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  1. emperor_d3st

    A modern Inventory and Equipment system prototype

    Hey folks, I've been working on this for a few weeks now in my scarce insomniac free time. Currently the code is a mess (had to rewrite everything a couple of times as I learned about new bugs and shortcomings of Warcraft). There are probably leaks. There are probably possibilities for desync...
  2. Master Zul'khan

    [GUI] Backpack Inventory System for Rpg (Eazy, Simple, Compatible)

    Came up wit a neat Backpack system while ago. Since I saw it is a very asked system so I'm postin' it here. :grin: My handy simple Backpack Inventory! Just in one pocket-size trigger using de backpack unit and its custom value. Introduction Most rpgs need extra storage space for them' player to...
  3. Izzetin

    [Solved] Inventory System (Too many nested ifs)

    Hello! I found a Inventory System on XGM that i really like but somehow i cant figure out how to implement it into another my Map. I alway get the error [ Too many nested ifs (max 50) ] in my Test Map But in the example Map from xgm it works just fine. Im a noob in Scripting so i dont know how...
  4. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Leak Problem (Trying my best)

    Hello again masters of WC3 Editor! As i have recently become aware of so many leaks in my game (that i hope can be replayable so leaks or gonna be a massive issue later). I am trying my best to "fix" the leaks and i have run into a slight problem that i am really unsure how i should take...
  5. Ruvven

    Structure Costs Items To Build?

    Hello there everybody! Thanks for checking in :) I have been working on a map inspired by survival minecraft with alot of randomness, i want to be able to "chop a tree" and get wood, this part i have down pretty well, so the interesting part here is the fact that i cant for the love of god...
  6. Warseeker

    [Solved] Switch inventory pages using arrow keys

    I want to give my hero 3 inventory pages and the ability to switch between them using the left/right arrow key. Let's say I press the right arrow key, all the items I have on my current inventory (let's call it inventory 1) will be stored and removed. So now I have an empty/new inventory (let's...
  7. Nightmare Doors

    Before Darkness Falls

    Before Darkness Falls is an incredibly polished and unique total conversion mod created on StarCraft 2 engine In the aftermath of the chaos resulting from the invasion of the feral Zerg, the defensive army of the mining colony has been almost entirely massacred. The evacuation of people and...
  8. ravellani

    Hero Inventory Modification Request

    I found this Video and I wanted to implement the interface with the 9 inventory slots, but I cant find a download or anything. Is this video for showing off and not for a resource? Does anybody know if this resource exists anywhere? Thank you to anyone who answers
  9. Cheshire

    [Spell] force hero to use random item from inventory

    hey there, I am trying to make a spell that will make the targeted hero use a random item from its inventory. being as different items use different types of activation (unit,point,instant), not to mention passive items, i'm having a hard time triggering this without specifying pretty much...
  10. Tom_Almighty1

    Change inventory hotkeys (SOLVED)

    Guys I am using war3 1.31 TFT non-reforged version. Is it possible to change the hotkey of items? Lets say from numpad to keyboard numbers? Without using warkeys or other programs. Is there a txt file that I can import to make it happen?
  11. Knight of Arsford

    [Spell] Hero Bag System?

    I was looking at the Spells section for something like this but they were either too complicated for my map or just not what I was looking for. The idea is simple and you might know of it already: An invisible hero that acts as a bag or inventory for the main hero. I suppose it goes anywhere...
  12. ravellani

    Permanent Item stacking

    I have seen in Warcraft 3 maps that some permanent items can be stacked in 1 hero inventory slot but the hero still gets the buffs from all the items. How is this done? For example: 15 Claws of Attack in 1 slot and the hero gets a damage bonus of 225 which is 15 times 15.
  13. Nosiaz

    Save inventory of a sumoning unit

    Hi hi ! Im actualy doing a RPG map, idk how to code a "biger" inventory, so i have make a unit (a simple horse) with a inventory, so when a player gonna sumone this horse, he can use the inventory of him hero, and the horse for have 12 slot, but i have a problem, when the sumoning unit die...
  14. Peach Schnapps

    [Solved] PAYING$ Set Witcher's Inventory System to not allow heros to equip items based on attributes/levels

