idaero Ace already draw since 2009. That time he mostly drawn Spiderman, Halo (game), and Star Wars. On 2010, he drawn a lot of Assassin from Assassin's Creed game. On 2011, he mixed...