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How to Import Icons... (An Attept At)

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Level 12
Nov 24, 2005
OK. Here I going to try and explain to all those people who want to import models how to do it.

Before we start thing you need to know:

1. Not all models are going to work on your map!!
2. After Downloading the model DO NOT close the site.

Good... Now that we have those down, Here we go.

1. Go to this link and download this model... it will be our practice model.

2. Once you have saved and downloaded it, you'll have to go to that folder and unzip it some how. (I use WinZip) To unzip right-click the folder and what I have to do is go down to WinZip and select EXTRACT ALL TO HERE.

3. Now, go into World Editor and go to Import Manager (The bar near Object Editor) Select "Import File" go to the folder where you saved it to
NOW, first double click the .mdx file, and that should appear in your imported list in the import manager. Do not edit this path.

4. Now Import File again and this time double click the "textures" folder that came with the model, and import the files "Gmain". Once you have imported that go into your import manager and double click on that file and check the little box that says "use custom path". At the site where you douloaded this from there were custom paths listed:
Skin 1: Textures\Gmain.blp
Enter "Textures\Gmain.blp" into the custom path box

5. Now do that for the other files, except using
Skin 2: Textures\Gskin.blp
Skin 4: Textures\GShoulder.blp
Skin 8: Textures\GSbody.blp
as custom paths for the appropriate files.

6. After you have done that save your map, then close World Editor and reopen it.

7. Assign this model to any unit and they should take the looks of the model.

Then you are FINISHED

Questions? Post here and I will try to help you.
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