1. Peasant NFT

    Peasant NFT

    Rare pink hat, pile of lumber, medium grin, big eyes version For sale for 13,000 gold and a virtual Metaverse liver. 50% of loyalties to @AdinizWarcraft , 6,500 gold and half a virtual liver will go to him.
  2. Version 1.2 - 01.png

    Version 1.2 - 01.png

    Look to floating box "Biomass"
  3. Amiran

    Remove lumber and food system

    Hello How can we delete the lumber and food systems from the map? I have seen a lot of maps which just has the gold system. If you know anything, please help me to remove them from the map.
  4. DaneTheBeast

    Looking for an old MOBA-style map

    I made a quick picture of the layout (yes yes it's beautiful isn't it) At game start you'd choose your hero. There were 4 bases, one in each of the 4 corners, with undead being bottom-left. You could take a direct narrow path towards an enemy base or go to the center where all 4 ways...
  5. xyzier_24

    Unit Cost Calculation for Melee Maps

    I don't know if this is the right Forum to ask this but: - I am looking for a formula for calculating the unit cost of the first trainable non-worker unit (or the basic one, to be exact) in a standard melee. Well, just a reference based on the gold cost for Footman and Grunt. Doesn't have to...
  6. Opex

    Newbie needing to Pool resources

    Hi whoever will listen :) I have tried since last summer to get a proper system to pool resources like gold and lumber. I have tried to use the triggers made on this site, triggers from google, and from youtube, but of no success. I have 4 positions: pink (08) maroon (13) navy (14) and emerald...
  7. El Saif

    [Trigger] Return Lumber and Stacking Item

    Ok, so i need to know how to give a unit an item, in this case Lumber. Unit will get an amount of stack equal to how much lumber it currently harvested. I'm using Easy Item Stack 'n Split v2.7.4 for the system. I tried to detect lumber before and after the unit returning the lumber and give it...
  8. Kurnelia'zooz

    Can you build a 'tree?"

    In my custom map, I want to make a buidable structure, which allow worker to haverst lumber from it. Is there any way to make that? Because player will likely build a lot of it, I prefer a way to use less trigger. In addition, if I make all tree in the map invincible, will it prevent worker from...
  9. HerrDave

    Gold Mine that yields Lumber

    It's that time of year folks! ThE tImE wHen EvErYtHiNg GoEs JuSt rIgHt That time of year when HerrDave needs help scripting something that is simple in his head and is like-- friggin' impossible for the Wc3 Engine...
  10. Hankxiety

    [General] Pathing Issue: Returning Resources over deep water

    Noticing that worker units ordered to Return Resources will hesitate to cross deep water. Troubleshooting Have tested with Movement Type - Amphibious and Float. Have tested with Art - Model File Peasant and Human Transport Ship. Have tested with both Gold and Lumber harvesting. The problem...
  11. kuyondo

    getting the gold/lumber cost of unit

    how do you make a trigger which add your gold/lumber, based on the trained unit gold/lumber cost? example: event - unit finishes training a unit condition - unit type of trained unit equal to peasant action - add [trained unit gold cost] to player current gold action - add [trained unit...
  12. Ashevelendar

    [General] Changeable resources

    Hello ! So...I want to know if it is possible to change resources names and icons ( gold and lumber ) for each faction ? I want to make a demon faction and they would need Souls instead of gold but if I play as another faction to need something else instead of gold. Like : Demons - Souls and...
  13. Khazmo

    Harvesting Gold in the same manner as Lumber

    Hey there, I'm working on a map idea set beneath the earth, where you have to harvest Stone (a replacement for lumber) and Ore (a gold replacement). I can easily change lumber to stone, that is no issue at all as it's little more than a few model and text changes, but it is gold that I'm having...