I Can't Import files to the world editor

Level 1
Sep 26, 2009
So I have downloaded many files from this website. I extracted them all into one folder. But when i click on File- import strings and open the folder that contains the model and skin nothing is there. I can find the file normaly but the world editor can't find them. Please this is drivng me crazy I need some help.
Level 6
Sep 15, 2006
Have you tried to manually write the path?

Example for a model:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\model.mdx

Or a similar path, also look if there's any filter on the browser... Something like see only files with "x" extension...
Level 3
May 21, 2009
1: all you do what i do) is save in the warcraft 3 file folder and because unzip programs r bogus i just enter the folder and cut past and delete the compressed file try after
2: most models have a file path that is tol in the page"forum" of the model and use that
3:if non work try a different model that suites your project and if not i can't help u

(p.s i had this dilema once when i started making maps0