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  1. Orcs Navy

    Orcs Navy

  2. Gates of Orgrimmar

    Gates of Orgrimmar

  3. Fusion Quest

    Fusion Quest

  4. UHSFA: The Warhost

    UHSFA: The Warhost

  5. UHSFA: The Horde

    UHSFA: The Horde

  6. Iron Mongur Clan.jpg

    Iron Mongur Clan.jpg

    The Last Orc Clan, which resides at Razor Hills, is the Iron Mongur clan known for their quality black Armor, which was gifted from their Allies, the Stone Forge Ogres, and the Goblin Miners Foundation. Although... the clan has recently been getting less of the supplies they demanded lately...
  7. Sorrow Blade Clan.jpg

    Sorrow Blade Clan.jpg

    Deep in the Sorrow Swamp is The Sorrow Blade Clan. Known for skill-full and loyal Blade Weilders and Boar Tamers, to the disliking of their Ally, the Boar Kin. Yet this clan delves into the Dark arts and questionable practices. To think that the Human Kingdom of Zeal has Competition with this clan.
  8. Capital Orcs (Vrukian Orcs).jpg

    Capital Orcs (Vrukian Orcs).jpg

    The Vrukra Clan are the main Orcs that reside at the heart of the Western Lands of Norrour. The Capital of Vrukra serves as the junction way that leads to their allies and their major homes. The Sorrow Swamps, The Ice Bowl barrens, and the Razor Hills.
  9. Grey Hound Clan.jpg

    Grey Hound Clan.jpg

    The First Orc Clan I will introduce. The Grey Hound clan is the clan that managed and is known for taming the wild Grey Hounds that prowl in the Ice Bowl Barrens. This clan also looks after Taurus Kin, serving as an outpost to warn the Horde's Capital.
  10. Marching Towards the Dark Portal.jpg

    Marching Towards the Dark Portal.jpg

    Tharbek and his contingent of warriors marching towards the dark portal to pacify the clans of Draenor and bring them back into the fold.
  11. Warlock Tower

    Warlock Tower

    concept by @handclaw -- Support on Patreon -- https://www.patreon.com/Shadihd
  12. Legends of Arkain-Inara the Viper (XNALARA)

    Legends of Arkain-Inara the Viper (XNALARA)

    A second attempt at trying to create a 3D version of Inara from Legends of Arkain by Shar Dundred with XNALARA Posing Studio 11.8 and the models that are available for use.
  13. CGCyan

    [SD/Texturing] Orc Pale Green Skin

    Can anyone recolor all Orc skins into pale green it's for the Twilights Hammer.
  14. Orc Base Camp

    Orc Base Camp

    Tides of Darkness Orcs and Humans: Chapter Three Seas of Fire
  15. Dark Portal.jpg

    Dark Portal.jpg

    Dark Portal. Blackrock Grunt (Red/Warsong Grunt), Black Tooth Grin (Black/Better armored Grunt Alternate) and Bledding Hollow Grunt ( Normal Grunt)
  16. Warlords Of Draenor

    Warlords Of Draenor

  17. Doomhammer


    A Screenshot of my Warcraft 3 Custom Campaign : The Second War - Orc
  18. Victory For The Horde - Camp

    Victory For The Horde - Camp

    Close shot on the dark portal encampment. Bleeding Hollow, Black Tooth Grin and Blackrock Guards of the Dark Portal on the Hellfire peninsula side.
  19. TaurenCheiftain.gif


    Based on : https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/herotaurenchieftain-blp.110883/
  20. rcshaggy

    [Campaign] Warcraft I: Destruction of Azeroth

    Just before the First War Gul'dan recieved a vision from a cloaked figure telling about a lush new world. It was called Azeroth...The cloaked figure would help him create a rift between their two worlds... Gul'dan praised the idea of a new world to conquer so he gathered his most loyal...
  21. Zebreva

    Campaign project; The story of the Burning Blade

    Hello! I'll be brief since this is a wall of text as it is; This is the summary of the campaign I endeavour to create. In short, I played Warcraft II and found the Burning Blade clan of Orcs always stood out to me and have been miffed that there's practically no lore dedicated to them despite...
  22. LordHatchet95

    Showcase: Marshlands Orc Encampments...

