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  1. Datnes

    Vampirism Ruins Beta

    Hello, here is a beta release od new Vampirism map. I am out of ideas so any suggestions are good. Post opinion or idea and i am gonna add it to the map. Credits will be offcourse given for helping with the map. I am curious for any response!
  2. Anglo Warior

    My Two Cents On Reforged (Should It Have Been Delayed?)

    I had an inkling that the whole "Classic and Reforged will be compatible" think was false from the start. I figured that at some point classic would no longer exist. But to rid us of classic when the release is so... how do I put this politely... Lackluster? I gonna go with lackluster. Custom...
  3. BrazilEmperor

    Help! i need suggestions!

    Hi Folks! i'm working in a one of my maps. is about a personal version of me of the human race in a fantastic Tolkienian universe. the problem is that I did not decide on what I would designate a unit that I created, called "Templar" (based on the Paladin). this unit would have 4 abilities (one...
  4. titans_zealot

    Warcraft 3 Reforged Story - Your opinion

    The story for Warcraft 3 Reforged will be slightly different from Warcraft 3 since it will also focus on adapting it to fit World of Warcraft's story. Personally I dislike this immensely, even if there are going to be minor changes, because I believe Warcraft 3's story is better in WoW's lore...
  5. Mister_Haudrauf

    I want to know your (the Users) opinion and give suggestions

    Yeah, a really long title, but it basically says everything, that i want to say. Here is the full Description: I made a Model of Hellfire Citadel, because i wanted to have one (and own one) and now i am out of Ideas and want to know your opinion of it. Also your encouraged to give suggestions...