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  1. Uruk Berserker.gif

    Uruk Berserker.gif

    Still haven't drawn the vambraces yet
  2. Oathbreakers


    Just have to attach a TC glow and you guys can have 'em :)
  3. secondpink

    [SD/Modeling] Model Request - Mirkwood Elves (LotR)

    Hi, credit to Fingolfin, we have High Elves from Rivendell, Galadhrim Elves from Lothlorien, and while I have assets for Mirkwood Elves from the Hobbit movies, I do not know the original source of these assets. I was wondering if anyone might have what I'm looking for/know what map these assets...
  4. Uruk-hai Spearman

    Uruk-hai Spearman

    Base model @HerrDave
  5. LOTR - Terrain 4

    LOTR - Terrain 4

  6. LOTR Builder New 17.png

    LOTR Builder New 17.png

    LOTR Builder. I need help finishing this terrain, im running out of steam
  7. Wainrider of Khand

    Wainrider of Khand

    Anyone know how to use Retera's Model Studio to copy a bone set and movement in the same animation? I REALLY don't want to have to animate a duplicate horse :D
  8. LOTR Builder New 14.png

    LOTR Builder New 14.png

    Mordor Progress
  9. LOTR Builder New 9.png

    LOTR Builder New 9.png

    Umbar and Harad
  10. LOTR Builder Isengard

    LOTR Builder Isengard

  11. 2H Axe Animation

    2H Axe Animation

    This actually turned out to be easier to do than I thought it'd would
  12. Orc Chieftain

    Orc Chieftain

  13. Loki18

    [SD/Modeling] Can we have Dragons

    Can we have some different dragons for our future maps? I prefer for Classic version Like Got/HotD, The Hobbit/LotR, Reign of Fire style ones. "Wyverns" just like olof's Lindormr Dragon and would love them to have air/ground morphs for cinematics or whatever reason. Fyi. I know the difference...
  14. Guess Dave's working on

    Guess Dave's working on

  15. yuriy_valandil

    [Strategy / Risk] LOTR - War in Middle Earth -

    LOTR WAR IN MIDDLE EARTH ------- Basic Info: Welcome to "LOTR War in Middle Earth" WarCraft 3 map made by yuriy_valandil. Rts map enspired by the books of J.R.R. Tolkien and the movies of Peter Jackson. Chose one of the factions of good or evil and fight with your allies for the dominion of...
  16. bagend8k.jpg


    Something is coming...
  17. Bag End: First Demonstration

    Bag End: First Demonstration

  18. Fortress of Mordor

    Fortress of Mordor

    You would not believe the struggle I had finding good textures for this.
  19. Stronghold of Mordor

    Stronghold of Mordor

    You would not believe the struggle I had finding good textures for this.
  20. Great Hall of Mordor

    Great Hall of Mordor

    You would not believe the struggle I had finding good textures for this.
  21. Lurtz


    Uruk Hai commander animation from blademaster
  22. Orc Reaver Revamp

    Orc Reaver Revamp

    Just have to animate his helmet visor up while he's eating, and he'll be good to go
  23. Huorn Revamp

    Huorn Revamp

    Just have to tweak the leaves a little bit more and he'll be ready
  24. Orc Slasher Revamp

    Orc Slasher Revamp

    All animations revamped, texture and body redone, and now he's suitable as a Hero unit
  25. Easterling Warrior Revamp

    Easterling Warrior Revamp

    Just have to figure out how to give him TC now...
  26. Isengard Pack

    Isengard Pack

    These are old models edited by me in January,now i am preparing for an importance exam for me.Due to during the isolation i have free time now to show them on hive,hope you enjoy it.
  27. Uruk Berserker

    Uruk Berserker

    "This night,the land will be stained with the Blood of Rohan!"
  28. Hobbits are a' comin'

    Hobbits are a' comin'

  29. Ohmvoid

    [SD/Modeling] LOTR Dwarven models

    Hello lovely comunity, for our lotr map we'd need models for the dwarves, ( buildings mainly) i can put link for bfme2 buildings pics so u may have an idea of what we're looking for : Battle for Middle Earth 2 Heaven: Dwarven Buildings idk what it would take, in terms of money but we can...
  30. Archian

    Moria - A Jouney In The Dark

  31. Tyler Gleditsch

    'Peoples of Middle Earth' by TheFrenchLeprechaun Project Dead?

