1. Knight of Arsford

    Global Experience for Party (Memory Leak Question)

    Since an active RPG party in my project can only have a limited number of members in it at a time, and the other followers are disabled, there would be a problem where the more active party members would have higher levels than the rest. I'm trying to figure out a system where quests give all...
  2. Uncle

    [Solved] When to null a variable?

    Hello, I was reading about leaks and I didn't quite fully grasp when I should null a Unit variable and other Object variables. Here are some examples of what I'm currently doing: Example 1 Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being...
  3. Lions_Blood

    Zombie Defense Custom (Need a professional for Solving Leaks)

    Zombie Defense Custom This Project is one of my great Life works... Sadly, due to the lack of knowledge i have with triggering in GUI and JASS i have been unable to figure out what is causing people to get FATAL ERRORS if anyone out there wants to help me finish this artistic creation of mine...
  4. DracoL1ch

    Memory Hack API (description)

    I've provided a .j file with basic functions and tons of API, most of which went undocumented, so people started to ask questions. I'll try to comment every function I put there to somehow clear things out. Common questions Q: This function doesn't work with address, should I put handle...
  5. DracoL1ch

    Memory hack

    Memory hack, basement and basic functions by @leandrotp Extended API by DracoL1ch Memory hooks, DLL, direct function calls by Karaul0v What is it? An innate WC3 tool which allows to access any data within user's PC. You can read and write any memory you want, except when it comes to inner...
  6. IcemanBo

    Memory Leaks

    C0Memory leaks For a quick lookup on most important actions, read Things That Leak. Introduction Object Leaks Reference Leaks Miscellaneous Conclusion C1Introduction If your computer's memory keeps occupied with stuff you already lost access to, it's called memory leak. It slows down the...