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  1. Ricola3D

    Linux only desync - Looking for info & testers

    Hello, My map, Xnd Hero Siege (unprotected), currently has desync issues that seems to impact only players that use Warcraft III with an emulator on Linux. I tested for all classic debug causes but found nothing. Do any of you has encountered Linux specific desync ? And maybe cornered some...
  2. Malhorne

    Linux setup

    Hi everyone, My name is Malhorne, I used to be a modder here back a few years ago (like 2013-2015) where I was doing some spells and requests for people :) Recently I felt like coming back there and as I am only using Linux OS nowadays, I wanted to know if someone has managed to make the...
  3. Meatmuffin

    Warcraft 3 (and Reforged) on Linux

    Hey guys! I want to ask the Linux part of this community something. I used to create custom maps/spells and be an active member of this community, however eventually I lost interest due to lack of more time. But since seeing these new updates (however broken they are) makes me want to come...
  4. Trokkin

    [linux] how to World Editor now?

    As stated on WineHQ, to get Warcraft III 1.31 working it is to be run with this option -graphicsapi Direct3D9, but the same solution doesn't seem to fix World Editor. When I start it up, terrain editor doesn't render its minimap, model viewer and terrain view, while every other editor properly...
  5. Trokkin

    Some tips with vJass on Linux

    Credits go to Vex, without whom advise I would not manage to get everything else working. Criticism is welcomed. As for now, there's no modification (JNGP, Sharpcraft ext.) of World Editor that is able to run under WINE (at least for me), but JassHelper standalone still works almost flawlessly...
  6. Flux

    Recommended Linux distros for Desktop?

    Here's the scenario: There's a software I need that only runs on Linux. Currently, I'm using VMWare and copied VMWare virtual disk files (.vmdk, .vmem, .vmsn, etc) from a person (~30 GB) and it comes with a CentOS (I don't have the CentOS iso file). The problem is, using Virtual Machine is slow...