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  1. Kadel

    [Solved] Change unit's attack animation on the passive skill

    Hello again, I read the threads on attack animations, and I have a couple of questions + about my situation... I created a custom blade master, that has pit lord's cleave instead of a critical strike. Cleave is a passive ability, and every time my blade master performs an attack, he uses Attack...
  2. Kadel

    [Solved] Why |n is displayable?

    Hello, I display the message for all players, that the way of enemies is approaching, and I want it to be always through an empty line. I use "|n" for this. In-game journal it displays correctly, but when I see the message in the left corner, it is with this "|n". How should I fix this?
  3. Kadel

    Making Feedback (Passive) working AoE.

    Hello there, and I have a new question (sort of typical). I have a hero with "Combat - Attack 1 - Weapon Type: Missile: Splash" and "Abilities - Normal: Feedback (SpellBreaker)". So I want this passive feedback to work AoE. But it does not. I created a custom ability based on the mentioned one...
  4. Voltron212

    Creating a Randomized TD Wave-Set System

    Hello! I am creating a TD with a few complex ideas I'm trying to implement... but have next to no idea how. I am reasonably new to using the Editor, but am trying to my best to learn while making my dream TD. I want to make it so there are multiple Wave Sets of units which get rolled after each...
  5. Voltron212

    [Solved] Destructible within region not registering after creation

    Hello! I am reasonably new to the map editor, however have been learning quickly on how everything works. I currently have a problem where after a destructible within a region has been removed and a new one created; a trigger - 'Destructible - Destructible within region (Playable map area)...
  6. Ahega0

    Need Help (Lenguage Map Editor=

    How can I add a language modifier for when someone opens wc3 Spanish, the map has Spanish language and when I open wc3 English, the map is in English. I am creating maps with custom units and items and I want to put descriptions of both languages, but that only show according to the language of...
  7. ZeroGravity

    Trade System

    Hi, I wanna create a trade resource trigger for players in the same team, but I don't know where to start or how to do it so any guideline or trigger recommendation for this system? Thanks in advance!
  8. McPhisto2051

    Changing a models texture

    Foreword The following video is primarily for those running older versions of Warcraft 3 as this is built in functionality as of Reforged.
  9. Fauhyde

    Someone to make some spells for my RPG!

    So.. I'm making a rpg, called the IDK RPG. Which is a grand theme with many things.. I am developing an evolution system, and I wanted people to make cool spells for each of the classes. Races are Lizardman, Ratmen, Human, Undead, Demon, Robot, Werewolf and soon Murloc, and Treant. Its a grand...
  10. Gauda

    [General] Raising entire map

    Hello everyone, i have a little problem with a map. What i did: In the early phase of the map i wanted to make a map nearly without the cliff-stuff and just make hills etc. with the height tools. I already made some stuff on the map and didn´t wanted to copy much stuff so i tryed to lower the...
  11. deafir

    Current Version 1.28 Map Editors and Tools?

    Hello Hive, I recently came back to WC3 to finish a long going WIP map. Problem is when I updated my game to the newest version "1.28" , sadly my map when loaded in multi player instantly disconnects all the other players besides the host "looks like a desync error" this did not happen before...
  12. DenasKnight

    Warcraft 3 Map Editor disappeared after updating to the newest patch

    I updated Wc3 to the newest patch yesterday and after game moved my files from Program Files (x86) to Documents, my map editor just dissapeared, my maps still have Map Editor icon, but after I start them, my computer wants me to choose program that I want them open with(Shows me Adobe, Curse...
  13. Tomo

    Map split help

    Hello, well I've created a map and its pretty big (224x244) but the thing is I was thinking of spliting it in 2 (North side and South side). The reason I want to do it because I think this way the map will be too complicated for player to handle and the progress line isn't clear and pointed out...
  14. AllOfEve

    Select Hero Systems

    Select Hero Systems MEGA
  15. DarkRanger2

    Campaign - searching for members.

    Hello again! As our project is moving correctly, we need more help each time. Most of all, we need some map makers ! Script : Fruit Forest. - - - - - - Map makers : Thendar. - - - - - - DarkrangerAlice. Lore professional: DarkrangerAlice. - - - If you are interested in...

    Changing forces mid-game.

    I am working on a map where four players together fight their way through a level. When the end boss is killed, though, the killing player shifts team and the game becomes about that player versus the rest. Now, here is the problem: I simply don't know how to do such a thing with triggers. I've...