Help With Importing?

Level 1
Apr 10, 2008
Hey all, im an amateur at map making but i enjoy it. Anyway whenever i try to import a model into wc3 it always says that it cant find so and so file. And i cant seem to find out whats wrong. I follow the directions on the site. Anyways heres what im doing:
1) I click on the link to download the file
2) I click on open
3) The file comes up and i press extract to, i cant really find an unzip option with vistas, and i wouldnt like to have to spend $20 on Winzip...
4) I extract them to a folder i made in Wc3 called Custom Model Files
5) I open my map and go to the import manager and import the files that it says to import, but they always have different file paths then mine.
6) i change the path to what the file names are but it doesnt help.
7) When i apply it it says 'Cannot load file: so and so' and its making me angry.
Can anyone help me? Id love to know so i can continue on my map :)

You can email me at [email protected] (yes its silly ~.^)