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importing problems

  1. Marcus777

    Need advise on how to import this "doodad"?

    Hey everyone! I am having trouble figuring out how to download "Room boss arena" (attached to this post) doodad/terrain. I downloaded it into asset manager and erased "war3mapImported/" as I was told by the post where I downloaded this doodad from, but I am missing something. ALl I get for now...
  2. Steven91

    Draenei - Doodads from Racziel

    Hi everyone! I recently found out those amazing models from Racziel, but sadly I have some problems to import them: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/draenei-doodads-props-buildings.334051/ So, I did basically the same things I use to do when I import models, following the steps of course...
  3. Gerrick

    Could not Load .mdl file

    I'm still learning the ropes for WE and I was trying to load this model for the sake of learning Wc2ElvenArcher. I did exactly as the automatically generated guide here says How to import 'Wc2ElvenArcher' | HIVE, but even still when I load the map the WE says "Could not load file...
  4. Give Love A Shance

    Import Error

    I keep receiving this error message with everything I try to import into my game. I'm very new to World Editor (not the game though, I just never before was interested in editing the game content). But no matter what I do, I can't import anything into my game. I've tried with many different...
  5. Goregoose

    Merging TTOR resources(units/abilities) with the latest version of Wc3 World Editor

    Hi guys, I've noticed a topic that has cropped up on the forums more than a few occasions with not many people replying and that's about utilizing the resources from the TTOR mod and putting into regular Wc3 for use. I myself mentioned this a couple times in my other two threads. Well, I'm...
  6. sarumanthecursed

    map unable to save and all imports become 0

    Hey I've had this problem for a few days now and I've reinstalled a good 5 times but while i'm world "editing" there will come a point where i'll try and save but the world editor will tell me "unable to save map (map name) " so then i'll use the "save as" option and save it in another folder...
  7. stadulevich

    I cant get any imported model to work PLZ help

    Hi I know Im nubish, but I came on looking to see if I could download a modern warfare model to put on a character in WC3. I found it and read the tutorial and did it just as it said, but there is no "portrait" place to imput a portrait but everything else went fine. However I place the unit on...
  8. santiagoz123

    Hello everyone i'm new here :)

    Hello everyone and Hive Moderators!! :D i've been downloading skins and other stuff in this site for awhile i love everything so i've decided to register. And please i need help with icons, after importing custom icons (got icons in this site) how do i change the old one? e.g old PotM icon...
  9. Benediction

    Help With Importing?

    Hey all, im an amateur at map making but i enjoy it. Anyway whenever i try to import a model into wc3 it always says that it cant find so and so file. And i cant seem to find out whats wrong. I follow the directions on the site. Anyways heres what im doing: 1) I click on the link to download...