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  1. BigMacNCheese

    [SD/Texturing] Adding footprint request to the model help

    Hello, i'm now asking for help on putting a footprint this model that i just found in C.R. , i manage to put some sound fx and footprint to the model but the result of the footprint was bad i've been trying to do something to it but is makes it even worst so i would like to ask for help for...
  2. Captain_Teemo

    [HD/Modeling] Looking for a Rho Aias Model

    Hello, I'm looking for a Rho Aias Model from Fate/Stay Night for the character (Archer) [Servant Nameless] these used to exist on one of the other Wc3 Sites but many have been deleted or made private thus getting them is much harder to do quickly. If anyone can hook me up with either a...
  3. Lazarator

    Invisible Model(s) and Icon(s)

    Hello everybody! :) I hope you're having a great day, because I'm not. This modelling is giving me quite a headache. :( Recently I've been making a map and I just can't seem to make some models and icons work. Not all models and icons doesn't work for me. In fact, most are working fine...
  4. prizraknadache

    Fix normals (shadows) on the model.

    Hello! How i can fix those ugly normals on that model? I know that this may be a repeated question, but i still did not understood a best possible option to fix them easily each time this issue appear. So, maybe can someone help me or guide me how they are usually can be fixed with saving all...
  5. Bruno Carodos Jovaneli

    model with invisible parts

    So, I’ve been a modeler for a while, I’ve made several models for warcraft 3, I’m new here, this model in particular has parts taken from other games, technically it’s just a mesh, I was editing this model for a cinematic that I want to make, but when I put it in the game, some parts are...
  6. YourArthas

    Warcraft III: Rebirth Mod Looking For Modelers

    Hello guys. I am alone making the Rebirth mod and I really need help from people that are modelers and willing to remake enviromental and\or character\creature models of Warcraft III for the mod to achieve our faithful Warcraft III Remastered vision that Reforged failed to do so. Here is the...
  7. Koko Kwikwak


    before i start i want to say that i'm a spanish and my english is not good, so please be patient with me. i have this problem with my custom model whenever i'm using it in my custom map, it crashes my world editor if not it appears to be invisible when it works. i have uploaded the file, please...
  8. Zak17

    How do I rewrap a model?

    I want to rewrap the crypt model with some of the Human building textures to make an abbey style building (like what Ujimasa Hojo does), but I don't know how to do this or even if I'm searching the proper terms. What tools do I use, what is the process/where can I find a tutorial, and what is...
  9. jk4t63p4f

    [Solved] empty

  10. jk4t63p4f


  11. Zoson

    Grief Syndrome

    Greetings, this is the project recruitment page of the map Grief Syndrome. Current Project Team: vJASS Coder - Zoson Coder, Sound, Graphic - devoltz Terrain - vinciusbrasil, shayoo Modeller, Animator - You! Currently we are looking for a Modeller & Animator for our project. To give you an...
  12. BossGengar

    Thanos Texture

    Hello everyone! I've recently posted a model, that is a recreation of the character Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War. I've gotten some requests to give the model more detail, but to do so, I need one of the two. 1. I need better in-game textures to work with to give the model better details...
  13. BossGengar

    Leg Problem With Model

    I'm finishing up a model i'm making, and for some reason when I import the model into Warcraft 3, the right leg starts to act up and stretch out weirdly. (The gif is kinda laggy, but you get the idea I hope.) Anyone know the cause for this? (It looks completely fine in Magos and Mdlvis.)
  14. Yusuf123

    [General] How attach weapons to units?

    Okay so lets say I have these models: Guard_Shield DreamWeaver Then when i want a unit to equip it when the item is in the unit's inventory. But whenever i try to test it out, the weapon doesn't appear on the unit. I've tried using vanilla warcraft 3 characters and imported models and the item...
  15. Invisible Pink Unicorn

    Removing certain part of a model

    So i need to slightly alter the default skeleton mage model for my map. What i want to do is remove all the glowy green particle effects around the head and the wand. I'm trying to use the Magos wc3 model editor to achieve my goal. I managed to remove the glow around the head by removing geosets...
  16. BossGengar

    N64 Majora's Mask model rips

    Does someone know how to rip n64 (Nintendo 64) models? I'm not going to post these rips, I just need them for reference for some new models i'm making. I need the Majora's Incarnation and Wrath model specifically from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. If someone knows how to do this it would...
  17. Maxwell

    TC for buildings

    Can somebody add Team Colour to those models? I would be really grateful.
  18. Michael92

    Model Request if anybody wishes to land a hand

    Hi, my name is Michael and i am looking to mod fully my warcraft 3 game, and re do all campaigns with fresh models and portraits. Few things i cannot go around i ask for help if somebody experienced is willing. Two things i would like made but have trouble doing due to inexperience: 1) I would...
  19. Sapprine

    Realy Simple Model request *WITH GOOD CREDIT!* (Still Pending, please help)

    I have need of a custom model for a project I'm working on. Basically all I'm asking for is a plain Rock Golem portrait with the animations and shape of a Furbolg/Ursa Warrior, alternatively a murloc, without shell/shield and weapon. For credit, read my reply below.
  20. NFWar

    Simple model for custom plant texture

    I need a simple model that uses 128x256 texture you see below. It should be about 4 triangles, just like cliff vines in warcraft's sunken ruins. There is no particular reason for this, I just made a texture and was wondering if it will look good in game and perhaps upload it to Hive. I kind of...
  21. BossGengar

    Model appears as a shadow.

    A model I'm working on doesn't seem to show up in World Editor. All of the textures should work as they are not custom. I don't know what to do :/ Does anyone have an idea what i'm doing wrong?