1. lolreported

    [Crash] Clicking the doodads-tab in Object Editor crashes World Editor

    With the recent patch I just discovered a major problem with the map I'm making for the Mini Mapping Contest #16 - Mini RPG. As soon as I click on the Doodads-tab in the Object Editor my entire World Editor crashes. I can't remember if I looked at the Doodads-tab in the BETA, but my World...
  2. stalkerfox

    Merge object data

    Helllllllooooooooooou everyone! first than anything i would like to thank anybody taking their time to awnser my question. and i know mostly will be a ''nope'' but perhaps i'm wrong! anyway... is there any way to MERGE the object data from 2 maps? to summarize. i made 2 customs heros (shit tons...
  3. Ricola3D

    [System][vJASS] List World Editor Object IDs

    Looking for - Your advices to optimize/clean it, and optionally your code-reviews. - Your ideas of other libraries that can use this one to provide usefull features ! - Your toughts about this library :) Content Here is a project of mine of library that lists World Editor Object IDs. World...
  4. Pr0nogo

    [General] Object editor questions

    These questions all relate to the latest patch. Some of these may fall under jass/triggers, and some may be impossible with the current tools. I'm looking for the simplest, most performant methods of achieving the following: Round 1: 11-4-19 Income multiplier for AI players -- solved! I want...
  5. Diego YL

    How to create an object that transforms the hero's attack from hero type to chaos type?

    Very well, lately I thought about creating an object that has the function that the moment it is carried by its bearer, this makes the attack of the hero that carries it change from being a hero-type attack to chaos. (or any other type). If anyone knows how to do it, I would appreciate it if you...
  6. AquaFire

    [General] Items with Negative Stats?

    Hi Everyone, I have been wondering about how to make items negatively affect users; for example, an equip item that increases your attack damage but reduces your maximum Health, or an item that gives spell immunity at the cost of Mana regeneration (Elder Scrolls style). Setting a negative value...
  7. Krakenn99

    Hero Design 4-Way Challenge

    The Hive Workshop The "Triggers are for smart people" Hero Challenge! Participants are to create a hero using only the object editor, using NO triggers and NO imported data. Challenger: Krakenn99 (me) Opponent(s): Voidray, BalanceDruid7(aka Dzolo), Rence Kristoff Challenge Duration: Until...
  8. Flux

    [General] A quick way to copy Object Editor Data Fields/Change the base ability

    Example Scenario: I made a spell based on Channel and filled up the descriptions, hotkeys, manacost, cooldown, button positions, etc. Now I want to make the spell instant without interrupting order so the solution is to base it on Berserk, but let's say that spell consists of 10 levels, do I...
  9. R

    The Destruction of Object Editor

    Hi Guys, This is a freaking serious problem.... What is going on here Wt* Building Reduction -_- OMG DETECTION TYPE .-.
  10. Flux

    [General] [Object Merger] Pure coded Object Editor Data

    Is it possible to create an Object Editor Spells/Units/Destructables/etc. through Object Merger without appearing in Object Editor? The goal is not to flood Object Editor with these generated objects.