    Helllooo, I am just having issues with the last real thing I'll hopefully have to pester you guys for but I would appreciate more than I can put into words assistance with setting this inventory system - MUI Multiboard Inventory/Equipment System v.6.0 Which has been modified thanks to you...
  15. Anton Wulff Jensen

    Crafting at a vendor, using items from inventory

    Hello. I am currently making an rpg map, and I need to make you capable of making/buying some specific items, when you carry some specific items in your inventory. I've been able to make a trigger, that adds an item to a shop when a player carries a specific item in the inventory. However, I...
  16. Veronnis

    [Solved] (Player group((Player(TriggeringPlayer)))) Solved: It leaks

    Inventory Slot Tooltip Events Conditions Actions For each (Integer GenericLoopCount) from 1 to MaxAllSlotTypes, do (Actions) Loop - Actions Set SlotOfPlayer = ((TriggeringPlayer x MaxAllSlotTypes) + GenericLoopCount) Set...
  17. Peach Schnapps

    [General] Item durability incorporated into Witcher's MUI Multiboard Inventory

    The_Witcher's MUI Multiboard Inventory/Equipment System v.6.0 So I'd say knowing where these items actually "are" when they're "eqiupped", let alone simply inside the inventory is a mystery to me. I'm sure it's somewhere in the JASS, but honestly that's my main weak point as of right now...
  18. Peach Schnapps

    Desperately need help incorporating an item/carry weight system into Witcher's Multiboard MUI Inv.

    My original thread - Add item/carry weight restriction to The_Witcher's MUI Multiboard Inventory/Equipment System v.6.0? The system I'd like to build off of - The_Witcher's MUI Multiboard Inventory/Equipment System v.6.0 The information and steps to complete the system given to me by Dr Super...
  19. berkoax

    How add custom picture only a hero inventory only slot

    I add my map inventory hero , and this unit 1. slot empty/custom weapon picture,2. slot empty/custom chest picture... ı want add custom picture only a hero type inventory slot 1 picture slot 2 other picture... (I know very bad english :( sorry)
  20. Njord

    Help with items inside building

    Hello! So I have this problem that I just can't solve. I have searched and I have tried different things but nothing works. My goal is that every time an item of a specific type is placed withing a building, it adds 10 gold to a periodic income for the player that owns the building. Item...
  21. S

    [General] Save Load Inventory Abuse

    Hello everyone. Been a while since I posted a thread, to whom remember me. Anyway onto my question: I'm making an online RPG based on game mechanics from another game. One of the things I want to include is a save/load system. For it I've made my items with codes so that it can function. One...
  22. RoyFr

    Inventory 6 slot GUI

    I already try every inventory system who exist but don't find what i want in GUI (don't want a too complex inventory in JASS). For now i am working on the Bag and Hero inventory part only to fix everything and 6 kind of equipments and classes will be done after : Hero inventory : - Item say...
  23. Adorm

    [Solved] Hero Not Dropping Inventory Upon Death

    Hey Everyone, I'm currently having an issue where the items picked up by the heroes in my map are not dropping from their inventories upon death - the items are necessary for a victory condition and need to be transferred between characters as they're killed and really shouldn't have...
  24. Dominic74

    Trigger happy´s inventory system

    Heey! When i download his system and save it in SharpCraft World Editor Extended Bundle I get this everytime. Both the Editor and the map have been re downloaded to see if that was the fault.
  25. RobertMKD

    Detect if the Hero's inventory is full

    Hi, I made an item in my map that works this way: - It can only be picked from ground (can't be bought) - When you pick it up it stacks with the other items of its type (if there are any) - The item has an ability and you lose a charge when used What I have done is: I made two versions of the...
  26. Levi Ackerman

    If a unit uses an item,How to make that ability of item to be done to an other unit?

    Hi,I made a backpack for a hero.Actually there is no problem with it except one thing.I want that if the backpack uses an item,Its output becomes for the hero(Not for backpack). For example: If a player uses a potion which is in the backpack and it heals 3000 hp.I want that hero to heal 3000hp...
  27. blufflegendaire

    Complete Inventory Extension GUI

    Hello I'm working on some inventory extension (in GUI) for a map I'm still trying to build for my friends and I. Whatever the map is, depending of the camera's settings and the positionning of the elements, you can create something like: Actually you can add new items, new stacks of items...