    The orcs have always been quite adaptative towards hostile environments of many sorts. The damp, putrid, large Marshlands were no exception. Having enough ground, they can build firmly their settlement. Before: After: Above all, their commander can oversee how the settlement thrives. Before...
  23. skillzmfg3

    [Role Playing Game] Reviving an Old Project: Lothaleven Wars

    Greetings everyone! With the recent announcement of WC3 Reforged my passion for Warcraft has generally been reignited. While I do enjoy playing other people's custom maps my real passion lies in creating my own maps. Now while you read, please do keep in mind I haven't done anything WC3 related...
  24. BogdanKry

    Orc spearmen.

    Does somebody have models of orc spearmen from project Dawn of Chaos or from Warcraft Orc and Humans remake. I know that they are the same. I mean that I need only this model.
  25. deflinok2

    The 3-Player Campaign Orc The Invasion of Kalimdor

    The 3 Player Campaign is an ongoing project based on work of TheSpoon, It involves editting all of the existing Campaign created by Blizzard so that it can be played with 3 players. This will allow you to join up with a partners to replay the campaign and save Azeroth, and this time you can't...
  26. Sxar

    [Altered Melee] Hellfire Plateau

    Introduction: I want to customize Mr.Henchi's Melee Map, Hellfire Plateau, with a few missions to make a full orc combat brawl for the control of the wasteland. The map can only be played as orc race (duh!). You can recruit a hero and set the name of your orc clan at the beginin of the game...
  27. Championfighter25

    Flaws of Arkain

    We needed a ''hate'' thread sooner or later anyway, didn't we? :p Anyway, the point of this thread is to post what you find as bad, flawed, unfitting and stupid with the Arkain series and post it here. Also, though you may get this idea, this really isn't a hate thread. So it is adviced if you...
  28. 01. Nation of Durotar - 1

    01. Nation of Durotar - 1

  29. 01. Nation of Durotar - 2

    01. Nation of Durotar - 2

  30. 01. Nation of Durotar - 3

    01. Nation of Durotar - 3

  31. 01. Nation of Durotar - 4

    01. Nation of Durotar - 4

  32. 01. Nation of Durotar - 5

    01. Nation of Durotar - 5

  33. Varok Saurfang

    Varok Saurfang

    It's just him, the old Overlord.
  34. D

    Question about First War

    Bleeding Hollow and Twilight Hammer attacked Stormwind during First War and failed. For there it was all Blackrock fighting humans at Swamps of Sorrows, destroying Stormwind and raiding the towns and villages, right? But what were Bleeding Hollow and Twilight Hammer and their respective leaders...
  35. Orgrimmar's Horde Crest

    Orgrimmar's Horde Crest

    A simple cnp edit of the WoW Horde crest, to represent the Orcish Horde of Orgrimmar.
  36. CodeBlack

    [Miscellanous / Other] Rock, Paper...Orks?

    Hey Guys! I got a bit tired working on my Mega Project, so i decided to make something else. This is a very early Beta version. Hope you Like it! If you find Bugs or have Ideas for upgrades/ Spells etc. feel free to post. In general im happy about any Feedback ;) Greetings CodeBlack...
  37. Retera


    The Northpact is one of the Heaven's Fall races, and a current work in progress. I created the models and assets for it, with the theme in mind of a band of Tuskarr and Northrend snow creatures working together for survival. There's more to it than that in the Heaven's Fall storyline, but that's...
  38. Majkowski

    [Campaign] Urban Legends of Draenor People

    I don't know if y'all remember me or if you remember what I was working on before I went silent for a year, so let me clue you in. Almost two years ago I posted here my first campaign which was named Urban Legends of Lordaeron People. For some time after the release I kept working on it and...
  39. Gilded

    Simple Request for Orcs

    Orcish Civic buildings like stables,bank,mines,Tannery,Orc Castle diff. from Fortress.....Uhmm basically Orcs enlightened by Human Knowledge. These models will help a lot for my map and for other map makers. Beasts Stable priority no.1 These Image DO NOT BELONG TO ME.....BUT DAMN are they good
  40. Lazzamore

    [Campaign] Orcish civil war?

    I'm interested in doing a Warcraft 3 campaign set in the Warcraft universe, and believe I finally came up with a good idea: What if their was a large enough party of Orcs who liked Garrosh as warchief and distrust undead (I'm working under the assumption the queen of the forsaken is warchief...
  41. The Iron Horde

    The Iron Horde

    The mighty Iron Horde :p