    Howdy, I was looking through the HIVE and saw a what appeared to be a detailed Lord of The Rings mod project by The FrenchLeprechaun. After following the links to a Russian host site, I was unable to find a working download for the mod. Does anyone have a copy of this mod? Or know what...
  32. Ohmvoid


    Hello guys I would like to bring back LOTR BUILDER to life please, i'm working on the geography of the map for now, as it will take some times, i'd like to find models for capital and major cities in wich you could be able to build inside, close and open gates, and some would have also special...
  33. The Argonath And Isildur

    The Argonath And Isildur

    I am currently making a LOTR map about the first part (I dont want to make thread yet) the terrain is made by me the way i imagine it, so i lack of GUI or JASS codding so if someone is intrested in helping me with something about codding feel free to message me
  34. Darklycan51

    Looking for terrainer for 1 version of a map

    The map is LotR Risk Strongholds, it is a competitive map, you will be credited in the loading screen of the version and in F9 (credits). My map uses default Blizzard cliffs so you need to be good at managing those, the edits are to expand and or remake the layout of 2 "strongholds"(bases)...
  35. Umbar Black Ship

    Umbar Black Ship

  36. HerrDave

    Nazgul Hero Spells (War of the Ring)

    Working on my War of the Ring map, I have found that I need a very, very specific hero spell. Green = Finished Red = Unfinished Orange = In-game skills I've tried to edit Nazgul Lord Dark Binding - Transforms specific unit into Black Rider permanently, max 8 Shadow Walk - Teleports self and...
  37. pyf

    LEGO The Lord of the Rings free on Humble Bundle (limited time offer)

    Subscribe to the Humble Bundle newsletter, and get a free copy of LEGO® The Lord of the Rings. Offer ends on December 22 at 10 A.M. (Pacific time) Get LEGO® The Lord of the Rings for free Lego The Lord of the Rings (video game) - Wikipedia
  38. Sauron - Frist Age

    Sauron - Frist Age

    Servant of Morgoth
  39. Korialstrasz

    [Arena] War of the Ring: Mirkwood Arena

    Introduction Hello everybody, I welcome you to my map preview/development thread for my first serious map: WotR: Mirkwood Arena. The goal of this map is to keep an simple arena styled map interesting with dynamic waves, different game modes, choosable difficulties and the lovely style of the...
  40. DaveDave91

    My stunning visual maps, which one should i continue??

    So... terraining, effects, ambient lights, environment in general is what i like the most, and i have spent several hours in my maps, all of them are basically templates and i have histories for all of them... however i do not know wich one of them should i continue! -Elven City Siege-...
  41. Edoras 23012018

    Edoras 23012018

  42. HerrDave

    War of the Ring - Mirkwood Spider

    It is I, HerrDave and I am 100000% out of-- just-- *angry sounds* I cannot for the life of me animate this model. I need to have it's legs spread out in all animations but the standing animation, and I am being completely screwed by MdlVis. If anyone would be willing to -suffer- through...
  43. Mordor Catapult

    Mordor Catapult

  44. River of Ithilien

    River of Ithilien

  45. River of Ithilien

    River of Ithilien

  46. River of Ithilien

    River of Ithilien

  47. Mordor Orc Slayer

    Mordor Orc Slayer

  48. Mordor Orc Crossbowman

    Mordor Orc Crossbowman

  49. Mordor vs Creep

    Mordor vs Creep

    https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/alpha-lord-of-the-rings-peoples-of-middle-earth.247015/ http://www.moddb.com/mods/lord-of-the-rings-peoples-of-middle-earth https://www.patreon.com/Peoples_of_Middle_Earth
  50. Mordor base

    Mordor base

    https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/alpha-lord-of-the-rings-peoples-of-middle-earth.247015/ http://www.moddb.com/mods/lord-of-the-rings-peoples-of-middle-earth https://www.patreon.com/Peoples_of_Middle_Earth